7 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (April 18)

Published on April 18, 2016.

Calling all fans of General Hospital (GH)! It’s officially the start of a brand new week, which means a whole lot of drama is on the horizon for the residents of Port Charles. Learn more about Julian, Carlos, Anna, and Paul (plus so many more!) in the below spoilers for the week of April 18th.

7. Unlikely Roomates?

Unlikely cell mates Anna and Paul are arrested by Port Charles’ finest, and are forced to bunk together in jail along with the returning Carlos. While Anna is heckled by Carlos during her stay, she is also shocked by something Paul tells her.

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6. Friends To The Rescue!

Speaking of these three, friends and allies immediately come to the three’s defense. Mac and Felicia Scorpio hire Scotty Baldwin to defend Anna. Scotty thinks of an out-of-the-box idea to help Anna with her defense. Meanwhile, Julian hires his wife Alexis to represent Carlos, and while she has some solid advice, Carlos is unsure if he can trust her. Paul gets support from Mayor Lomax, and enlists Jordan to help him.

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5. Sonny Is Outraged

Sonny is a little on edge this week, and it is easy to see why. Griffin gives the mob boss a heads up that there is potential that Carlos could get off on all charges laid. Sonny takes Max along for the ride, and threatens Alexis and Julian, warning Alexis to steer clear of Julian’s underhanded work.

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4. The Search For Sabrina

Michael is dead set on finding Sabrina now that he knows she is not with Carlos. He enlists Felix, who is more than happy to come along for the ride. However, older brother Dante advises the two to back off on this.

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3. Will She Say Yes?

Nathan proposes to Maxie this week, much to the alarm of Griffin. Will she say yes, despite all of his recent lies around ‘Claudette’?

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2. Nina And Franco

Lots of drama around this couple this week! Thanks to Nathan, Nina realizes she had been placing too much pressure on Franco around the idea of having a family. She asks him to go on vacation for a little break from things, and he declines as he is taking care of Kiki. This throws Nina into a fit of rage: she goes to drink her woes away, and finds Dillon Quartermaine, while Franco turns to Liesl Obrecht for guidance.

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1. More Spoilers!

Lulu and Dante make further progress with their relationship. Laura gets more answers around the messages left by Helena, thanks to a returning GH character, Kevin Collins. Sam has a bad dream that rocks her to the core. Kristina confides in Sam about questions she has around her sexuality, while Olivia and Ned rekindle their romance after Ned finds out that she has made peace with Julian.

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