General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For September 2019

Published on August 28, 2019. Updated August 30, 2019

Liz will continue to struggle with Franco’s new personality this month on General Hospital (GH). Also, Sasha’s condition will continue to worsen as Nina and Valentin plot revenge against Cassandra. Plus, will Jax and Hayden’s Wyndemere mystery lead to Nikolas? Learn more below in the GH crazy plotline predictions for September 2019.

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12. Kim And Franco’s One-Night Stand

Speculation points to Kim and Franco hooking up for a one-night stand this month. With Kim recently proposing to Julian and being turned down, her emotions will be on edge. But will she turn to Franco, who has her former love Drew’s memories, for comfort? “Kim is spinning from the loss of her son and they are two people who really aren’t sure of their place in the world,” Roger Howarth (Franco) told Soap Opera Digest recently. “So, you have two emotionally distraught, disturbed humans interrelating.”

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11. Julian And Kim Are Through

If Kim and Franco do sleep together, it won’t be long before Julian catches wind of their roll in the hay. He will not only be furious, but he’ll also question his decision to uproot his life and move to Manhattan with Kim. There is no word of William DeVry (Julian) leaving GH anytime soon, so rumor has it he will break up with Kim and stay put in Port Charles.

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10. Liz Struggles

Liz will continue to struggle with Franco’s new persona as Drew. She will desperately try to get him to move back in with her, but he will refuse. Although Franco is sympathetic to her pleas, he doesn’t remember her or their life together. Viewers are speculating that he may agree to visit her from time to time and many fans are hopeful that the two will fall in love all over again and find their way back to each other eventually.

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9. Nina And Valentin Wedding?

Will Nina and Valentin’s wedding take place in September? Nina has continued to put the nuptials on hold for months, not because she doesn’t love Valentin, but because her career obligations have taken up most of her time. And with her (fake) daughter Sasha’s critical illness as her only focus these days, it looks like the wedding will be on hold for now.

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8. Sasha’s Crisis

Speaking of Sasha, her condition is expected to get worse in the coming weeks. Nina and Valentin are now hell-bent on revenge against Cassandra, for injecting the grapefruit Sasha ate with Avian Flu. Nina also blames herself, as she knows Cassandra did it to get back at her. Sasha also almost blurted the truth in her delirium, that she is not really Nina’s daughter, to Michael recently. But will she do it again this month, and will Nina hear it?

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7. Nikolas Alive?

Throughout the summer, there have been many hints on GH that Nikolas Cassadine is alive and well and in hiding somewhere. The most recent being when psychic Chelsea Lam told Laura her son was in danger. Laura immediately assumed Chelsea had meant Lucky, so she called him and found out everything was OK with him. So, did Chelsea really mean Nikolas, and could he be returning to Port Charles anytime soon?

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6. Jax And Hayden Find Nikolas Connection?

Speaking of Nikolas, who will be the one to finally bring him home? Many fans are speculating that whatever Jax and Hayden have been looking for at Wyndemere, Nikolas may be the link to bring it all together. The connection between Wyndemere and Nikolas may still be up the air, but could the truth come out in September?

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5. Carly’s Baby

Now that Carly and Sonny have happily renewed their wedding vows in front of their friends and family, their focus will be on the birth of their baby. As viewers know, Carly was told her unborn child has spina bifida, a birth defect where a sac grows outside the spine. This can cause anything from mild to severe disability, so Carly and Sonny are hoping for the best. Will Carly have her baby in September and will the child be OK?

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4. Maxie Takes Charge

Other speculation teases that Maxie may decide to start her own publication. With Peter’s encouragement, she’ll gather the start-up money she needs and publish her own fashion magazine. Afterall, Maxie was the one who taught Nina everything she knew, before Nina was put in charge of Crimson. And one of the main reasons for Crimson’s editorial and monetary success is Maxie, so she may decide to take charge of her own career and just go for it.

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3. Shiloh And Dev Alliance

GH spoilers tease that Shiloh and Dev could be connected. Viewers are speculating Dev and Shiloh knew each other in Afghanistan and that Dev isn’t a teenager at all – he’s actually in his 20s. Dev has made no secret of the fact that he is a thief, so was he the person who stole Drew’s flash drive? And could he be working for Sonny to secretly gather information on him for Shiloh?

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2. Will Shiloh Go Free?

Shiloh has been working overtime to be released from Pentonville and his main focus lately has been on Peter. Blackmail can be an effective motivator for getting people to do what you want, and Shiloh should know, as he is a master manipulator. Peter seems to have agreed to help Shiloh, but he may reconsider. So, if Shiloh’s plans with Peter fall through, will he team up with Nelle to try to escape? And will Ryan get in on the getaway?

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1. Mysterious New Character

With the news that All My Children’s Michael E. Knight (Tad The Cad) is joining the cast, speculation is running wild about who he may play. Could he play Tex, who is involved in the Afghanistan storyline with Drew and Shiloh? Or could he be brought in as Jeff Webber, to help his daughter Elizabeth through the difficult time she’s experiencing with her husband Franco? Keep watching to find out!

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