6 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (December 18)

Published on December 18, 2017.

Ho! Ho! Ho! We are only days away from Santa’s arrival and the residents of Salem are enjoying holiday traditions and a little romance. However, there will be one Salemite who reaches rock bottom this week, amongst all the festivities going around town. Can anyone save him? Read the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of December 18th to find out.

6. Horton Tree-Trimming Tradition

It’s the tree-decorating party all DOOL fans look forward to! The Horton clan will gather to place all their customized family ornaments on the family tree. Julie will be over-the-moon that Eli is in attendance this year. He’ll also get his very own ornament to hang on the Horton Christmas tree. But Claire and Ciara cause a ruckus during the festivities.

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5. Holiday Romance

Chad and Abby will enjoy a nice and romantic evening together filled with some nice holiday splash. John and Marlena create some new holiday memories when John gives her a special Christmas gift that he’s put a tremendous amount of thought into. Does she like it? Spoiler alert: ‘Doc’ will love the gift.

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4. Sonny Fills Will In

While other couples around Salem are enjoying some romantic moments this week, Sonny will try to help Will regain his memory. Sonny will fill in some gaps for Will when it comes to their romance. Will asks him about their history, and Sonny lets him know that the two of them had their fair share of good times and bad.

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3. Holiday Blues

While there will be those Salemites enjoying the holiday season, J.J. won’t be able to shake Theo’s shooting. The sounds of the shots fired, him pulling the trigger, and J.J.’s overall guilt will consume him this week. He decides to give away all his possessions and writes loved ones goodbye letters.

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2. J.J. To Do The Unthinkable

The truth is, J.J. doesn’t know how he can go on living if Theo is going to remain in the state he is in. The good news is that J.J.’s actions will raise some eyebrows. Mom Jenn will notice and be concerned. The two will have a phone conversation and Jenn will become suspicious after J.J. says he has to go.

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1. Christmas Miracle

After he hangs up with his mom, J.J. will turn to his gun to commit suicide. Thankfully, old loved ones will visit him and convince him not to pull that trigger. Jack Deveraux returns as a ghost to visit his son and convinces him not to kill himself. Gabi will also help show J.J. how he can move forward from this. DOOL spoilers indicate that a Christmas miracle is on the horizon and Theo just may pull through after all.

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