Days Of Our Lives Couples We Never Thought Would Make It

Published on February 4, 2020. Updated March 9, 2022

If partners don’t go through a rollercoaster of a ride within the land of daytime drama – and still stay together — can they even be considered soap opera super couples? No one does romance better than Days of Our Lives (DOOL), and there are plenty of pairs out there seemed as if they would never get together, or stay together for that matter! Below is an overview of DOOL couples we never thought would make it (but did!)

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12. Julie and Doug

With a history that spans over well over four decades, these two first linked up when Julie was a married woman! They would fall in and out of love numerous times over the years; however, something really stuck with these two after the 1990s, and they haven’t left each other’s sides since!

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11. Ben and Ciara

Compared to a lot of the twosomes on this list, Ben and Ciara are rather new to this super couple business, but have been going strong for a while now. It’s hard to trust a former criminal, yet hard to resist Ben’s loyalty, kind heart, and good-natured personality. He had to prove himself to Ciara and, more importantly, her mom, but he’s won everyone over in the end, especially DOOL fans. #CinForever

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10. Victor and Maggie

One person still on the fence about Cin (and Ben) is Ciara’s grandad, Victor Kiriakis. He’s no angel himself, but his wife Maggie really does bring out the best in him. No fan truly anticipated that Victor and Maggie would get together and go the long haul, especially during the times where Kiriakis’ darker side pops up. Yet, years later, Maggie and Victor remain together, with a ton of love between them.

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9. EJ and Sami

These two really did hate each other when they first met, and had a love-hate thing going on for a very long while before anyone could consider them a super couple. While they were toxic together, and for each other, time has helped their relationship evolve tremendously. Even after Sami thought EJ had passed on, she was able to find him alive in hopes of rekindling their spark. That’s a love for the ages.

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8. Austin and Carrie

Speaking of Sami, while they’ve always had super couple written all over them, there was a time when many fans believed they’d never get together thanks to all that Sami did to keep them apart. Then there was a time when Carrie developed quasi-feelings for Rafe, but again, brushed those aside because she knew her soul mate was Austin.

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7. Eric and Nicole

Eric had pined for Nicole for years after their breakup in the late 1990s! In fact, many could blame Walker as the reason he decided to become a priest in the first place! No matter how many years passed, or how many times he has had to forgive Walker for secrets, or how many times he thought she wasn’t alive, it is a beautiful thing to see them back together. Will they be able to move on from Nicole’s affair with Xander, and now EJ? Time will tell.

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6. Chad and Abby

Despite him being a DiMera, and her being a part of the uber-honest Horton clan, these two work and work very well at that. Recasting kept this duo apart for some months, not to mention everything that Gabi Hernandez did to break them up, but in the end, Chad and Abby continue to gravitate towards each other. Now happily married with two kids, here’s hoping “Chabby” stay just as strong in the coming years.

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5. Justin and Adrienne

While a car accident took the love of Justin’s life away mere months after the two got remarried, one has to wonder what Salem would look like if Adrienne wasn’t gone? Well, Will would have never had to experience prison. He may be back together with Sonny, and Justin and Adrienne would still be together. They were the type of couple that always ended up with each other, despite the odds, and while they did divorce twice, it seemed as if marriage number three would have been it for them.

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4. Shawn and Belle

For the number of times that Belle has lied and cheated on Shawn, one would think that these two would no longer be together; however, much like their super couple parents (Jarlena and Bope), they are clearly in it for the long haul! After all, Shawn and Belle have been joined at the hip since having children, so it only makes sense that they’d hang in there as a super couple all these years.

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3. Bo and Hope

Speaking of, Bo and Hope have had their ups and downs over the years. Stefano DiMera kept them apart for a very long time in the form of faking Hope’s demise. Then when Bo (seemingly) dropped off the face of the earth in 2012, things took a turn or the worse. While Bo’s return in 2015 was short-lived, the major highlight was reuniting with Hope, coming back together, and reconciling before he suddenly passed away.

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2. Jack and Jennifer

It seemed like forever and day for these two to get into a relationship in the first place, way back in the 1990s. There were always misunderstandings to be had, and Jack’s fear of commitment almost kept them apart. Then, in marriage, the couple would be plagued with more misunderstandings, and more recently, amnesia on Deveraux’s part, not to mention almost losing Jennifer as she was thrown over a balcony the day they got married! Alas, not even amnesia or a coma can keep J&J away from each other, and even after all these years; they are back in each other’s arms.

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1. John and Marlena

From exes to Sami’s stunts and the Devil himself, not to mention all the antics Stefano DiMera could think of, Marlena and John have had a rollercoaster of a relationship over the years. In fact, many of the things that happened to this couple should have seen them break up (for good) years ago. But here they are, decades later, parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents, doing what they do best: simply being together!

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