General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For March 2019

Published on February 27, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

March is slowly coming upon us, and with all the craziness that occurred in February, fans of General Hospital (GH) can’t help but wonder what will happen in the next coming month. Will Ryan be exposed? Will Jordan be okay? Will Liz and Franco move forward despite his recent lying? Below are some shocking and crazy GH plot predictions for March 2019.

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13. The Kevin/Ryan Storyline

Things have hit fever-pitch when it comes to this twin-switch storyline and GH fans know that we are rounding the bases and heading home as it relates to the Kevin and Ryan story. It’s clear that Ryan will do something to slip up and soon, and is sure to be exposed. He may simply lose it in front of the entire town and come clean.

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12. Another Victim?

All hands are deck right now when it comes to exposing Ryan. Lulu, Felicia, Maxie, Mac, and Lucy are all on the hunt for Laura, who is with the real Kevin. It’s undeniable that they will eventually be found, and clear that Laura may end up being okay; however, don’t be shocked if Kevin becomes one of the final victims that get caught up in Ryan’s web of horror. There is a good possibility that Kevin dies in a standoff between him and his twin, or they both get killed.

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11. Ava & Ryan

Ava is quite smitten with “Kevin” right now and his marriage proposal has her swooning. With that said, Ryan may feel like he’s close to being exposed and try to head out of Port Charles with Ava in tow. She could see him for what he truly is at this point, a psychopath, and Ava very well could turn out to become a prisoner of his as this storyline winds down.

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10. Franco’s World

Once Ryan is exposed as Port Charles true serial killer, Franco will be free to pick up the pieces of his life and move on; however, it might not be that easy for him. He’s having issues with new wife Liz, as he kept Jordan’s plan under wraps from her. But, he also could have problems with others in town. Thanks to his recent interview with Lulu, people may be wary of him.

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9. Liz Will Need Time

Liz isn’t too pleased with Franco right now, and GH spoilers indicate that it’ll take time for her to get over the most recent betrayal. Seems like March may mark the beginning of the end for this relationship, as there is a good possibility that Liz may move on to someone new. Could she have her sights set on Drew? She has been a good friend to him as of late.

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8. Jordan’s Recovery

Jordan has been hospital bound since her accident caused by Drew. GH spoilers indicate that she may need a kidney transplant, and these storylines are always interesting because they tend to involve the craziest connections when it comes to donors. In the past, someone has had to pass on to donate an organ (e.g. Maxie got a heart from B.J. and Joss received a kidney from who fans thought was little ailing Jake). Could someone in Port Charles be on the chopping block to save Jordan? Potentially Oscar, who is dying of cancer?

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7. Dante’s Return

Thanks to some social media posts by actress Emme Rylan (Lulu) and actor Dominic Zamprogna (Dante), it’s clear that Dante is set to make a return of sorts to Port Charles. Before GH fans get too excited, it seems as if this may be more of a wrap up for the character than a comeback. Dominic has scored some interesting projects during his GH hiatus, including a lead role in a drama short. Dante will return, but there might be a divorce or death looming in his future to take him out of Port Charles for good.

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6. Carly’s Pregnancy

GH spoilers indicate that Jason will try and make a save of sorts, and be too late. This really could mean anything; however, it’s hard not to link this to Carly and her pregnancy, as at one point, he’ll be desperate to find his BFF. There’s a good chance that she’ll land in a dangerous situation, and Jason won’t be there in time to ensure the safety of her unborn child.

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5. CarSon Issues

GH has been teasing problems with super couple Sonny and Carly as of late. Margaux has added some stress on the couple, as well as Sonny’s father Mike and his health issues. Regardless, the two are relentless when it comes to keeping it all together, but a miscarriage in their future could be the breaking point for this husband and wife.

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4. Jax Saves The Day?

GH spoilers reveal that Ingo Rademacher is on the verge of a huge comeback on the show. Could he help Carly pick up the broken pieces of a miscarriage if she and Sonny break up? Considering everything that went down between these two before he left the last time, GH viewers know that he’ll zero in on Carly the minute he lands in Port Charles. 

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3. Dawn Of Day Drama

GH spoilers tease that Shiloh will cast Sam aside soon, and shower Kristina with some attention in March; however, this clearly won’t last long. Sam will once again find a way to get into Shiloh’s good books, despite the recent Jason-kiss incident, and this will undoubtedly cause a tremendous amount of friction between the sisters.

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2. Drew Learns More

Speaking of Shiloh, Drew seems to inch closer and closer to finding out about more in his past. As he recently received a cryptic message, this will undeniably launch a storyline where fans will get an insight into this character’s history. This will rope Shiloh into the equation, not mention connect to the mystery virus that involves Anna. Could Drew have the skinny on Shiloh, and he simply can’t remember it all? Something drastic, like Sam or Kristina’s life at risk, may prompt him to go through with the memory procedure.

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1. Oscar Passes On

Something major happening to Drew may also prompt him to go through with the treatment to recover his memory, and it could very well be after Oscar passes away. The teen is trying to live his best life right now, with time running out. It’s heartbreaking to watch Kim, Drew, and Oscar go through this, but it wouldn’t be surprising (considering the circumstances) if Oscar passed away in March, launching Drew on a mission to recover his past.

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