This Is Us: All The Questions We Need Answered In Season Four

Published on April 9, 2019. Updated May 23, 2019

It seems as quickly as it began, the third season of This Is Us has come to an end, and if reports are right that means we are officially halfway through the series. The season three finale once again left viewers hanging on emotional cliffhangers and while the season answered many questions, it opened the door for so many others, especially in the finale’s closing minutes. Although fans have to wait until September to find out what is going on in the past, present, and future with the Pearsons, we already know there is a lot season four has to address! Here are all the questions we need answered in This Is Us season four:

Warning: This Is Us season three spoilers ahead!

12. What Is Happening With Rebecca?

After season two’s incredible flash-forward scene, the big question that resounded with fans was “who is the her that Randall is talking about?” The season three finale finally fully revealed that the “her” in the flash-forward is in fact the family’s matriarch Rebecca Pearson, but it is clear that she is not doing well. Now, everyone wants to know what is wrong with Rebecca. While many think she may have dementia, others are suggesting that the reason Randall has to remind her that he is her son is because of brain damage she incurred from a car accident when the Big Three were younger. Naturally, showrunners Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker aren’t giving spoilers but Berger did say, “Possibly this is someone near the end of their life experiencing a lack of awareness and confusion that comes with extreme old age.” While Aptaker added, “I think it definitely feels like she’s very near the end of her life and that her passing is imminent and that’s why everyone has decided to descend upon Kevin’s house.” What is happening with Rebecca and her health and why the whole family is gathering on that specific day are all questions that fans definitely want answered sooner than later.

11. What Is Up With Nicky?

One of the most surprising new revelations about the flash forward scene which apparently happens 12-15 years from the present day, is that Jack’s younger brother Nicky is at Rebecca’s bedside in what seems to be her final days.  As of season three it really seemed as though Nicky had no interest in being a part of the Pearsons’ lives, but something obviously changes and fans need to know what that is. Nicky’s presence seems to point towards a major involvement in the lives of his brother’s family, and theories are already swirling about what could have propelled him to take interest in their lives — not to mention he is clearly clean and sober which opens up many more questions about Nicky’s journey in season four and beyond.


10. Where is Miguel?

While the presence of Nicky at Rebecca’s bedside is definitely intriguing and raises many questions, it also creates confusion as to why Nicky is by her side and not her husband Miguel. In fact, Miguel is yet to be mentioned in the flash-forward scenes which means that fans need to know where Miguel is. Although the fact he is not there seems to be a pretty big hint as to what is happening in the future, Aptaker said that while he could very well be “stuck in traffic” fans won’t actually find out where Miguel is in this seemingly important moment until “season five or six.” It seems fans really still haven’t gotten the chance to know Miguel as more than Jack’s best friend turned Rebecca’s husband, and more of a backstory on Miguel in general would be great.

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9. Where is Kate?

If fans are already worried about Miguel’s whereabouts because of the ominous fast forward scene, it is nothing compared to how worried they are about Kate. The season three finale answered the pressing question that Toby and Kate’s premature son Jack does survive as Toby mentions him in the flash-forward, but someone not being mentioned and who hasn’t been seen gathering at Rebecca’s bedside is Kate. Although many are beginning to question if Kate and Toby are even together in the future, more are beginning to question if Kate is even alive, and that is something fans most definitely need to know! “I think it’s wide open at this point what has become of Kate,” showrunner Elizabeth Berger shared. Looks like Kate’s future is very ominous which is worrying for fans.


8. Will Randall and Beth Make It?

After being adored for two and a half seasons, fans watched as things seemingly began to fall apart for golden couple Beth and Randall Pearson in season three. After some emotional and difficult episodes for the couple, they seemingly resolved their issues by the end of the season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean things will stay that way. Now that fans have seen the cracks, they are more worried that Beth’s solution of moving to Philadelphia will only cause more tension and stress for the couple and their family.


