Teen Mom OG Season 6 Reunion: 10 Most Shocking Revelations

Published on July 11, 2017. Updated November 3, 2017

For seven seasons and nearly eight years, Teen Mom fans have watched the original four Teen Moms go from young teen mothers trying to balance high school and motherhood to adults with families, careers, and new loves. Through all seven seasons there has been no shortage of drama for Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, and Farrah Abraham, and in fact it seemed as though season seven was one of the most dramatic of them all. Things always get a little more crazy, however, in the reunion specials, and this one was no exception! From accusations, walk offs and of course major bombshells, Dr. Drew had to deal with a lot on Teen Mom OG’s season six reunion and fans learned a lot more about situations they only got glimpses of on the show, so here are the 10 biggest revelations:

10. Farrah vs. Everybody

It seems like it has been quite awhile since fans have seen all four moms on the reunion stage at once, and mostly because Farrah either refuses to go out or a feud separates them. Once again, the reunion show opened with Catelynn, Maci and Amber sitting with Dr. Drew and he explained Farrah was not comfortable on stage with them, and was even walking away from production crews back stage. What was most surprising, however, was how civil the other ladies first talked about Farrah and Maci even stated “we wish we could have  a relationship with her.” Despite their issues with each other, it isn’t often the other women openly talk about their opinions of Farrah, and it didn’t take long for them not to hold back as Catelynn commented on Farrah’s treatment of her own mother saying if she acted that way her mom would “knock me out cold” and Amber pointed out that Farrah thinks she “makes the show” but they know that isn’t true.

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9. Amber and Matt

Even though Amber and Matt Baier have now been together for three years, fans have had a really hard time trusting him and believing he is the good guy Amber professed him to be. This season saw many obstacles in their relationship and what seemed like a final break for the two after Matt, a recovering addict, inexplicably had Xanax to give to Catelynn. While we now know that Matt did in fact relapse in December 2016, and many thought Amber was done with him for good, it doesn’t seem to be that easy. In the reunion, Amber revealed, “we aren’t together, but we aren’t broken up,” and shared they are still living in the same house because both of their names are on the deed. Even though she seemed to be vague about where their relationship stood, she made it clear a probable split was coming and she would “lawyer up” for the house if she had to. In the end, however, she simply said he has to “change” if they are going to move forward.

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8. The Paycheck

For quite some time MTV didn’t want the ladies to discuss the fact they made money from the show, but as its success continued, it was no longer unavoidable that their lifestyles were changing. Even so, it isn’t often they explicitly talk about money, but that all changed when Dr. Drew brought Matt into the conversation via a phone call, and he and Amber argued about supposed missing money he had taken from their account. According to Amber, Matt took out $30,000 for a trip to Vegas but put less than that back in and Matt revealed he gets paid around $30,000 for Teen Mom, and Amber went on to expose the fact that over the years around $120,000 had gone missing because of Matt. As per usual, Matt was shady about the details and no real explanation as to where the money went.

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7. Ryan’s Issues

One of the most intense issues explored this season was the revelation that Bentley’s father Ryan Edwards was dealing with a drug issue and things spiraled quickly. From Maci being concerned, to Ryan and Mackenzie rushing their wedding and Ryan seemingly falling asleep behind the wheel after taking something, the situation was scary, and in the reunion Maci revealed she first realized there was something really wrong after watching episodes back of Teen Mom. She also revealed that she did in fact try talking to Ryan’s mom Jen “awhile back” about the problem, but got “shut down” and explained she didn’t say anything to Mackenzie because didn’t want to hurt her or make Mackenzie question her trust of Ryan.

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6. Maci vs. Mackenzie

In the season, fans saw Maci and Mackenzie seemingly form a friendship and Maci often raved about how amazing Mackenzie was for Ryan, but the reunion revealed things have not stayed as friendly. Mackenzie confirmed that Ryan was in treatment and “doing great,” and Mackenzie explained she convinced him to go to treatment by essentially leaving him and telling him she would be there for him when he was ready to get help. Then Maci dropped a huge bombshell that Ryan had actually come to her sometime before with a drug problem and she convinced him to get help, but she said “it lasted…not very long.” The biggest shocker of all, however, was when Mackenzie read her open letter to Maci where she blamed her for knowing about Ryan’s problem and saying nothing while adding she only knew about the issue “for two days,” and then accused Maci of not saying anything in order to “exploit” Ryan on the show. The open letter was extremely harsh and extremely unexpected, and one of the biggest moments of the entire reunion.

