6 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (June 18)

Published on June 18, 2018.

Things are getting hot, hot, hot in Genoa City! Hot new romances, hot new drama, and hot new secrets revealed! Learn more about what will happen with Sharon, Nick, Billy, Summer, Phyllis, Jack, and The Moustache in the six Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for the week of June 18th.

6. Nick Proposes

Get ready all you fans of Shick! Turns out that Nick will catch Sharon off guard and ask her to marry him. She’ll be shocked, and Y&R spoilers indicate that he might have to ‘talk her’ into it. Seems like a celebration is on the horizon for these two, and it won’t take long for them to let the world know that they will once again be husband and wife.

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5. Abby Worries About Arturo

Considering her past with men, it is no surprise that Abby worries about Arturo’s intentions this week. She’ll feel he’s a little to smooth with the ladies, as she’s still rubbed the wrong way when it comes to his affair with Nikki. After she sees Arturo dancing with her mom, Nikki continues to plant some doubt in Abby’s mind. Nikki will try to convince Abby that Arturo is after Ashley and not her.

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4. Arturo Is Confused

As the week progresses, Abby will halt her romance with Arturo. Y&R spoilers indicate she may even lash out at him regarding his dance with her mom. Arturo will be confused about it all and just may argue that he danced with Ashley to charm her so that she’ll approve of their relationship.

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3. Summer Continues To Lay In On Billy

Summer will try and convince Billy to be a part of a poker game she hosts at the condo. He’s reluctant at first due to his gambling addiction, but Summer lays in on him, insisting it’ll be a safe situation. Once Billy gets well into the game, he sees that he’s made a huge mistake. He realizes that he continues to let Summer draw him in deeper and deeper.

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2. Victoria Is Shocked

Vicky gets a shocking dose of reality when she receives an email attachment with a distorted voice on it alluding that her secrets will be revealed soon. Victoria worries it has to do with J.T. and his death. Y&R spoilers indicate that it does have to do with J.T. and there will be a shocking twist in the near future.

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1. J.T. Twist

Y&R spoilers hint that Victoria will soon receive a box filled with confidential papers that J.T. had access to. Vicky worries that J.T. is alive, but how could this be? And who is sending all this information to her now, and what else do they know? A massive Y&R plot twist around J.T.’s murder is on the horizon and fans need to stay tuned.

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