7. What About Tess, Deja, and Annie?

With so much focus on the Big Three, Rebecca and Jack, and the past it seems that sometimes Beth and Randall’s children don’t get the storylines they deserve. After Tess came out as bisexual it was clear that the character had important storylines ahead and it is something fans want to get to. Meanwhile Deja has already been through a lot and now she, Tess and Annie are all being uprooted from their home and moved to Philadelphia and it will be interesting to know how they are going to handle it. The look on Tess’s face in the finale as her parents packed up suggested that bigger storylines surrounding the girls are going to come and fans can’t wait to see what is next for them. Also, Deja and Annie have noticeably not been mentioned or seen in the flash-forward which poses the question, where are they?

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6. What Jack Mysteries Await?

Jack may have died an untimely death, but for a young man with a lot of life left to live, he already had a lot of skeletons in the closet. One thing that This Is Us fans want every season, despite already knowing about Jack’s passing, is more Jack Pearson! To do that the show has to visit the past, and more often than not, there is a mystery involving Jack that needs to be solved. While season four simply has to have lots of Jack Pearson, fans can’t wait to see if there is another Jack mystery to unravel. If there is no mystery, fans just want to know what the flashbacks will reveal about Jack or Jack and Rebecca’s relationship.


5. Will Kate and Rebecca’s Relationship Improve?

The season three finale saw Kate and Rebecca making great strides in their relationship as Rebecca decided she wanted to move to L.A. in order to be closer to Kate and Toby and their baby Jack. Many episodes have depicted the tense mother-daughter relationship between Kate and Rebecca both in the past and with Kate as an adult, and fans would like to see it resolved now that Kate is a mother. While it definitely seemed as though their relationship had been mended, it all comes back to the fact that Kate is one of the only ones not present or not being mentioned at Rebecca’s bedside in the future.


4. Does Kevin Remain Sober?

After hitting rock bottom and working hard towards sobriety, it was heartbreaking watching Kevin’s sobriety slip-up in season three, and we can’t help but wonder if more are yet to come. Remaining sober is a lifelong battle and Kevin might still have a long way to go when it comes to his sobriety. While Kevin’s sobriety and addiction will always be a part of his story, fans are also hoping the character evolves further as he has already come a long way from the Manny star that viewers were introduced to in season one.


3. How Did Single Rebecca Cope?

Season three of This Is Us somewhat glossed over Rebecca’s experiences after unexpectedly becoming a single parent to three teenagers, and many are hoping that that is something that is revisited in season four. Jack’s passing came only shortly after the Big Three began preparing for college and with her kids getting ready to move out and her husband having recently passed, fans don’t know how Rebecca will cope. Single Rebecca will be a whole new side of the popular character for the show to explore, not to mention will also dive into Kevin, Kate and Randall all growing individually as they presumably go separate ways after high school.


2. What Family Members Will We Meet?

This Is Us has done an incredible job at slowly adding backstories and additional characters to the Pearson family fold, and as the cast of main characters expands consistently, we wonder who will be featured in season four. With Zoe stepping back, will a new woman make her way into Kevin’s life? Will more about the Big Three’s grandparents be explored? For now what is known is that Rebecca’s father will become a part of the story. “Rebecca’s father is going to become a prominent part of the show … Where we’re starting the season [next year] is as ambitious as we’ve been in a storytelling way,” creator Dan Fogelman revealed.

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1. Who Is The Mother of Kevin’s Son?

Last but certainly not least is dealing with the revelation that in the future Kevin is a father! Of course, the season three finale dealt with Zoe deciding to leave Kevin because she didn’t want to be the one to deny him his desire to become a father one day. After the emotional breakup it was startling to find out that in the future Kevin is a dad to a little boy who looks just like him, and with Zoe not wanting children, the major question is who is the mother of Kevin’s son? This question also raises more questions such as does Kevin get married and is it Sophie that returns?


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