7 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (June 27)

Published on June 27, 2016.

As we enter the month of July, things continue to hit up in Salem! Learn more about the fates of Deimos, Hope, Nicole, Andre, Aiden, Teresa and Tate in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of June 27th.

7. Victor Leans On Caroline

Victor’s mind is racing right now and he turns to Caroline to unload. Thankfully, she cares a great deal about her old friend, and happily lends an ear and offers him some support.

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6. Andre And Kate Bond

While these two have little trust in each other, they do share a ‘moment’ this week and bond over food. Realizing they can both benefit from this new partnership, they share a meal, and begin to plot together.

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5. Deimos Is Set On Revenge

Deimos has one thing on his mind: revenge. While Nicole wants Deimos to help clear her name on his murder, which he agrees to, he also wants Kate to pay for what she tried to do.

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4. Hope Pulls Away From Aiden

While they are on a romantic getaway at Green Mountain Lodge, things turn hot and cold between Aiden and Hope. The good news is, they do get some quality time together; the bad news is, things heat up, only for Hope to pull away. She simply cannot shake off the memory of Aiden trying to kill her on their wedding night. Still, Aiden remains hopeful (pun-intended) and tries to be patient. Meanwhile, Rafe is working hard to gather evidence around Aiden’s shadiness. This week, Rafe finds footage of Aiden meeting Andre in prison.

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3. Theresa Loses Tate

Stress is taking a huge toll on Theresa. She’s finding it difficult to run the company without Nicole. She is also suffering from lack of sleep thanks to a crazy work load, wedding plans and taking care of Tate. This week, Theresa will fall asleep when she takes her son to the park and it seems as if a kidnapping storyline involving Tate is where this goes next. Sadly, Summer will be a part of this, and she will receive orders and money in her hotel, around the same time.

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2. Summer To Face The Music

Speaking of Summer, she may have to face consequences for covering up Clark’s death. His sister, Janet will want the truth, as well as Brady. Brady will confront her this week and Summer may feel the wrath of both individuals once she confesses.


1. Ciara And Chase

Ciara will run into Chase when volunteering at the psychiatric facility. While she tries to keep it together, she struggles with the idea of having to see her rapist daily.

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