General Hospital: Spoilers For May 2019

Published on April 25, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

It’s sweeps month, General Hospital (GH) fans! Therefore, audiences should expect some exciting character returns, intense drama, and tons of romance in the land of Port Chuckles the next four weeks or so. Learn some of the craziness that is bound to unfold in the GH spoilers for May 2019.

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12. 2019 Nurse’s Ball

It’s that time of year again! One in which most GH fans look forward to! The event that helps raise funds and awareness around AIDS/HIV will once again showcase the hidden talents of Port Charles residents in a highly-entertaining week filled with song, dance, and other acts. Mark your calendars because festivities begin on Thursday, May 16th. GH spoilers promise storylines will be woven in between performers!

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11. Team “Get Ryan”

Kevin, Ava, and Laura will place a plan in motion to lure Ryan back to town. GH spoilers suggest that Robert will be brought in the fold as well. Kevin will be tested, and Ava will also be placed in an awkward position; however, Ryan will return to the little town when all is said and done.

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10. Oscar Passes Away

Sad news for GH fans, but we all knew it was coming. Spoilers indicate that Oscar will lose his battle to the brain tumor he has, which will leave Josslyn broken. She’ll turn to family and friends for support in this difficult time, and this situation will also signal the return of a familiar face.

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9. Jax Back

Jax will come back to help his daughter deal with the loss of her first love. GH spoilers indicate there is an air date set for the return of Jasper Jacks, played by the talented and handsome Ingo Rademacher, and fans need to set their PVRs for Tuesday, May 7th. It’s something you won’t want to miss, as Jax re-enters the crazy world of Port Charles.

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8. Jax’s Storyline

Yes, Jax is back for Joss, but GH spoilers indicate that something else has also signaled this return. Photos of scenes that he has filmed have been released and upon his comeback, and Jax will interact with the following characters: Joss (obvi), Carly, Sonny, and Jason. He’s also reportedly sporting a “new look.”

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7. Liz & Franco

GH spoilers indicate that this super couple will celebrate their new marriage and love in a huge way come May. Having said that, the two need to watch out for bumpy roads ahead in May, as Cameron and Franco’s relationship continues to have friction within it. Not good news for Friz.

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6. Will Kristina Return To DoD?

The good news is that Willow will have a nice talk with Kristina about her DoD experience; however, GH spoilers indicate that it is Neil who finally gets through to her about the cult being dangerous. This causes Alexis to see him in a different way. Interestingly enough though, while Julian will be there to support Kim during her time of need, he’ll also find himself crossing paths with his ex Alexis quite a bit in May.

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5. Jason & Sam In Danger

GH spoilers tease that JaSam’s plan to take Shiloh down could backfire for them in a dangerous way. It seems that Shiloh will remain to be a thorn in everyone’s side come May, as he will also place a wedge between Chase and Willow. Can someone bring this cult leader down and soon, please?

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4. Nina’s World

Speaking of Willow, GH spoilers also suggest that Willow will still be pushed around Nina in May. In other Nina spoilers, while she is pleased with Sasha and Michael together, her better half Valentin won’t be so pleased, considering that Michael is a “Corinthos.”

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3. Recast Alert

The actress who is currently playing Nina, Michelle Stafford, recently announced she was leaving the show and moving back to the Young and the Restless. GH has recently recast Cynthia Watros, soap opera and primetime veteran, to the role of Nina. Expect to see Watros enter the land of Port Chuckles come sometime in May.

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2. Jordan’s Health

GH spoilers indicate more health woes for Jordan come May. She is in a dire need of a kidney transplant and won’t be able to live much longer if someone doesn’t step up. Having said that, finding the right donor doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Jordan. Will Port Charles be mourning another loss in May?

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1. More May Spoilers!

Lulu will continue to rely on her family and friends for support, while Drew and his loved ones will be affected by a major business decision. GH spoilers also tease that Peter and Maxie will grow closer, and Carly will remain very worried about her pregnancy. Lastly, Anna will get mixed messages from both Robert and Finn, as the engagement ring takes center stage in this storyline.

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