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5. Farrah’s Abuse

It may have been a long time since Farrah has shared the stage with the other women, but it has also been a long time since she hasn’t stormed off. After her feud with Dr. Drew last year, things have always been tense between the two, and nothing was more awkward than when Farrah continued to shut down any topic Dr. Drew wanted to talk about, especially when he revealed that her “friend” Simon Saran had demanded $250,000 to be on the reunion, but when producers didn’t agree he said he wouldn’t come. Even though she stormed off and said the crowd needed to be “controlled,” she did come back out. After discussing her behavior towards her mother, which often shocks and enrages fans, Farrah broke down and even admitted that she is “sad” her relationship with her mom isn’t better. Then when her father Michael came on stage he shared that he now realizes that staying with Debra for Farrah’s sake when she was younger was actually worse for Farrah, and that he often “abandoned” his family to avoid conflict, which Farrah then admitted is why people avoiding situations is one of her biggest triggers, and one of her biggest problems is with Debra’s fiance Dr. David.

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4. Debra’s Defense

Although Farrah couldn’t agree to be out with Debra and her fiance Doctor David, Debra definitely had some things of her own to say. Over the years Farrah has hinted about the abuse she had suffered in her childhood claiming both mental and physical abuse, and for the first time ever, Debra said none of it ever happened, and even talked about the infamous scene on Teen Mom where Debra hit Farrah in the car, saying she “might have hit her shoulder” but claims she mostly hit the seat. Things got even more shocking, however, when questions were brought up over whether or not Sofia was safe around Farrah, which was a dramatic escalation in the conversation. Debra then revealed that, although Farrah said she had a healthy relationship with her, the truth was she had not seen or been around Farrah or Sofia since April.

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3. Butch

While Catelynn shared that she has been doing much better since seeking treatment for her mental health issues last season and no longer saw her therapist Kathleen who was often seen on the show, she and Tyler revealed that Butch hasn’t been doing so well. In the episodes fans saw that Butch relapsed again, but it was on the reunion that they stated that Butch had actually relapsed a couple of times on crack cocaine and even opened up further about Tyler’s family. They revealed that they had received criticism while leaving Nova with Butch when they went to Puerto Rico, but as it turns out they had paid Tyler’s sister to come pick Nova up, but she never showed. When asked what happened they suggested that Tyler’s sister was dealing with drug issues of her own with Catelynn saying that she is “following her father’s path” and Tyler stating, “Welcome to the family.”

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2. Carly

Over the years, talking about Catelynn and Tyler’s first daughter Carly has become more tense as her adoptive parents decided they didn’t want her or them to be on camera anymore and didn’t want to be discussed. The pair did say that they remain hopeful to have a relationship with her in the future, but they made it clear things aren’t very easy right now.

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1. The Xanax Situation

When Amber and Matt’s relationship finally hit its breaking point this season, it inadvertently involved Catelynn, and in the reunion she had a lot of details to give about the situation. Catelynn revealed that she did not ask Matt for anything but, when she mentioned she was having a panic attack, he offered her a Xanax. She revealed that she didn’t take it and put it in her hoodie pocket because she remembered Matt and Amber’s pasts and questioned why he would even have it. She then explained that Amber began noticing Matt’s strange behavior and began asking him why he looked high, and when he deflected her questions, Catelynn confessed to Amber that he had given her something. The biggest bombshell of all, however, was when Catelynn explained to Dr. Drew that when she went to show Amber the pill, Matt was walking down the hallway and took it from her hoodie. “Well, the funny thing is, it was in my hoodie pocket and when I went to go look for it to show Amber, Matt was walking down the hallway and we realized he was in my hoodie. And I think he purposefully took my hoodie and put it on when he realized what was happening and took the evidence.”

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