General Hospital: Spoilers For March 2019

Published on February 25, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! What’s on tap for the month of March? Seems like more intrigue, romance, adventure, and drama are on the horizon! Learn what will happen to Laura, Kevin/Ryan, Sonny, Carly, Sam, Jason, Drew, Liz, Franco, and others in these crazy and shocking GH spoilers for March 2019.

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12. Laura & Kevin

GH spoilers for early March indicate that poor Laura and Kevin will still be locked up, desperate to come up with a plan of escape. While Kevin will do his best to try and think of something, spoilers suggest that leaving Ferncliff won’t be easy for these two. They’ll have to work hard to come up with something.

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11. Curtis Has Bad News

GH spoilers tease some bad news offered by Curtis. It’s hard to wonder if this will have to do with Jordan and the dire condition she is in. Seems like her prognosis won’t get better anytime soon. Good news is that T.J. will be around to offer any support Curtis needs for the time being.

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10. Sonny Gets A Message

GH spoilers teases a cryptic and disturbing message for mob boss Sonny Corinthos in March. Could this have to do with his son’s whereabouts? Sonny will be taken aback either way, so it seems like it might not be good news when it comes to Dante, or whatever the message is about.

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9. Dante’s Return?

With all this talk about finding Dante, GH fans know that the storyline is leading somewhere. While airdates have not been confirmed, social media has been buzzing as of late, with a tweet from actor Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) and an Instagram post from actress Emme Rylan (Lulu), with all arrows pointing to Dom on the GH set recently. Dante may not make an appearance in March, he’s sure to be slowly returning to Port Charles and soon. He’s clearly on his way home and his “mission” storyline should continue this month.

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8. Drew’s Weird Message

Seems as if everyone in Port Charles will be getting odd messages in March! GH spoilers indicate that Sonny’s message doesn’t seem to be linked to Drew’s; however, fans should expect Cain to follow up on a cryptic text he receives. He’ll surely want to investigate it and get more information.

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7. Sam Gets Demoted

GH spoilers indicate that Sam will get demoted within Shiloh’s ranks, as the cult leader pulls back from her in the coming weeks. Who will take her place in his good books? Well, Kristina of course! Seems as if Sam’s younger sister will become Shiloh’s new pet, which screams danger for Corinthos-Davis thanks to her vulnerability.

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6. Elizabeth Learns The Truth

GH spoilers tease that Elizabeth will learn all about Jordan and Franco’s plan to weed out the real killer and she’ll be mortified. As the couple agreed that there would be no more secrets between them, this spells very bad news for the newlyweds. What will Liz do when she finds out the truth?

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5. The Repercussions

GH spoilers for March tease that there is a good chance that Liz tries to push Franco away. This may mean something as drastic as even thinking about annulling their marriage. One thing is for certain: Franco will be in the dog house for a long while as Liz navigates through her feelings on his recent actions. She’ll be mad, and it may take her a while to get past this all.

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4. Lulu Remembers

GH spoilers hint that Lulu will have a “total recall” of what happened during her attack, come early March. This could spell out very big problems for Ryan, so here’s hoping she goes straight to the police if she truly remembers all that went down, and who was at the helm of it all.

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3. Ava and “Kevin”

But, will Lulu remember too late? GH spoilers indicate that Ava will be over the moon with her new arrangement with “Kevin” and be ready to leave Port Charles behind. Will the two be long gone before the truth eventually comes out about Ryan? This just may be the case. Ava is clearly delusional when it comes to “Kevin.”

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2. Jason’s World

GH spoilers indicate a hard month for Stone Cold. First, Jason will feel troubled about something, and this may very well have to do with Sam. He’ll also be interested in finding Julian to chat with him about something, and be desperate to locate Carly. Lastly, spoilers tease that Jason will be on the verge of saving someone, but will show up a little too late. Could this spell bad news for Carly and the baby?

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1. Alexis and Julian

GH fans continue to speculate around a reunion between these two and it seems as if their orbits will continue to collide in March. Having said that, Julian will let Alexis have it at one point in the month, which will undoubtedly have his ex-wife feeling more than a little jilted. Is there any hope for Julexis? They’ve been through worse.

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