6 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (October 24)

Published on October 24, 2016.

This week Days of Our Lives (DOOL) will pose the question: does anyone stay dead for long in the land of soaps? Spoilers indicate that Orpheus just may come back from the dead … again … and just in time for Halloween. Learn about this story (and others) in the DOOL spoilers for the week of October 24th:

6. Kayla’s Surprise

Before Orpheus makes his grand return later on in the week, Kayla and Steve spend some time together making happy memories. Kayla surprises Steve with something sweet. Still, this happy reunion may be cut short when the two receive some interesting news this week that will shock them to their very core.

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5. Abe’s Surgery

Abe is shocked when Kayla lets him know that his ex Valerie is the one who will be conducting his surgery. Thanks to help from Ciara, Theo tells his dad his feelings about the surgery and who will be doing it. Still, despite what Theo says, it seems Abe has his own feelings about this all. Abe’s health does remain touch and go this week.

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4. Hope’s Future

The good news is through a surprise Rafe reveals that he still loves Hope, but their future looks quite bleak this week. Rafe does meet up with Roman so the two can brain storm ideas to help her, but it seems that they may just come up with nothing. Hope and Aiden go on an extremely awkward date this week.

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3. Eduardo Takes A Chance

While he has Dario in his pocket, Eduardo takes a leap of faith this week when he offers Kate a role in his new venture. It seems that the two are getting closer as of late and rekindling their romance may be in the books. Together, Eduardo and John make a choice and another person’s past choice may come to haunt these two this week.

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2. History Repeats Itself

If DOOL fans will recall, Salem residents thought Orpheus was dead before he, Larry, and Curly (a.k.a Xander and Clyde) returned to the small town for revenge more recently. Seems like the drug didn’t take the villain out like we all thought and Orpheus makes (yet another) return from death this week looking for revenge. Spoilers indicate that Orpheus will unravel a plan at the hospital dressed up as a magician for a group of kids. Marlena and Kayla are excited to participate in the kids show when beckoned by the magician (Orpheus), but he real plot unfolds when the lights go out. John asks for the lights to come back on and when they do he and Steve will be floored when Marlena and Kayla are gone … as well as the magician.

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1. More Spoilers!

Gaby is relieved to hear that J.J. is getting better, but that secret he is hiding might not be a good thing for those around him. Deimos rips into Nicole about knowing the truth around Chloe’s baby and not telling him sooner. Chad and Andre are at a deadlock this week, but may come to an agreement soon. Victor shocks everyone at a family meeting, but the news leaves Ciara and Hope at odds about the future.

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