5 Of The Biggest Days Of Our Lives Betrayals

Published on June 23, 2016. Updated May 4, 2018

Now what would a soap opera look like without those juicy storylines that involve a little manipulation and betrayal? Betrayal and trust issues seem to happen more often than not in the land of Salem. Whether it is siblings that have turned on each other, affairs or a really good con, there are countless stories of trust being broken within Days of Our Lives (DOOL) and there simply isn’t enough space on the internet to list them all. Alas, below are five highlights of the biggest DOOL betrayals over the years.

5. Aiden Tries To Kill Hope

When Aiden originally rolled into town, he seemed like the perfect guy to help Hope get over Bo. He courted her appropriately, they fell in love, and it seemed like Hope was finally going to get the fairy tale ending she so deserved. Except, Aiden wasn’t the prince charming she or anyone else thought him to be. After their wedding in November 2015, which coincidentally coincided with Salem’s bicentennial, Hope thought she would be treated to a romantic wedding night. Turns out, Aiden was hired by Stefano to strangle her. Nothing says betrayal like your new hubby trying to kill you. Thankfully Bo saved the day (or night), and Aiden ended up getting the ax. Sure, ‘good guy’ Aiden has returned, but he still seems sort of shady…Hope better keep her eyes on him.

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4. Sami Sleeps With E.J.

While she’s somewhat a heroine on Days now, Sami has a long list of betraying loved ones, especially when it comes to affairs. However, the one that hits this list, was an infidelity that happened in late 2011. When little Johnny goes missing, Sami high-tails it to the DiMera mansion, thinking E.J. was behind the kidnapping. The two see a news clip that the child has passed away and the grief-stricken parents make love. Which may or may not be understandable considering the history these two had at the time. The bigger issue? Sami was very much in love with Rafe (or so she thought) and married to him. Once the affair surfaced, Sami and Rafe divorced and who could blame him? It was hard for Sami to justify an affair with a man she apparently ‘hated.’

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3. Nicole’s Baby Swap

This betrayal was a double whammy betraying a lover, a teen and a frenemy. In 2008, both Sami and Nicole find out that they were pregnant. Great news, right? More like awkward news because both children had been fathered by E.J. DiMera. What’s sadder, is that E.J. had no clue that Sami was even pregnant because she was in the witness protection program. Alas, E.J. and Nicole were very excited about pending baby. Sadly, Nicole miscarried, but did not inform him of this, she was too afraid he would leave her. Instead, she goes on to fake the rest of her pregnancy and cons a pregnant teen into handing over her baby. To complicate the story even more, Nicole switches the teens’ baby with Sami’s at the last moment. To make a long story short (too late), the aftermath of the entire story equaled out into a huge betrayal and E.J. dropped Nicole like a bad habit.


2. J.J. And Eve Have An Affair

Affairs happen quite a bit in the land of soaps and Salem is no exception to this rule. Getting cheated on is a huge breach of trust especially when it involves one’s mother and boyfriend!. Such was the case when Eve Donovan and J.J. Deveraux hooked up. J.J. was the boyfriend of Paige, Eve’s daughter, but when mom found out about J.J.’s drug-dealing past – she did all she could to split them up. Despite J.J. and Eve’s hate on for each other, one night, they let their passions get the best of them and began an affair. The betrayal devastated poor Paige, and rightfully so. There is nothing worse than a boyfriend-stealing mother!

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1. Sami Sells Belle On The Black Market

Sami had some issues as a teenager that stemmed from being betrayed herself. Watching her mother, Marlena, cheat on her father with John Black was a hard pill to swallow for the teen. The incident created a toxic domino effect when it came to Sami’s mental health. She became bulimic and was infatuated with her sister Carrie’s boyfriend. She tried everything she could to break them up and then there was that time when Sami kidnapped her baby sister, Belle, and tried to sell her on the black market. YIKES! Belle ended up being the love child of Marlena and John’s affair, and a jealous and bitter young Sami could not bear having the baby around. Good news is John saved Belle on Christmas Eve…and they all now are a loving family. Guess all is well, that ends well.

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