8 Of Dawson’s Creek’s Most Ridiculous Storylines

Published on July 7, 2015.

Even the most hardcore Dawson’s Creek fan can admit that it had its low points and awkward moments like all shows do. The notoriously overly articulate language of the young characters can be forgiven, but the same can’t be said of some of the storylines that were endured during the show’s run. Here are some examples of Dawson’s Creek episodes that just couldn’t be redeemed by elaborate language or Katie Holmes’ singing (for real!).

8. Discovery (Season 1, Episode 4)

The most ridiculous storyline on Dawson’s Creek may be one of the very first. Although it’s unfortunately true that teacher/student relationships occur, none are likely to be as romantically set as Pacey’s fling with teacher Tamara Jacobs. A flowering garden in the moonlight is the scene for their first intimate encounter, which happens to be caught on tape by Dawson himself, and the ridiculousness (and creepiness) of the storyline just keeps rolling along with the videotape. Pacey deserved so much better. Thank goodness he got there in the end!

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7. Great Xpectations (Season 4, Episode 6)

Getting into Harvard doesn’t quite make Andie as happy as one would think and in season four’s “Great Xpectations” and she ends up at a rave with the rest of the gang and decides to try ecstasy in order to add some zing to her life. When the drugs react badly with her antidepressants, things go from bad to really-freaking-bad really-freaking-quickly. Andie pulls through in the end, but the episode can’t be so easily revived. This entire episode could have been written in another, much simpler way. i.e. PSA: Remember kids, don’t do drugs!

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6. Coming Home (Season 4, Episode 1)

At the end of season three, Joey follows her heart and runs off to be with Pacey. In season four’s “Coming Home,” they return after a summer on the water together. How many parents or guardians would be willing to let their teenaged children sail off for a lengthy trip with their boyfriend/girlfriend alone? Not many. Luckily for Joey and Pacey, TV shows don’t have the coast guard chasing after young lovers-turned-sailors.

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5. Like A Virgin (Season 3, Episode 1)

In season three’s Like A Virgin, Dawson meets wild-child Eve and soon ends up wrecking his father’s boat. Whoops! Instead of ‘fessing up, Dawson intends to raise the $3,000 needed to make repairs before Daddy-dearest finds out. Eve is happy to help out…by enlisting the services of her stripper co-workers and throwing a rave at Dawson’s house to somehow raise the money. Problem solved! SMH.

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4. Castaways (Season 6, Episode 15)

If being stuck at school on a Saturday isn’t bad enough, how about being stuck in a K-Mart overnight? Joey and Pacey find themselves in such a predicament in season six’s “Castaway” and end up having heart-to-hearts , grabbing some PJs, and snuggling up for a night to themselves like a young couple enjoying a getaway at a really random hotel. Toiletries in aisle three, romantic convos in aisle six, ridiculous storyline in aisle 10.

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3. Detention (Season 1, Episode 7)

John Hughes did it best. Dawson’s Creek…didn’t. This season one episode may be a nod to the iconic movie The Breakfast Club, with the main characters spending a Saturday in detention just like in the film, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Instead of hyper-individualized lunches, dance scenes, and an end-all-be-all final shot, the show’s version gives viewers kisses with no intention save annoyance, Oompa Loompa references, and the addition of an abysmally awful extra character in attendance, Abby. The Breakfast Club leaves viewers singing “don’t you forget about me,” whereas the show’s version urges the exact opposite.

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2. Lovelines (Season 6, Episode 19)

Guest stars and crossover episodes are one thing; the “Lovelines” episode of Dawson’s Creek was something else entirely. Featuring the popular MTV show’s hosts portraying themselves holding a live appearance, Adam Carola and Dr. Drew Pinsky attempt to give advice to the Dawson’s Creek gang as relationships are dissected, truths revealed, and more cringe-worthy moments occur than a viewer can possibly be expected to endure. Hey Joey, want to talk about your lack of physical intimacy with Eddie? Jump up on stage! The entire episode is more like an advertisement for the guest stars than a true development of the characters’ lives and therefore is just as awkward as you’d imagine.

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1. Downtown Crossing (Season 5, Episode 15)

Whether or not you think Katie Holmes can hold a melody, even Joey’s chipper singing can’t save this off-tune episode. After being mugged outside of an ATM while cheerfully singing to herself (girl, where’s your pepper-spray, your safety-whistle, or your self-defence mojo?), Joey’s mugger is hit by a car as he takes off. Instant karma, perhaps, but things only get weirder when Joey stays by his side telling him about her life, only to faint once an ambulance arrives. What the whaaa? To top it off, she ends up meeting the mugger’s wife and daughter at the hospital, seeing similarities between her own family and theirs. With a storyline that has only the faintest connection to the overall show and no real point, it’s just one strange action, reaction, and interaction after another.

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