Days Of Our Lives Couples That Annoyed Fans

Published on October 16, 2019.

It’s been said that love makes the world go around, and this rings even truer when it comes to the world of soap operas. Sure, as fans we love a solid storyline that can build awareness around an issue, or further develop a character; however, there is nothing better than watching a passionate love story grow between two characters on the small screen. While Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is famous for their super couples, there have been times this daytime soap simply has not gotten it right. Below is an overview around the DOOL couples that have annoyed fans the most.

12. Sami Brady and Austin Reed

How annoying was the Sami and Austin coupling way back in the day? Very annoying! Once upon a time, a teenaged Sami Brady was obsessed with her sister Carrie’s boyfriend. She lied to him, drugged him and led him to bed, pulled over-the-top schemes, and sadly, won his affections (more than once). Not sure what was worse, Sami’s deceptions or the fact that Austin believed them all?


11. Hope Williams and Rafe Hernandez

Sometimes, two characters that should go great together simply do not, and such was the case around the Hope and Rafe coupling. Affectionately known as “Rope” to some Internet fans, this twosome were annoying together because they simply didn’t have chemistry, which hurt their relationship in the end with viewers.

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10. Nicole Walker and Xander Kiriakis

Could one really call Nicole and Xander’s recent love affair a bona fide relationship? Maybe not, but that still did not make it any less annoying. While it was great that Eric found Nicole in 2018, it was a huge letdown for fans and Brady alike to realize that she had hooked up with Xander. Thank goodness that storyline (and couple) has moved on.

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9. Nicole Walker and Deimos Kiriakis

Speaking of, Nicole has been one to make some terrible decisions in the romance department, and one of those “bad choices” was dating Deimos Kiriakis circa 2016. While he tried to charm the heck out of her, and she fell for most of his lines, DOOL fans knew these two weren’t the right fit from the start.

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8. Eve Donovan and Jack Deveraux

DOOL fans were pretty pumped when Jack returned (once again) in 2019. Viewers knew it would be a bumpy road for Jack to reunite with Jennifer, as he had massive memory loss; however, Eve made it that much harder, thanks to her schemes and manipulation, which was so annoying!

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7. Sarah Horton and Rex Brady

Maybe it was because fans never saw these two “fall in love.” Or it could have been because many were rooting for Eric and Sarah to hook up, or perhaps its because they seemed awkward together. Regardless, Sarah and Rex were very annoying together. Their love and relationship came off as very fake and “forced” by both participants.

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6. Claire Brady and Theo Carver

Claire could have her very own list around annoying moments, as the character came off as self-centered and bratty most times, especially during her earlier years. This makes it no surprise that Theo and Claire hit this list, as Brady’s antics to keep her boyfriend and make Ciara jealous were far too out there.

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5. JJ Deveraux and Paige Larson

It’s the classic recipe for soap opera couple success: add a rule-breaking bad boy, mixed in with the meek, sweet girl-next-door type, and you have a daytime super couple in the making. The fact that there was a little bad blood between their mothers, with Jennifer Deveaux and Eve Donavon harboring a rivalry from their high school days, JJ and Paige should have really been a top DOOL couple; however, the constant nagging from Paige, the lying from JJ, or simply the lack of passion between this twosome landed them on this list.

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4. Jennifer Deveraux and Daniel Jonas

While fans were ecstatic about Jenn’s DOOL return in 2010, her relationship with Daniel Jonas received mixed reviews. Dannifer had their fair share of trials and tribulations over the years, including returning husbands, conflict around Jonas’ baby mommas, as well as issues with Jennifer’s son JJ. Still, while they seemed to drift apart at one point, they sweetly (yet annoyingly) fell back in love. They had all the factors for a solid super couple: both were quite attractive, intellectual, and strong. Still, mix them together (especially under any type of overly dramatic storyline), and they just naturally fell into the annoying category.

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3. Eric Brady and Serena Mason

Serena Mason flew into Salem in late 2014, and while she already knew many residents in town (i.e. Melanie Jonas, Marlena Evans, and Roman Brady), it was her prior relationship with Eric Brady that really intrigued viewers. They had a fling in Africa when Eric was a photographer and Serena was just a reporter, and it was at that point where he apparently left her and chose to become a priest. Shockingly, when these two actually started doing love scenes together, it was clear – they made a pretty annoying couple and lacked chemistry. While the deceitful Serena was finally exposed to Eric, he eventually dumped her. Serena was devastated, but DOOL fans certainly weren’t, with many feeling relieved that they no longer had to endure watching these two together.

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2. Abigail Deveraux and Ben Rogers

While the who’s your daddy’ storyline was unique plot twist years ago between these two, there was certainly nothing else interesting about Abigail and Ben as a couple. They lacked chemistry and seemed as if the only reason Abby stayed with him for as long as she did was out of sympathy and guilt for her affair with Chad.

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1. Clyde Weston and Kate Roberts

What was highly annoying about this couple was the fact that the glamorous, successful, and independent Kate Roberts, who has been involved with some incredibly strong DOOL men in the past (Roman Brady, Rafe Hernandez, and John Black) could even think about shacking up with Clyde Weston. DOOL fans know Kate has a thing for bad boys (Stefano DiMera and Victor Kiriakis anyone?), but Clyde was even worse than Roberts’ ex-husband, Curtis Brown. Besides, considering all Roberts went through with her ex, one would think that she would know better and be running high for the hills. Fans couldn’t help but be annoyed at the idea of Kate, or any woman for that matter, dating or loving the despicable Weston.

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