General Hospital: Spoilers For February 2019

Published on January 28, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

It’s Sweeps month, so expect things to turn up a couple notches in the land of Port Charles! While one couple needs to hide their love affair from the town, another might be at the brink of ending it after a secret is threatened to be exposed. Learn about these stories and others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for February 2019.

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12. JaSam Remains Hush-Hush

GH February spoilers tease that JaSam will keep their reunion uber “hush-hush” so that Sam can convince Shiloh she’s single to get closer to him. Having said that, the super couple will try and find some time to sneak off together; however, this could place them in a perilous situation.

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11. Kristina and The Dawn of Day

Speaking of Shiloh, GH spoilers for February indicate that Kristina will become much more involved in the DOD cult, and continue to distance herself from her family. Spoilers tease a change in personality for Davis, which mom Alexis will most certainly not approve of. Here’s hoping that Sam and Jason can stop Shiloh before any major damage is done.

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10. Franco The Pawn

GH February spoilers hint that Franco will reach out to “Kevin” seeking advice. As the month rolls on, “Kevin” tries to turn Franco into a pawn of sorts, which will end up placing Baldwin in an awkward situation. In other Franco spoiler news, he’ll continue to bond with Aiden, taking him out for an ice-skating excursion at some point in the month.

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9. Laura Is On To “Kevin”

Many eyebrows are being raised in Port Charles as it concerns “Kevin” and his odd behavior as of late. GH February spoilers tease that Laura will begin to close in on the entire situation this month. In other Ryan news, Jordan will try her best to flush out the town’s serial killer in an attempt to nab him. Will Ryan finally get caught? Here’s hoping!

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8. Sasha Returns!

GH spoilers for February indicate that Sasha will return to town, surprising Nina. She’ll take Charlotte on an outing, and Nina will have a huge change in her point of view around her “daughter” situation. Sasha will also influence a decision Nina has around Valentin, pushing her mom to do something in regard to her relationship with him.

7. Baby Wiley Switch

Will Lucas (and Michael) ever find out the truth about Baby Wiley? GH spoilers indicate something will pop up in February that could blow Brad’s secret out of the water! If the truth is exposed, his relationship with Lucas is done, but on a good note, Michael will finally be able to bond with his son as a true father should.

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6. Finn and Robert Team Up

It’s great seeing Robert Scorpio back in the land of GH! Spoilers for February suggest that he will team up with Finn to help locate some answers around Anna’s mysterious condition. Teasers also indicate that this virus has popped up due to something that happened in her past. Could be related to her days in the WSB.

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5. Spinelli Helps

Expect to see a little of Spinelli this month, as he pops into Port Charles to help out with something. GH spoilers for the month hint that Spinelli will help dig up some findings for pal Jason, which he’ll share with “Stone Cold” at the beginning of February. The Jackal has always been resourceful with investigations in the past, so here’s hoping he can bring more of that magic to this case.

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4. Oscar’s Condition

GH spoilers for February indicate that time might be running out for Oscar, as his condition could worsen this month. Kim will feel as if she’s caught between two incredible men in Julian and Drew; however, one of these guys will end up being there for her, more than the other. It will most likely be Drew, as they are stuck in this terrible situation together.

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3. Elizabeth’s World

GH spoilers indicate that Liz will show just how much she loves Franco in a dramatic way in February. Having said that, as the month progresses teasers also state she’ll turn to Scott to lean on some things she’s dealing with. Here’s hoping she won’t have to turn to Scott because something horrible has happened to Franco … there is a serial killer out on the loose!

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2. Mike Worsens

GH spoilers indicate that Mike’s condition will decline in February, leaving CarSon with a few obstacles to deal with as they watch him take a downturn. Sadly, Sonny will have to continue to make hard decisions when it comes to Mike, and teasers hint that they will be heartbreaking ones to watch. Get those boxes of tissues out!

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1. Sonny In Danger

GH February spoilers state that one hard choice Sonny will have to make is placing Mike in full-time care. This will undoubtedly place a strain on the entire family, Sonny included. In other Corinthos spoilers for February, Sonny will be placed in a perilous situation. Knowing Sonny, he’ll be able to get through it. This mob boss has nine lives.

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