6 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (December 11)

Published on December 11, 2017.

While the holidays are just around the corner, Salemites seem to be more preoccupied with chaos, drama, and vendettas over presents, parties, and family gatherings. Brady squares off against Eve this week, while Ciara causes more chaos. Rafe deals with Doug and Sami says goodbye to friends and family as she heads out of town. Want to learn more about the things that will happen in Salem this week? Below are six Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of December 11.

6. Brady Versus Eve

Their little rivalry continues, as Brady drops a huge bombshell on Eve this week. Seems like Brady has some ammunition, thanks to information that has been dug up by Paul and John. Meanwhile, Eve tries to lure Gabi in with an offer she hopes Gabi won’t be able to refuse.

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5. Ciara Causes Chaos

After a splashy return last week, Ciara continues her chaotic ways. She’s no fan of Claire and their feud will heat up this week. Ciara may have a secret weapon as she begins to realize that Tripp has feelings for the blonde and is thinking about using this against her. Ciara also goes at it again with mom, Hope.

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4. Rafe Is In The Hot Seat

Speaking of Hope, will she ever find out about the romp Rafe and Sami shared recently? It’s hovering over Rafe’s head as Hope’s dad Doug warns him this week to not hurt his darling daughter again…or else. Meanwhile, Will finds Hope’s engagement ring in the hotel room where Sami is staying.

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3. Sami Says Goodbye

Just as quick as she ran into Salem, Sami is now running out. Family and friend bid adieu to Sami in a tear-filled goodbye that fans won’t want to miss. Will and Sami get some true mother-son bonding in before she leaves. Speaking of Will, Sonny makes a sincere plea to him this week in hopes that his husband might reconsider a WilSon reunion.

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2. Theo’s Shooting Investigation

A highly-emotional Abe demands more info on his son’s shooting this week. Abe also asks Eli about his personal views on what happened the night Theo got shot. The good news is that Eli gathers some new evidence on the shooting and sheds light on what really went down. With this new information, J.J.’s future can finally be determined.

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1. More Spoilers!

Things take a turn for the crazy when Kayla and Steve confront Kate for blackmailing Tripp. Meanwhile, Kate does do some good this week as she and Chad bring in a medical specialist for Theo. Eric will reach out to J.J. in an effort to help the young man through the hard time he is currently facing.

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