5 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (June 5)

Published on June 5, 2017.

There’s lot going on this week with many different storylines developing in the land of the Young and the Restless (Y&R). Genoa City will say goodbye to Chloe while Juliet launches a sexual harassment case, and Dina and Abby bond. Learn about these and other stories in our Y&R spoilers for the week of June 5th.

5. Kevin Loses It At Chloe’s Funeral

As Genoa City residents say goodbye to Chloe Mitchell, there will be a ton of drama at her funeral. Kevin is hurting a lot right now and will lose it when he sees Chelsea enter the church. She’ll explain that while things got ugly at the end, she did love Chloe and they were BFFs at one point.


4. Huge Confrontation

Kevin will calm down with Chelsea at the funeral because what she says to him makes complete sense, but the drama will not end there. Kevin will blow up once again when he sees Nick stroll in. The two have a confrontation that leads to a crazy and shocking plot twist. Y&R spoilers state this is something fans won’t want to miss.


3. Juliet Moves Forward With Harassment Case

As some Y&R fans may be aware, Hilary recently advised Juliet to launch a sexual harassment case with Brash and Sassy, and it seems that the former employee will move forward with the idea this week. Juliet wants some retribution for the entire firing episode and she still feels that it was unfair how things unraveled during the Hollywood debacle.

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2. Victoria Loses It

When Brash and Sassy is served with lawsuit papers Vicky will lose it. The company is still reeling from what happened in Hollywood and she wants to avoid another scandal. Cane will finally face some consequences for the little affair he and Juliet had, but tried to brush under the rug.

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1. New Love For Abby

Abby is partnering up with a new entrepreneur on a business venture this week and can’t get the handsome businessman off her mind. Grandma Dina sees how smitten Abby is with Zack and encourages her to go for it. Abby doesn’t like the idea at first, but Dina convinces her. The two bond over the entire situation. Y&R spoilers indicate trouble may be looming around the corner. It seems Zack has some past secrets that are hidden.

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