General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For Spring 2019

Published on April 8, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

Now that winter is wrapping up in Port Charles, what kind of craziness lies in store for General Hospital (GH) fans come spring? One can only speculate! Will Ryan make a splashing return? How will Ava cope in these coming weeks? Will Carly’s pregnancy come to full term? Below are some crazy GH plot predictions for spring 2019.

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12. Ryan’s Comeback

Did Ryan die during that crazy fall after he was fully exposed weeks back? The aftermath around Ryan’s chaos has left a ton of heartbreak, confusion, and backlash on Kevin and his decision to keep Ryan a secret. There very well could be weeks of speculation around whether or not the evil twin is alive, but a comeback seems very plausible. Perhaps in the spring, but GH writers will surely try to leave fans hanging on this one.

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11. Nurse’s Ball

With the annual Nurse’s Ball on the horizon, Ryan returning during these special festivities would be a shocking revelation. After all, the event has known to have some crazy, shocking, and surprising things unravel, so Ryan returning during a performance by Felicia, Lucy, or possibly Laura could create some interesting daytime drama television.

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10. Ava Pregnant?

Ava has been quite distraught over the twin switch reveal, and completely disgusted with herself around sleeping with the man who killed Kiki. Yes, in reality, Ava’s childbearing years are behind her, but in the land of soaps, anything is possible! Ava being pregnant with Ryan’s child would simply add to this devastated feeling.

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9. Carly’s Pregnancy

Carly sure did have a scare with her pregnancy recently; however, it seems like Baby Corinthos may continue to grow inside his/her mommy’s tummy in the coming weeks. Carly has been known to have difficult pregnancies in the past, and spring may offer a surprising relief for her with no issues coming up. Having said that, there is a good chance fans could see her going into premature labor, which would cause a ton of drama for Carly, Sonny, and their baby, nearing the end of spring.

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8. Jax’s Return

Actor Ingo Rademacher, who plays Jax Jasper on GH, will be making a huge comeback and soon. There is no love lost between him and Sonny, and should his return to Port Charles be the cause of any harm to the Corinthos baby, drama will explode between these two. They’ll simply pick up where they left off.

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7. CarSon At Risk

What if Jax does something to “cause” issues in Carly’s pregnancy (unintentionally), but she doesn’t blame him? Jax coming back to Port Charles will cause some sort of issues between CarSon regardless. Jax and Carly have always had an undeniable chemistry, and he could certainly place a wedge between the Carly/Sonny romance.

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6. Love Triangle On Tap

GH spoilers hint that a lady in Port Charles will go back and forth between two men in the coming weeks. This could mean Carly; it could also have to do with the romance between Chase, Willow, and Michael as well. Then there’s Liz. Yes, she’s married to Franco; however, these two are struggling. Will another man sway her attention? She and Griffin would make a fine pair, and then there’s always Drew.

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5. More Breakups

All arrows are pointing to a Valentin and Nina breakup in the spring. The secret around Sasha not being her daughter, and Valentin’s involvement in it all will be revealed. The two will go their separate ways, but this means Nina’s real daughter is still out there. Will the real daughter step forward in the spring? Seems as if Nina will get the shock of her life when she realizes it could be Willow.

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4. Oscar’s Fate

With a prognosis like he received recently, Oscar’s days seem to be number in Port Charles. He’s had a long and hard battle with his brain tumor and has really tried to “live his best life” these past few weeks. While things don’t look good for Oscar, GH is known for swinging a miracle or two. Maybe something big can happen for Oscar and his parents, to turn all of this around.

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3. Dawn of Day

So many moving parts to this cult storyline, which continues to have fans glued to their screens. Kristina will get more sucked in come the spring, and Sam will continue to fight for Shiloh’s attention to get the goods on him. But, what about Brad and Wiley? Will they get sucked into this mess?

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2.  Baby Wiley Paternity

On the cusp of May sweeps, it’s not hard to see that the Baby Wiley paternity storyline may get blown up and soon, and somehow get involved with the Dawn of Day arc. Brad and Wiley are of interest to Shiloh, and Willow will do all she can to protect the child to keep him away from the organization; however, if she oversteps her balance, could Brad reveal the child isn’t hers after all?

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1. Lulu Moves On?

Lulu is having a hard time dealing with Dante leaving, and while she will mourn for a very long time, she will need the support of her friends and family. She said she’d wait forever; however, this is the land of soaps and she’ll need to move on, so who could be a potential love interest for her to start off with? Peter August? Chase Harrison? Someone will need to help her get over the hurt Dante left behind!

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