Forgotten Days Of Our Lives Couples

Published on May 13, 2019. Updated June 24, 2020

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is a soap opera with a rich history and is well known for creating some of the best super couples in the soap industry. It’s been on the air for over four decades now, and since DOOL fans have seen characters fall in love, break up, move out of town, die and even come back to life. There are many couples who have come and gone over the years. Some are memorable while others we’re quick to forget. Here’s a list of DOOL forgotten couples.

12. John Black and Yvette DuPres

Now, this coupling gets a little complicated because it occurred while John Black (and the rest of the town) was under the assumption that he was Roman Brady. With that out of the way, Yvette was a prostitute (with a heart of gold, of course) that Justin Kiriakis brought to town for a plot against Victor. She’d end up caring for Victor, but falling in love with Roman (err, John) in the process. Unfortunately, she left town a little while later, as she wasn’t “safe in Salem” because of a plan that went against Victor in an effort to help out John/Roman.

11. Shawn-Douglas Brady and Mimi Lockhart

This unlikely couple came together in the mid-to-late 2000s when Shawn lost all hope of being with Belle. He truly did fall in love with Mimi, and she adored Shawn; however, their relationship was destined to fail from the get-go. DOOL fans all know that Shelle belongs together (even back then), so when Shawn found out he was the biological father of baby Claire, and not Phillip, adnd also learning that Mimi knew this for a while and didn’t share it with him, all bets were off. Shawn and Belle have been going strong since, despite some bumps in the road here and there.

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10. Scott Banning II and Faith Taylor

Julie’s grandson Scotty returned to Salem in 1989 and made a big impact on the little town in a short while. He’d meet Faith, a singing beauty, and would agree to become her manager to help her book gigs. In the process, the two would fall in love. Eve Donovan had her eye on Scott and tried to break these two up; however, she failed miserably. The two eventually left town together when Scott was accepted into medical school.

9. Shane Donovan and Kayla Brady

It’s more than a little weird when someone starts dating his best friend’s wife, who also happens to be their former sister-in-law, but nothing about Shane and Kayla’s relationship in the 1990s really made sense. The two lacked chemistry and just seemed like an odd pairing from the get-go. It’s probably the reason why it didn’t last so long.

8. Don Craig and Marlena Evans

Before John or even Roman for that matter, Marlena’s first love in Salem was Don Craig. He saved her from her evil twin Samantha, and the couple battled an attempted suicide from his daughter during their wedding in the late 1970s. Love would prevail between these two, for a little while that is. Sadly, Marlena and Don parted ways after they lost their baby boy to SIDS. The tragedy was just too much for the couple to get over.

7. John Black and Kate Roberts

During the disastrous Melaswen Island storyline in the early 2000s, Kate and John came together after their spouses were thought to be dead. They made an interesting couple; however, when it was revealed that both Marlena and Roman were, in fact, alive, they broke off their engagement to each other and headed back to their original loves.

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6. Eugene Bradford and Calliope Jones

Soap operas are known for their drama, but it’s always nice when there is some comedic relief mixed within plot lines now and again. Enter Eugene Bradford and Calliope Jones. These two were a huge DOOL couple in the 1980s and while they were opposites, they had nice chemistry together and definitely entertained fans with their wacky storyline of love. As crazy as their relationship was, Eugene’s exit from the show took the cake. He left the land of Salem via a time machine he built. Sounds insane, but somehow the story worked for Bradford and Jones.

5. Mike Horton and April Ramirez

She was a candy striper in the hospital that came from a shady family, and he was a doctor who also happened to be part of one of the most respected families in Salem. In the late ‘80s DOOL fans swooned over this love story, as Mike helped April with her drinking problem. Despite the fact that these two were engaged, by the time the decade ended, their relationship did as well. A baby momma ex in Robin Jacobs strolled into town and placed a huge wedge in this couple’s romance.

4. Frankie Brady and Jennifer Horton

Before there was Jack, Daniel or Eric, Jennifer Horton was smitten with Frankie Brady. When Frankie strolled into Salem in 1986 with little brother Max, the Brady family took the two under their wings. He also jumped into a relationship with Jennifer Horton after meeting her at school. The duo had their ups and downs but were a solid and popular DOOL couple at the time. Frankie would leave town at one point, and upon his return, Jenn had met Jack, and their on-going love affair instantly fizzled.

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3. Pete Jannings and Melissa Horton

Good girl falls in love with bad boys in Salem, it’s as simple as that! This is a classic soap opera recipe for romance and it worked well for Pete and Melissa in the early-to-mid ‘80s. Pete was a part of a gang and kidnapped Melissa, but rather than being horrified, she fell in love. Alas, these two kept their relationship a secret for a very long time, but like everything in life (in and out of soaps), the truth came out. They would enjoy a brief marriage, but in typical daytime drama fashion, this relationship eventually came to an end and both Pete and Melissa would move on to others in town.

2. Nick Corelli and Eve Donovan

Opposites attract, but this duo takes the cake. Nick was a slimeball and town outcast that did some terrible things while in Salem, but he also had a soft spot for Eve. While there is no nice way to say this, he was a pimp and she was one of his girls. There was a point in time where Nick accepted the idea that she wanted to leave his business and worked hard to help re-build Eve’s self-confidence. In the end, Nick did love Eve – and the feeling was mutual; however, he set her free because he felt like she deserved better.

1. Tanner Scofield and Molly Brinker

This couple had a shorter romance on DOOL, but their love story was incredible. Molly came to town in the early ‘90s looking for a new start (and to find her real mom) after her grandfather died. Julie Williams befriended the girl and helped her by offering Molly a place to stay, as well as a job. While waitressing at Wings, she met bartender Tanner Scofield and the two fell for each other. There is really nothing like young love and Tanner and Molly were the epitome of this. While they did have their fair share of ups and downs, when everything was said and done, they ended up leaving Salem together in 1992 in hopes of a happily ever after.

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