5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (April 4)

Published on April 4, 2016.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Wondering what will happen in the world of Port Charles this week? Well, wait no longer! Read on to learn more about what will happen to JaSam, Nikolas, Sonny, and Anna in this week’s GH spoilers, below!

5. Things Heat Up For JaSam

Hot on the pursuit of finding the truth about Hayden, the couple start to dive into some pretty interesting theories about her shooting. Still, as the week progresses, Nikolas asks the couple to drop the investigation. This riles Jason up (rightfully so), but Nikolas still is Sam’s cousin, so she asks him to go easy on Nik. The good news is, taking a break from digging into Hayden’s secrets allows JaSam some time to themselves, and the couple takes their relationship to the next level this week, as the twosome make love for the first time since they have been reunited.

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4. Curtis Ashford

First, he breaks the news to Nina that Julian is Crimson’s saboteur and later on this week, he approaches Nikolas for a job. He also confronts Nik about something important mid-week.

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3. Anna Devane Never Stays Down For Long

Paul Hornsby gets a glimpse of the real Anna Devane this week, as she turns the tables on Port Charles sneaky DA, and regains control over the Carlos situation. Hornsby is shocked at the turn of events, when he realizes what has happened.

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2. Sonny’s New Scheme

It seems Sonny has a new plan that will unravel this week. While Julian calls him on scaring Ava, so that he can keep little Avery to himself. Sonny shakes this off and sets off with a new plan. Could Carlos be at the center of this plan? Meanwhile, Ava finds another present left at her house this week, which continues to shake her up. Julian in turn, gets more aggravated with Sonny when he learns of this.

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1. More Spoilers!

Nina gets an important call this week that changes the game. General Hospital fans see a vulnerable side to Tracy as she bonds with her two sons. Michael turns to Dante when it comes to finding Sabrina, and Dante thinks the FBI should be called in. Alexis approaches Parker about Kristina and Kristina is shocked by her mother’s actions. Nathan tells Maxie more about his past relationship with Claudette.

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