6 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (August 22)

Published on August 22, 2016.

After a two-week Olympics’ hiatus, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is finally back! For those fans going through DOOL withdrawal, the soap’s return to the daytime airwaves promises to be dramatic, explosive, with a reveal of some pretty big secrets. A typical week in Salem then, no? Learn more about Nicole, Deimos, Belle, Chad, Ciara, and all of our favorite DOOL characters in the Days’ spoilers, for the week of August 22nd!

6. Conflict Between Belle and Shawn

It seems the first thing Days’ fans will see after the long-anticipated return of their favorite soap opera is a conflict arising between on-again-off-again lovebirds, Shawn and Belle. As their beautiful offspring recently announced she wants to ditch the idea of going to college, Belle and Shawn have been at odds. Well, those odds will continue this week and Belle and Shawn fight over the decision Claire has made, and how to guide her on the appropriate path.

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5. Maggie Preps For Surgery

Maggie worries this week as she prepares to undergo surgery so that she may be able to walk again. The surgery will weigh heavy on her mind as this may be her last chance to once again walk. The good news is: the procedure goes off without a hitch and is a success. With some physical therapy, Maggie should be walking again in no time. The bad news? Well, Tate is still missing and his kidnapping is still quite a source of discontent for Maggie and the entire Black/Donovan/Kiriakis clan.

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4. Tate Is Found

The good news on the Tate front is that Maggie, and the rest of the family, need not worry for long. After an extensive search effort, Tate will finally be reunited with his parents, Brady and Theresa, this week. They get a break in the case, and Tate will be found. Brady, Theresa, and Tate return back home to Salem only to find that great-grandad Victor is in jail. He’ll be questioned by police and then hauled off to jail. Justin and Sonny don’t believe Victor is guilty, and Theresa is added onto that list as well.

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3. Aiden Is Appointed To D.A.

Aiden is officially appointed to the position of District Attorney by Abe Carver. This makes Rafe and Hope quite uncomfortable as they already have things they want to keep hidden and swept under the rug. Aiden’s first act after the announcement is to let Hope and Rafe know that he plans to repair all the problems Justin left in the position, meaning his first order of business is to investigate any questionable cases thoroughly. This terrifies the cop duo and they both hope that the truth around Stefano’s murder does not come out.

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2. Ciara Declares Her Love For Chad

DOOL spoilers indicate that Ciara comes clean to Chad about her feelings towards him. Sadly, Chad informs her that his feelings for her are not mutual. Ciara is heartbroken by the entire situation and may start to regret breaking up with Theo over her one-sided love for Chad. Spoilers indicate that things may begin to heat up between Claire and Theo as the weeks go by.

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1. Chloe’s Secret

Chloe has some difficult decisions to make this week. Will she keep her baby and tell Deimos that he is the father? Days’ spoilers indicate that she will decide to keep her baby, but Chloe is still undecided on whether she wants to tell Deimos the truth. It seems that Phillip is willing to not only hide her baby secret, but also pose as the child’s father. Will Chloe agree to this plan? Stay tuned DOOL fans…

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