General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For May 2019

Published on April 30, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

On the cusp of Sweeps month, fans of General Hospital (GH) know to expect some huge things come May. As viewers anticipate heightened drama, more romance, tons of adventure, plus plenty of surprises, it’s natural to speculate on what will unfold this next month. Below are some crazy and surprising GH plot predictions for May 2019.

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12. Ryan Axes Another Character

GH spoilers are teasing that Ryan will return to the land of Port Charles, as Ava, Kevin, and Laura are all trying to work hard on luring the evil twin to come back to the little town. But when will he make his presence known? Will someone else be murdered upon his comeback? Don’t be surprised if he adds to his victim’s list when he arrives.

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11. 2019 Nurse’s Ball

Festivities around the 2019 Nurse’s Ball start on Thursday, May 16th! While the event is sure to have a ton of performances, GH spoilers promise that storylines will also unfold during this time as well. It’s not hard to predict that Ryan Chamberlain may also make a splashing return during this time!

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10. Oscar’s Fight

While many are hoping for a miracle, it seems like fans should be gearing up for some emotional episodes in early May. Oscar is fighting his illness as hard as he can, but he’s sure to lose the battle to his brain tumor early in the month. This is sure to affect storylines for Kim, Drew, and Josslyn. GH audiences need to stock up on tissue for the coming weeks.

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9. Jax Returns

GH spoilers indicate that Jasper Jacks will return to Port Charles to help his daughter cope with Oscar’s passing. Having said that, something else is pulling him towards Port Charles to stay a little longer, and it could have to do with Carly, as he does have scenes with her coming up. Is Jax upset about her pregnancy? Is he looking to break up CarSon? His comeback is sure to place a wedge between these two.

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8. Is He Involved With Shiloh?

GH spoilers have offered up some photos of up-and-coming scenes that Jax is in. He is involved in dialogue (at different moments) with Josslyn, Carly, Sonny, and Jason. The most interesting thing to note is that Jax seems to have a different and far more casual look to him. Does this have to do with his age, a new look, or could he be involved with Shiloh and his DoD cult?

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7. More DoD Drama

Speaking of, the Dawn of Day storyline continues to be an interesting one, drawing in many characters from the show, with plot twists at every turn. The good news is that Neil will eventually get through to Kristina; however, will this mean that Shiloh’s radar will be up when it comes to Sam? Or, will he fight that much harder to rope Sam in because he loses Kristina?

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6. Carly’s Pregnancy

GH spoilers indicate that Carly will have some concerns over her pregnancy this coming month. There may an instant where she worries about miscarrying in May; however, there’s a good chance that Baby Corinthos will continue to grow and thrive during the coming months. Carly might have a storyline where GH fans are worried about the baby, but it’ll end up being just fine.

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5. Franco & Cameron

GH spoilers indicate some bumpy roads ahead for these two, as they continue to bicker at each other in the following weeks. With Oscar’s passing, Cameron may remain bitter towards Franco, and while it is not his stepdad’s fault that his friend is gone, he may be the one he lashes out at.

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4. JaSam in Danger

GH spoilers indicate that JaSam will be in danger, and their plan against Shiloh and DoD backfires on them. Could Shiloh be on to Sam and Jason’s plan? Maybe Brad rats them out? If so, could Shiloh kidnap them both and drug them, potentially brainwash them too, so that they remain loyal to the DoD and all its activities?

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3. Love Drama

GH spoilers tease that Julian will be there for Kim after Oscar passes away, but he and Alexis will continue to run into each other during May, too. Meanwhile, Alexis will also find herself growing fonder of Neil. After all, he essentially was able to get through to Kristina, thus ending her time with the DoD. Will Alexis find herself caught between the love of the past and what could be in the future come May?

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2. Nina Leaves Town

GH spoilers indicate that Nina will continue to be rude to Willow this month. While she may not figure out that she is her biological daughter, Sweeps seems like the appropriate time for Nina to find out that Sasha is not who she thinks she is. Valentin’s plan is sure to be exposed in the coming weeks. With actress Michelle Stafford out as Nina, and Cynthia Watros in, could Nina leave Port Chuckles for a little while to re-assess her situation and come back with a fresh face?

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1. Jordan’s Saved

GH spoilers indicate that Jordan will be in dire need of a transplant in the coming weeks, and finding one will be a difficult task. Sadly, fans have seen this storyline played out numerous times on this soap opera and others. Will Oscar’s passing bring new life in the form of a kidney transplant to Jordan? Seems like a huge possibility!

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