5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (April 11)

Published on April 11, 2016.

As we dive into April, things do not seem to be slowing down in the land of Port Charles. What’s in store for all your favorite General Hospital (GH) characters this week? Read on to learn more about Anna, Sonny, and all the Quartermaines, in this week’s GH spoilers.

5. Gunfire in Port Charles

Anna reveals some pretty major information to Sonny this week. They then team up to fight the enemy and fans will also see gunshots fired within the little town this week. Carlos and Sonny will come-face-to face at some point as well. Paul questions Anna’s sanity, and later on this week Jordan and Paul will wonder about Anna’s fate.


4. Paul Comes Clean?

In other GH spoilers, apparently Paul approaches Jordan stating he is telling her the truth; however, she does not believe him and he ponders that she is hiding something from him. He then goes to Julian and provides him with some important info. As the week progresses, Julian comes to a disturbing conclusion. He also turns to Ava to confide in.

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3. Nathan’s Little Secret

Maxie still isn’t too convinced about Nathan’s recent confession to her about Claudette, so she does a little internet digging this week. Nathan turns to Nina, where he will not only find support, but big sis will also give him some advice. Her words will stir up quite a response from Nathan.


2. JaSam Strikes Again

Jason and Sam approach Nikolas with an offer this week, where the Prince will have no choice, but to accept the terms. Jason will also be the bearer of some important news to the Quartermaines, as it relates to ELQ.

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1. More Spoilers!

Dante and Lulu share some tender moments this week as their old bond is revived. Morgan makes progress when it comes to his treatments and news about Sabrina reaches Michael. Franco and Kiki go to art therapy together while Valerie has conflicted feelings about Curtis. Laura is led into her unexpected direction (and person), as she continues her search for answers regarding her inheritance.

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