5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (September 19)

Published on September 19, 2016.

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans need to gear up for another explosive week! As it seems, much of the week will center around villains Orpheus, Xander and Clyde – however these three amigos are going to unravel a dastardly plan that will rock Salem to its very core. Learn about the many twists and turns Salemites will endure in the below DOOL spoilers for the week of September 19th.

5. The Plan

It seems Xander, Clyde and Orpheus have concocted a plan that will literally knock the town on its feet. An explosion causes Salem to blackout entirely, creating an environment of sheer terror. The three convicts want the entire ordeal to be slow and incredibly painful. They are looking for revenge and making their victims pay is the ultimate goal. The blackout will also ensure they don’t get caught.

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4. Awkward

So as all this unfolds, there are differing DOOL characters that have congregated together in areas. The idea is that they are locking their doors and hanging tight, wherever they are. As luck would have it, Hope and Aiden end up at the pub together when all this goes down. It’ll be very awkward between the two and Aiden is also creating the foundation at this point to unravel his blackmail plan.

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3. The Hortons Stick Together … Well, Not So Much

Jenn, Julie, JJ, Ciara, and Claire are thankfully together and decide to stay on lock down at the Horton home to avoid any danger. Good plan right? Well, Claire doesn’t seem to think so. She sneaks out and the others go into panic mode. She may pay a huge price for this risky decision, but with John Black as a grandfather, spoilers indicate she may actually be okay. On a side note, poor Theo finds himself alone and babysitting both Thomas and Arianna.

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2. Kayla and Joey – Victims

The trio have their sights set on The Johnsons, and they will break into their house as poor Kayla is recovering from her surgery. While she is not up to being held hostage, this makes no difference to Clyde, Xander and Orpheus. Steve will step up to the plate for his family and visions of Kayla and Joey being gagged and tied up will fill DOOL screens this week.

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1. More Spoilers!

Eduardo lets John know how he played a role in the prison break. John and Paul work hard to find the three trouble makers. Deimos tells Dario he needs to work harder on getting information from Chloe while the Kiriakis men decide to come together until the convicts are captured. Eve states that Justin still holds a torch for Adrienne.

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