Days Of Our Lives’ 10 Most Loved Couples

Published on November 5, 2015.

The anniversary every Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fan has been waiting for all year long has finally arrived. As Salem celebrates its bicentennial, the Days cast, crew, writers, and all of the show’s fans celebrate 50 years of incredible daytime drama. As such, Fame 10 is also celebrating, as we take a look at the most loved DOOL couples of all time. Here are the top 10:

10. Maggie and Mickey Horton

The character of Maggie first appeared on Days in 1973, and on her very first episode on the show, she met Mickey. Mickey stumbled onto Maggie’s farm while suffering amnesia and the duo was inseparable. Sure, the couple did have its ups and downs, including affairs, and Maggie fighting through her alcohol addiction. But in the end, only death could separate these two love birds, when Mickey passed away in January 2010.


9. Julie and Doug Williams

Julie and Doug Williams were one of DOOL’s original super couples and one of the longest-running soap couples currently in history, celebrating a relationship that almost spans forty-years. What is their secret when it comes to on-screen chemistry? It could have a little to do with the fact that these two are a couple in real-life, and have been married longer than their on-screen characters have been together. Regardless, they continue to hold a special place in the hearts of DOOL fans everywhere, and make a great example of what a successful relationship looks like.

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8. Jennifer and Jack Deveraux

Known as ‘J&J’ to online fans, Jack and Jennifer made this ‘most loved DOOL couples’ list for many reasons. Mixing a little comedy with romance, Jennifer’s practical and rational personality was a perfect mix for Jack’s impulsive ways. A relationship that spanned over 20 years, the two traveled together, chased stories, and went on many adventures. They also helped each other heal with Jen reforming Jack from zero to hero, and Jack helping Jennifer get over her sexual assault. In the mix, they had two children, Abigail and J.J. (Jack Junior). Unfortunately, their love story ended a few years ago in 2012, after Jack passed away in an elevator accident, in an effort to save his daughter’s life.


7. Carrie and Austin Reed

How these two ever managed to get together (and stay together) is a testimony to true love. For one reason or another, as smitten as Carrie was on Austin back in the early ’90s, her scheming little sister Sami was too. Sami did everything she could to break up the pair, including drugging and raping Austin at one point, in order to convince him that she was the Brady sister he wanted to be with. Sami even lied about her first son’s (Will) paternity, claiming Austin was his father, when really Lucas Horton was. Alas, many years have come and gone since, and while they have had their fair share of struggles, this couple continues to top the most loved DOOL couples lists, time and time again. They now reside in Switzerland … far away from any Salem drama.


6. Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis

Affectionately known as ‘WilSon,’ this couple not only had a tremendous love story, but they also became trailblazers, as Days’ first ever same-sex couple. Opening their hearts to each other, they showed fans that love goes beyond typical gender stereotypes, and opened up a new world for many viewers. Unfortunately, they did hit some trouble, and while Sonny left Will for a bit, the ultimate tragedy of their entire love story was that they never got an opportunity to rekindle their love, or really get closure. In October of this year, Will became the latest victim of the Necktie serial killer, ending any chance for a ‘WilSon’ reunion.

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5. Lexi and Abe Carver

As a police officer and then Mayor of Salem, Abe was constantly butting heads with Lexi when it came to her family, the DiMeras. Lexi could never been considered a soap opera villain; however, her behaviors were at times, questionable. Still, despite family drama, affairs, and struggling with the ability to conceive a child, Lexi and Abe were able to rise above their relationship woes, and celebrate a marriage that spanned over 20 years. Unfortunately, due to illness, Lexi passed away in 2012, leaving Abe and their son Theo behind.


4. Hope Williams and Bo Brady

This love story spans over three decades, and when fans think of DOOL super couples this one comes to mind almost immediately. The good girl-next-door fell in love with bad-boy Bo in the early ’80s. Over the years, they have had to struggle with mistaken deaths, brainwashing, unknown identities, and Stefano DiMera. While Bo seemed to have abandoned his family in recent years (thanks to Steve Johnson), Bo has re-emerged on the Days scene as of late. Will he be able to save Hope by railing Aiden’s plans to kill her? Is he too late or just in time? If history dictates anything then there is a solid chance that in the end, good will prevail over evil, and Hope will end up in Bo’s arms to celebrate.


3. Kayla and Steve Johnson

Speaking of Steve, his relationship with Bo’s sister Kayla has rocked Salem (and Days viewers) over the years. Once again, the typical ’80s soap recipe for love, good girl meets bad boy, and was successful when it came to the pairing of Steve “Patch” Johnson and Kayla Brady. Much like Bo and Hope, these two also shared an action-packed love story, filled with a lot adventure in between. While Steve was assumed to be dead in the ’90s, the couple was able to reconnect when he miraculously came back from the dead in 2006. They were once again estranged in 2014, but that too might be short-lived, as the couple seems to be getting closer by the minute, currently on DOOL.


2. Marlena Evans and John Black

If any couple has had their fair share of ups and downs, it is certainly Marlena and John. While she originally thought John was her husband Roman, it was later revealed that John was in fact an Alamain…no a DiMera…a priest…a doctor…a superspy? So, Marlena (and DOOL fans) don’t really know who John Black is, but one thing that is known is his love for Marlena. Their love story has spanned close thirty years, and no matter who John Black is or is not, one thing is for sure: no matter what, Marlena will stand by his side.


1. Alice and Tom Horton

The head of the Horton clan, while both characters have passed away years ago, Alice and Tom have a DOOL legacy that still lives on today. An endearing love story that mixed friendship, with love, the duo continue to be set an example of what a great relationship should look like. While they are both gone, these characters – and their love story – have certainly not been forgotten. In fact, Alice and Tom are continually celebrated throughout DOOL storylines, and still are mentioned regularly throughout programming.

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