General Hospital Couples With No Chemistry

Published on August 21, 2019. Updated June 23, 2020

General Hospital (GH) is no stranger when it comes to couples with incredible chemistry. Daytime drama’s most famous pairing, Luke and Laura, began their love affair in the late ’70s in Port Charles, and became soap operas’ biggest super couple; these two are considered the benchmark that other twosomes are measured against. GH has gotten it right in terms of chemistry and lovebirds over the years; however, they have also failed. Below is a list of couples from GH who have had the worst chemistry ever!

12. Patrick and Sam

These two should have made a steamy hot super couple, but they didn’t. With Patrick being the most eligible bachelor in Port Charles as the top doctor at the hospital, and Sam being a smart and gorgeous detective along with Emma in the mix, the two looked cute together; however, lacked chemistry. All’s well that ends well, as Patrick reunited with Robin and Sam eventually found the (real) Jason to rekindle their JaSam romance.

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11. Michael and Sabrina

Michael has had a very hard go in the relationship department on GH, and hasn’t truly been able to click with many women over the years. Another failed attempt at chemistry was his romance with Sabrina Santiago, who seemed to have more of a spark with her criminal ex-husband Carlos Rivera than poor Michael.

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10. Michael and Nelle

Will Michael Corinthos ever catch a break at love? It seems that he may just have a type, and here’s hoping he can shake his “bad girl” syndrome. Sure, Michael and Nelle lacked true chemistry, but in all fairness, it was mainly due to the fact that she manipulated the heck out of him and his family.

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9. Julian and Kim

They look cute together, communicate well, and Kim really has gotten the best version of Julian Jerome GH fans have seen in years; however, they lack in the chemistry department. No incredible sparks fly when Kim is around Julian, and sometimes it feels like they were just thrown together because Kim is one of the rare characters that doesn’t have a history with Julian yet.

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8. Kevin and Laura

Laura has had some incredible romances in the past, and it can be hard for anyone to stack up to the same chemistry she had in the past with Scott Baldwin, and of course, Luke Spencer. With that said, she and Kevin may not have sparks flying everywhere with their romance, but they do have a good and honest relationship, with very little drama (well, when Kevin’s brother Ryan isn’t around).

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7. Finn and Anna

Two gorgeous and interesting characters should have sparks flying everywhere, right? Not always the case! Maybe it’s because GH viewers miss seeing Anna with Duke, or maybe it’s because many want to ultimately see Finn with Hayden, but at the end of the day, these two just don’t feel right together.

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6. Franco and Liz

This may be a controversial entry because many GH fans just love the Friz couple while others are completely annoyed by the two lovebirds. Regardless, Liz Webber has had some intense relationships in the past filled with chemistry, sparks, and the whole shebang. While exes should not be compared, what she had with Jason, Drew, not to mention her time with Lucky, just seemed far more passionate that what she has shared with Franco over the years.

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 5. Morgan and Ava

Could it be been the huge age gap between these two, or the fact that Ava Jerome seemed more suited for Morgan Corinthos’ dad (Sonny) and Morgan seemed to fair better with Ava’s daughter (Kiki Jerome)? Regardless, the two just never seemed to have any real chemistry between them, despite their rollercoaster storyline. Perhaps the real root behind this was the simple fact that while Morgan was clearly in love with Ava, self-involved Ava has only ever really been in love with herself. It could also have been the tremendous amount of lies that circled the relationship from the get-go thanks to the conniving Jerome.

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4. Kiki and Michael

Speaking of Kiki, this spitfire flew into Port Charles in 2012 and rocked daytime screens everywhere with her hot and steamy love scenes with then-boyfriend, Morgan. Instantly finding herself embroiled in a love triangle between two brothers (Morgan, and his half-brother Michael Quartermaine), she ultimately found love with Michael. Alas, the chemistry was not there, and the couple fizzled just as quickly as they sparked. There’s nothing that daytime soap fans love more than a woman coming between two brothers; however, the Kiki and Michael love story became bland. Perhaps the two were just way too different to provide viewers with anything substantial.

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3. Luke and Anna

Both characters have been halves of some pretty amazing GH couples in the past. Luke Spencer was crowned super couple status with Laura, and who can forget his quirky yet intense relationship with Tracy Quartermaine? Anna Devane, on the other hand, has had past success with Duke Lavery and Robert Scorpio. Still, Anna and Luke never really clicked in the chemistry department as a couple themselves. Off the cusp of Anna’s return to Port Charles in 2012, these old friends seemingly fell into each other’s arms, as Anna looked for comfort after she found out her daughter Robin was dead, and Luke was looking for love after his split with ex-wife Tracy. While they did have a rich GH history together as friends, with many adventures together along the way, their relationship in 2012 seemed like one of convenience, and really lacked when it came to the romance department.

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2. Franco and Carly

Roger Howarth has done incredible things with the Franco character since he stepped into the role made famous by Hollywood film actor James Franco. Still, when it came to his love affair with Carly, the duo simply lacked that spark. Infamous for her past relationships with mob boss Sonny Corinthos and Jasper ‘Jax’ Jacks, Carly’s involvement with Franco really should’ve been an explosion of epic chemistry proportions, but it wasn’t. Perhaps it is because Carly seems destined to go back to Sonny (and leave Sonny…and go back to Sonny…), or it might have been hard for the new Franco to ignite the chemistry needed based on the prior turmoil these two characters had experienced.

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1. Sonny and Emily

While short-lived, the pairing between mob boss Sonny Corinthos and do-gooder Emily Quartermaine was just a terrible mess when it came to chemistry. The two got back together in 2006 when Emily turned to Sonny for comfort after finding out that her husband, Nikolas Cassadine, cheated on her with Sonny’s sister, Courtney. While Emily did help Sonny with his bipolar disorder, GH fans were the real losers when it came to that entire storyline, as viewers had to endure endless scenes of Emily and Sonny canoodling with each other. Alas, thanks to Sonny’s need to protect Emily from his dangerous mob ways, the relationship was cut short, saving sweet Em from any potentially bad situations … and fans from having to watch these two attempt to stitch a relationship together.

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