Soap Opera Couples Who Will Reunite In 2022

Published on December 22, 2021.

The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B), Days Of Our Lives (DOOL), General Hospital (GH) and The Young and The Restless (Y&R) fans have couples they despise and other pairings they root for. But unfortunately, whether couples break up or get back together is up to the writers, not the fans. The following is a list of twelve soap opera couples who we think will reunite in 2022.

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12. Sami And EJ – DOOL

Sami and EJ’s turbulent marriage came to a head a few months ago when he found out she’d cheated on him with Lucas. EJ told her they were through but then Sami was kidnapped. When Lucas recently helped her escape her captors, she rushed home to her husband, only to find him in bed with her nemesis, Nicole! However, Sami and EJ usually end up back together, so 2022 will see them reunite.

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11. Steffy And Liam – B&B

Viewers are going to despise this reunion if it does happen, and we’re thinking it will. Steffy loves Finn, but she also cared for him when she cheated on him with Liam in late 2020. Liam is currently happily married to Hope, but he isn’t known as The Waffler for nothing. He’s betrayed Hope with Steffy on countless occasions, so who’s to say he won’t do it again? Steffy and Liam have already begun commiserating about Hope’s desire to have a relationship with Deacon. Couple that with Steffy’s utter disdain for Finn’s birth mother Sheila, and there’s a solid chance “Steam” could wind up back together in 2022.

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10. Chelsea And Adam – Y&R

It’s obvious Chelsea wants another chance with Adam, even though he’s made it crystal clear it’s not going to happen. When she recently returned to Genoa City, she asked him if he’d missed her, and he tried to sidetrack the question. After all, it was less than a year ago she poisoned Rey and tried to make Adam take the fall for it. But as viewers well know, Adam has done far worse things. Plus, like many other couples on this list, Chelsea and Adam always seem to find their way back to each other, and 2022 will be no exception.

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9. Nina And Sonny – GH

Many fans hated this pairing from the start, but all signs point to them reuniting in 2022. Nina knew exactly who amnesiac “Mike” was from the moment she met him. But instead of calling someone – anyone – in Port Charles to let them know Sonny was alive, Nina chose to keep it a secret. Then she and Mike developed feelings for each other and even shared a few kisses. Sonny has since gotten his memory back and returned to his family, but Carly still doesn’t know about Nina and Sonny’s romance in Nixon Falls. Once she finds out, the fallout may send him running straight back into Nina’s waiting arms.

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8. Chloe And Brady – DOOL

Years ago, Chloe became involved with Brady after she and Philip broke up, and she even married him in 2005. But will history repeat itself in 2022? Philip is currently missing, and Brady is suspected of doing away with him. However, it’s all just an elaborate set-up, orchestrated by Philip, since he mistakenly believes Chloe and Brady are having an affair. But what he’s really done is caused Chloe to grow even closer to Brady and it seems more than obvious they’ll get back together in 2022.

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7. Phyllis And Jack – Y&R

In 2021, Jack confessed to Phyllis that he pursued Sally because she reminded him of her. He followed that up by telling her he still loved her. Phyllis also loves him, but she’s afraid of breaking his heart again. However, now that she and Nick have broken up, it seems like writers have left the door wide open for Phyllis and Jack to reunite.

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6. Quinn And Carter – B&B

Quinn and Carter were an unexpected but very popular pairing in 2021. As they developed a surprising friendship, there was an undeniable electricity between them, and they ended up having an affair. Although Quinn has returned to her husband Eric, “Quarter” have always found it impossible to keep their hands off each other. So, will they fall back into bed together yet again?

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5. Sam And Drew – GH

Even though Drew just returned to Port Charles a few weeks ago, many fans are already clamoring for a Sam and Drew reunion. They were married briefly in 2018 and remained friends even after it ended. And now that Drew’s back in town, he’s been thinking about Sam a lot. It seems obvious he’s hoping for a reunion. Of course, if they do reunite, they’ll have one big hurdle to get over — namely her boyfriend, Dante.

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4. Sarah And Xander – DOOL

The chemistry between Sarah and Xander was off the charts from the get-go and the only reason they didn’t get married in 2021 was because she was kidnapped by Kristen. Since then, she’s been MIA and Xander has believed that Sarah left him for Rex. But he recently found out from Rex himself that she didn’t leave town with her ex. Fans know Xander’s not going to let that stand. He’ll make it his business to find out why Sarah really left him at the altar. And it may just lead to a long overdue “Xarah” reunion.

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3. Brooke And Deacon – B&B

Brooke and Deacon have an amazing chemistry together, so why wouldn’t writers take advantage of it and reunite the former lovers (even if just for a short while)? Deacon has made it no secret, at least to his co-conspirator Sheila, that he wants another chance with the mother of his child. And Brooke has already softened her hard stance towards the former con man. So, will “Breacon” get back together in 2022?

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2. Taylor And Ridge – B&B

Ridge’s marriage to Brooke is in big trouble and Taylor, who has just returned to Los Angeles, plans to stick around for a while. Plus, foolishly or not, Ridge has started confiding in his ex-wife about his problems with Brooke. For her part, Taylor has confessed to Ridge that she still loves him and always will. If ever there was a time for a “Tridge” reunion, 2022 is it.

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1. Sharon And Nick – Y&R

Many viewers believe Sharon and Nick belong together and always will. Their tumultuous relationship has been on and off for decades, but they always seem to find their way back to each other. They’re currently good friends who confide in and lean on each other, in the good times and bad. These days, Sharon is stuck in a dud of a marriage with Rey and Nick and Phyllis just broke up. But will it all lead to a “Shick” reunion in 2022? Absolutely!

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Soap Opera Couples Who Will Break Up In 2022

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Soap Opera Couples Who Will Break Up In 2022

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