General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For August 2020

Published on July 30, 2020.

Of course, General Hospital (GH) fans are excited about August! New shows are finally starting to air next week after a couple of months of reruns. Will Nina testify against Nelle? What will the results of Wiley’s custody case be? How will Sonny handle his declining father? Will Sasha be okay, or continue to spiral? It’s hard not to speculate! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for August 2020.

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13. Nina’s Testimony

The last fans saw Nina, she walked into the courtroom with Jax by her side, ready to testify as a character witness for Nelle. Nina will testify; however, she may paint a picture of a young woman who is looking to change, but still can’t handle the full-time responsibilities around taking care of a toddler.

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12. Nelle Unleashes Her Rage

Nina won’t get nasty in her testimony against Nelle. She’ll tell the truth, and she will say some nice things about Benson, but Nelle won’t see it like that. Nelle will view Nina’s testimony as a betrayal, and she’ll completely lose it on her. She may even quit her job.

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11. Willow and Michael Get Custody

As a result of Nina’s testimony, the courts will award sole custody of Wiley to Michael and Willow. There will probably be some sort of stipulation like if Nelle continues on a positive path, she can appeal the child’s custody in six months or a year, but for the time being, Wiley will remain with Michael.

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10. Parents Bond

Expect things to heat up (ever so slightly) between Michael and Willow. They will undeniably bond over taking care of the toddler, and nothing will happen with them anytime soon, but some teases around attraction are bound to surface. They’ll be living together, taking care of a child, and getting closer. They’ll both start to see each other in a different light.

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9. Julian’s Status

Nelle losing Wiley’s custody case doesn’t mean that Julian is off the hook. Nelle will find some sort of way to ensure they stay married, and she’ll continue to blackmail him. She may even appeal the judge’s decision sooner rather than later, and she’ll need her “husband” by her side to do so. If she quits her job, she’ll need someone to support her, and with what she has on Julian, he’ll oblige. She may move in with him to keep up the charade.

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8. Nina Finds Out The Truth

Of course, it won’t be long before Nina realizes that Nelle is her daughter. During the aftermath of the entire Wiley custody case, she may notice that Nelle is holding a necklace that looks similar to hers. Nina will immediately regret her testimony, and be desperate for Nelle’s approval. She’s got a long road ahead.

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7. Nelle Rejects Her

Of course, once Nina builds up the courage to tell Nelle the truth, Benson will reject her. She’ll revel in hurting Nina, and won’t bat an eyelash in making her pay for all she has done to her. Nina had an opportunity to help Nelle with her testimony, and it will take a lot for Nelle to forgive that.

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6. Sasha Self-Destructs

Meanwhile, on the other side of Port Charles, GH fans will see Sasha spiral. As Willow and Michael get closer, Sasha may not feel better about her decision, she may feel even worse. Losing a good guy like Michael will hurt, and she’ll numb the pain by turning to drugs. Chase will try and help, but he won’t know what is going on. Sasha may end up at the hospital by the end of August in a dire situation.

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5. Sonny Let’s Go Of Mike

Sadly, Sonny will let go of Mike this month. He’ll realize that it is time, and Mike may even offer a sign to Sonny in this regard. Corinthos will go through an extensive grieving process, and thankfully he’ll have the support of his family, kids, Carly, and Jason. This storyline has been an incredible one, and unfortunately, it is time to close this chapter. Cyrus will take full advantage of a grieving Sonny, and try to pull off a major stunt in town.

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4. Valentin and ELQ

Valentin has been busy with his takeover of ELQ, and all the pieces are finally in place. Some strategizing with slim ball lawyer Martin is on the agenda for early August, so Valentin will continue to work hard to take over the Quartermaine empire so he can create a legacy of his own that is separate from the Cassadines.

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3. Maxie Learns The Truth About Peter

GH spoilers seem to hint that Maxie will learn the truth about Peter this month. It will most likely be Robert that finally unveils everything after he does some digging on Holly, and Maxie will be devasted that she’s been duped by such a massive manipulator, especially because she took such a major chance on him. She’ll try and pick up the pieces of her life, slowly but surely, with the support of her mom, Mac, Lulu, and other friends.

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2. Anna Alienates Herself From Finn and Robert

Seems as if despite what surfaces around her son, Anna may end up being “Team Peter” all the way. While there are still some lingering questions about whether or not August is her child, she’ll back up and even support Peter during his low points. This will cause a major wedge between her and Robert and could cause her to break up with Finn.

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1. Molly Ends Up Expecting

Molly’s one-night stand with Brando is sure to come back to bite her at some point, and August could be the turning point. Molly may notice that she’s “late” this coming month. She’ll debate on whether or not to tell anyone, and even wonder about whether she should come clean to T.J. about her affair. Regardless, Molly will struggle with it all, only to find out she’s expecting. But will she confess about what she’s done, or will she hope the baby is T.J.’s? She may even struggle with different options to consider regarding her condition before she tells anyone. She’ll reach out to Sam and Kristina at some point.

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