Days Of Our Lives: Crazy And Shocking Spoilers For Summer 2018

Published on June 26, 2018. Updated August 14, 2018

The dog days of summer are upon us, and in the land of Salem they shall be anything but dull. The warmer months typically bring fun, frolic, romance, adventures, and plenty of drama on Days of Our Lives (DOOL). What will the summer of 2018 be like? Below are 17 DOOL crazy and shocking spoilers for the summer months:

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17. Will Wants His Memory Back

It seems that there is a way for Will to regain the memories he lost, and in the next coming months, DOOL spoilers indicate that Will and Paul will have some challenges ahead when it comes to this storyline. First, they’ll banter back and forth on the idea; however, at the end of the day, it’s Will’s choice and it seems like he’ll feel it is worth the risk. When Will does remember what he had with Sonny, his romance with Paul is sure to be put to the test.

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16. Same Old Abigail

Sad news for fans of Marci Miller who currently plays Abigail Deveraux on Days, she’s leaving the role to pursue primetime projects. Her last taping was on May 25th, so expect the new Abigail to hit Salem screens sometime this summer. Speaking of the new Abi, it’ll be a little bit of the same old, same old as the former actress in this role prior to Miller, Kate Mansi, will be reprising the part.

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15. New And Improved Ben

As many DOOL fans witnessed recently, Ben Weston returned to Salem and got a clean bill of mental health by Dr. Marlena Evans. However, is this new and improved Ben really playing on Team Good Guy now? DOOL spoilers say yes, and while there will be plenty of naysayers and doubters, Ben will prove in the coming months that he is reformed. In fact, he’ll be a part of a storyline with Ciara Brady, where Ben helps take care of her after she’s been in an accident.

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14. Goodbye Victor?

The patriarch of the Kirikias clan may be on his way out soon. While Victor has been a bad guy for years, DOOL fans have grown to love and respect the iconic character and the actor who plays him, the talented John Anniston. recently reported that John’s daughter, mega movie star Jennifer Anniston, has been concerned over her 84-year-old father’s work schedule and health, thus urging him to retire.

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13. Chad Versus Stefan

Chad will be looking for any opportunity to take Stefan on, and it seems like he’ll get his chance in the boardroom. After Sonny is given the pink slip at Titan, Chad will make a power move to replace him. Chad has revenge on his mind and the only way to really get at Stefan is through the family business.

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12. Kyle Lowder Returning To Days

Kyle Lowder, who played Brady Black on DOOL from 2000-2005, recently posted a video on Instagram where he was entering the Days’ studio with a message telling fans that he is officially back in the land of Salem and that he would “see” everyone “soon.” This is great news for fans of Lowder, but the role of Brady on the show is currently held by Eric Martsolf, and there has been no news that he has left the show. Will Lowder reprise his Brady role or play a new character? Stay tuned DOOL fans!

Source: Kyle Lowder’s Instagram

11. Kate Has Doubts

DOOL spoilers indicate that Kate Roberts will come to the conclusion that Leo and her scheme is not panning out the way she had planned and will want to drop it. However, Kate will face huge repercussions around this as it will be extremely difficult to stop what she has already set in motion. Little does she also realize that Leo has his own little plot against her as well.

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10. Nicole Returns

According to Soap Opera Digest, Arianne Zucker, the actress who played Nicole Walker, is set to return to the soap. While there is no first airdate released as of yet, Zucker has reportedly already been on set and filmed some scenes. What could bring Nicole Walker back to Salem? Only time will tell.

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9. Change In Paul?

Christopher Sean, the actor who plays Paul Narita, recently hopped on Instagram to post a video confirming his departure from DOOL. While there had been some speculation, Sean stated it was his decision to move forward from the show – no one else’s. Will this also mean that Paul will be leaving Salem, or is there a recast in store for the character? Only time will tell.


8. Goodbye Lucas?

A cryptic message on Twitter has left many DOOL fans wondering if these are the final days for Lucas Horton. The actor who plays the DOOL character, Bryan Dattilo, tweeted, “25 years. 2 months. 12 days. And 4 hours. Good run. Thanks to my Days family and fans. Enjoy Lucas while you can.” Lucas is certainly the type of character that would be difficult to recast as Dattilo has played Horton for decades now.

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7. Shelle Returns is reporting that Brandon Beemer (Shawn-Douglas Brady) and Martha Madison (Belle Brady) will be returning to DOOL sometime this summer, meaning fans of Shelle will be over the moon. In all seriousness, Madison hit social media to let fans know that the DOOL writers have concocted some great things on the horizon.

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6. Abigail Pregnant?

DOOL spoilers indicate that Abigail will leave Salem at some point this summer to undergo integration therapy, but will return some weeks after. Spoilers also tease that Chad will be happy to see his wife back at home, where she belongs; however, the loving reunion will sour shortly after when Abi receives some surprising news. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that there is a good chance Abigail will wind up pregnant, launching a ‘who’s your daddy’ DOOL storyline between Stefan and Chad.

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5. Sami Returns

Speaking of possible pregnancies, Sami Brady will return to DOOL come late August/early September, marking about nine months or so since fans last saw her in Salem. With her one-night stand with Rafe Hernandez, audiences can’t help but speculate that Sami may return pregnant, just in time to cause some more chaos in Rafe Hernandez’s life.

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4. Gabi Has Revenge On Her Mind

Good news for fans of Gabi Hernandez! The actress has renewed her contract with the show, which means Gabi is staying in Salem to wreak some more havoc within the little town. According to DOOL spoilers, Gabi will fester with hatred towards Stefan and Abby for allowing her to go to prison for a crime she did not commit and will have dark revenge ideas when it comes to the twosome.

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3. Lani’s Pregnancy

Not great news for Lani and her baby. DOOL spoilers indicate that she’ll go into premature labor sometime this summer. The silver lining is that Lani and the baby will have the full support of her family, and the Carver clan will rally around her to be there when she needs them.

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2. Xander Has His Hands In Many Pots

DOOL spoilers tease that Xander will continue to be up to no good this summer in Salem. First, he will let Eve know what’s really on his mind as he thinks she should simply cut her losses with Brady and move on. Secondly, he will stumble upon some pretty incriminating evidence.

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1. Brady And The Donovan Sisters

The love triangle between Eve, Theresa, and Brady will continue this summer as the two sisters battle it out to hold on to the love of their life. While Brady receives some information on Theresa, which makes him turn on her, DOOL spoilers indicate that Theresa is not out of the love game yet. She’ll land a job, and continue to fight for the man of her dreams and her family.

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