6 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (March 21)

Published on March 21, 2016.

Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Monday morning may mean the weekend is over, but the good news is, the week in soaps is just beginning! Learn more about the Hernandez clan, Hope, Joey, John, and more, in the below DOOL spoilers for the week of March 21st.

6. Joey’s Confession

While his parents (Steve and Kayla) start to wonder if the family should make a run for it, Joey has plans of his own. On Monday’s episode, Days fans will witness the youngest of the Johnson clan confessing to Roman about Ava’s murder.

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5. Momma Hernandez Debuts

Alma Delfina debuts on Days this week, as Adriana Hernandez, mom to Rafe, Gabi, and Dario. Expect to see her wrapped up in all the current Hernandez family drama that has recently unfolded.

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4. Paul Gets Brainwashed

Speaking of drama, Yo Ling drags Paul into John’s situation by giving him drugs and starting the initial steps of brainwashing. Wanting to save his son’s life, John tries to free himself. In other news, John’s friends desperately try to execute a plan to save him.


3. The Kiriakis Brothers Mend Fences?

Deimos reaches out to Victor this week, hoping to end their feud. This raises some red flags with Victor, who is not only skeptical of his brother, but his wife’s new daughter.

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2. Summer in Salem

While Victor may have concerns over Summer, Maggie happily fills in the gaps for Summer this week, providing her some much-needed answers. On the side lines, Dario keeps pushing the idea of milking money from Maggie to Summer, though Summer seems hesitant on the idea.

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1. More Spoilers

Hope gets another surprising phone call while Philip decides to start a record label to help Claire with her budding career in music. While feeling uncertain, Nicole does open up to Dario this week, however this budding friendship just might be short-lived, considering Dario’s secret agenda. Ciara opens up to her mom about how she struggles with what Chase did to her. Abigail is still quite worried about Ben being on the loose and Chad tries to devise a secret plan to capture him this week.

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