Soap Opera Couples Who Will Break Up In 2022

Published on November 26, 2021.

The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B), Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), General Hospital (GH) and The Young and the Restless (Y&R) have their share of couples with awesome chemistry, who viewers want to stay together forever. Then there are the couples who just don’t have a spark, or were doomed from the start. The following is a list of 12 soap opera couples who will break up in 2022.

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12. Mariah And Tessa – Y&R

Fans have loved “Teriah” from the early days of their relationship. Like any couple, they’ve had their ups and downs but always found their way back to each other, even when Mariah cheated on Tessa in early 2020. Unfortunately, they seem destined to break up in 2022. But instead of another woman coming between them, it’ll be Mariah’s obsession with baby Dominic, or “Bowie” as she calls him, that will spell disaster for this couple.

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11. Carly And Sonny – GH

Carly and Sonny seemed like soulmates up until this year. When Carly thought her beloved husband had passed away, she mourned him but moved on with Jason. And Sonny, who conveniently had amnesia but was still very much alive, moved on with Nina. Although they’re back together since his return to Port Charles, trouble is coming their way. Carly still has no idea that Sonny and Nina fell for each other while in Nixon Falls, and when she finds out, it’s not going to be pretty! But will Carly and Sonny’s epic love story finally run aground in 2022? All signs point to yes!

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10. Steffy And Finn – B&B

While there is certainly an undeniable chemistry between “Sinn”, his birth mother will continue to come between them in 2022. Finn will be drawn to Sheila more than ever before, and keep it a secret from his wife. And when Steffy finds out that Finn’s been in contact with the criminal, it could mean the end of their marriage.

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9. Chloe And Philip – DOOL

Philip and Chloe are cute together, but he is just way too jealous and controlling for Chloe to put up with for much longer. Chloe is also very attracted to Brady, which is constantly bringing out Philip’s suspicious side. He doesn’t trust Chloe when she’s around Brady and if there’s no trust in a relationship, there’s no hope for it to last.

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8. Elena And Nate – Y&R

Nate and Elena are about as exciting as watching paint dry, and their pairing has seemed forced from the beginning. Elena was very much in love with Devon and just using Nate because she felt insecure about Devon spending time with Amanda. Nate recognized this and broke up with Elena. But when Nate suffered a life-threatening allergic reaction, he decided to take her back. Viewers would much rather see him dating Amanda’s sister Imani, which is where we think Nate is headed in 2022.

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7. Flo And Wyatt – B&B

Speaking of watching paint dry, there’s Flo and Wyatt. There has been no real chemistry between these two high school sweethearts from the start. Obviously, they look pretty together, but they’re also incredibly boring as a couple. Wyatt had a lot more sizzle when he was with Sally, and viewers still believe writers made an error when they had Wyatt choose Flo over the fiery redhead.

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6. Amanda And Devon – Y&R

Devon and Hilary had amazing chemistry together, and writers made a big mistake when they axed Hilary off. But to amend their error, they brought back actress Mishael Morgan to play a brand-new character — who just happened to look exactly like Hilary. Of course, she turned out to be Hilary’s twin and Devon was drawn to her. But unfortunately, lightning has not struck twice and the lack of chemistry between Amanda and Devon is obvious. It’s highly unlikely they’ll remain together in 2022.

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5. Sam And Dante – GH

Sam and Dante are very sweet together and the chemistry is there, but Drew’s return to Port Charles will signal this couple’s end. Although Sam cares very much for Dante, she will not be able to resist the pull of her ex. And viewers can be sure that she’ll try to let Dante down easy when she makes the heart-wrenching decision to reunite with Drew.

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4. Paris And Zende – B&B

Paris and Zende are yet another mind-numbing couple. There’s zero chemistry between the two actors, which was uncomfortably obvious during their first love-making scene not long ago. Viewers were shaking their heads when Zende asked Quinn to design an engagement ring for Paris recently, as they were hoping this lackluster pairing would soon come to an end. But not all hope is lost, because Paris and Zende’s coupling will be kaput next year.

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3. Ava And Rafe – DOOL

This break-up is one that is just way too obvious. Rafe and Ava recently reunited after having broken up due to Ava’s jealousy over Rafe’s long-held feelings for his best friend, Nicole. And she’s had good reason to be wary, as Rafe slept with Nicole on Halloween night! They both felt guilty, and Nicole pushed him to get back together with Ava afterwards. But once Ava finds out about Rafe’s philandering, and she will, she’ll surely dump him in a heartbeat.

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2. Willow And Michael – GH

Let’s face it, Willow and Michael just don’t have it. Their coupling has seemed almost unnatural from the beginning. Michael had much more chemistry with Sasha, while Willow and Chase were electric together. Why GH broke up these two couples to pair up Willow and Michael is anyone’s guess. However, it’s not much of a deduction to assume the lackluster pairing of Willow and Michael will finally be over in 2022.

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1. Sharon And Rey – Y&R

Sharon and Rey’s marriage has been a complete dud from the get-go, which is why they’re number one on our list. All they ever do is argue about – who else? – Sharon’s ex, Adam. Even when they go out for a romantic dinner together, if they run into Adam, the evening sours for them both. Rey also constantly argues with his wife when she defends her ex. It’s become tedious and boring. Viewers want nothing more than for Y&R’s writers to break up this pair, stat!

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