General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For February 2022

Published on February 1, 2022.

There’s a feeling in the air, and most General Hospital (GH) fans sense that the proverbial poop is about to hit the fan everywhere in Port Charles. Now that Peter knows who Bailey is, will he do something drastic? Will BLQ and Chase feel the sparks and “go with it”? Will Spencer finally see Esme’s true colors? Viewers just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for February 2022.

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12. Louise Is In Danger

Now that Peter knows where his daughter is, there’s no stopping him from completely snapping, running from the police and taking Louise in tow. He’s about to be escorted to prison, with Dante and Mac on the job, but he’ll pull out all the stops to escape and kidnap Louise.

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11. Momma Bear Maxie Will Be On His Trail

GH spoilers imply that Peter and Maxie will have one final standoff this February. August will likely succeed in kidnapping Louise, but Jones will be on his trail. She’ll know exactly where he’s gone with her child and follow him there without telling anyone. She may even accidentally run into them. This could take place at Sonny’s cabin, or somewhere out in the woods. The two will have a confrontation, during which Jones will save Louise and end Peter’s reign of terror. She could push him off a cliff or shoot him. Maxie will rid Port Charles of Peter August, for good (or for now).

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10. The Victims, The Aftermath

Peter will be desperate to escape Dante and Mac; he’ll also be desperate to kidnap Louise. This is why there will be many victims along the way for him to reach his goal. Mac will likely land in the hospital, while Dante will be slightly injured during Peter’s escape. Could Monica get hurt if she’s watching over Bailey at the Quartermaine mansion?

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9. Little Leo Gets Hurt In The Crossfire

What about little Leo? Maybe he’ll be playing with Bailey when the nanny goes to get her bottle or a fresh diaper, and Peter runs in. August would definitely shove or throw Leo aside to get to his daughter and make a quick exit. Could Olivia and Ned’s son get hurt in the crossfire of it all? What if Charlotte happens to be in the mansion (visiting Bailey) and she’s the one who gets injured? August does not want to cross Valentin any more than he has to!

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8. BLQ And Chase 

The chemistry between BLQ and Chase could be cut with a knife. These two are ready to dive into something special, but likely haven’t because Bailey’s always around. Once Peter is done away with, Louise will go home to Maxie, which will leave BLQ emotional. Chase will feel sad, too. However, while he has bonded with the baby, it’s nothing compared to Brook Lynn’s attachment. Could the two get caught up in a moment of sadness and spend the night together? Wouldn’t be such a bad moment for them (and fans) to get caught up in!

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7. Maxie And Austin Bond

Maxie and Austin are on the verge of something interesting. Once the truth comes out, Austin will have a major “a-ha” moment. He’ll understand why Jones was friends with BLQ, and he may have a new level of respect for Ms. Quartermaine. When Maxie is reunited with Louise, will she entertain the idea of a romance with the good doctor? Or, will she want to focus on her children and make up for lost time?

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6. Spencer Sees Esme’s True Colors

Spencer is soon headed to the same facility Ryan is in, which also happens to be the same one Esme volunteers at. GH spoilers reveal that Spence will soon see his girlfriend’s “true” colors. Will he overhear a conversation between Esme and Ryan? Will her connection to Chamberlain be revealed in February?

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5. Carly, Nina And Sonny

GH spoilers indicate that Sonny will do something that seals the fate of his marriage. He’s not on his meds, so this will continue to affect his behavior come February. Will he turn violent towards Carly during an argument? Could he get caught up in emotion during a conversation with Nina and cross a line? Will Carly find out about it?

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4. New Love Triangle?

GH spoilers suggest that a new love triangle might be on the horizon in Port Charles, as Sam will deal with some conflicted feelings. Added teasers imply that she’ll still be happy with Dante; however, old sparks will surface between her and Drew. Will Cain feel the same way, or will these feelings of romantic reunion be one-sided?

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3. Carly and Drew

These two will likely continue to reconnect as friends in February. It’s hard to say if friendship feelings will turn to romantic ones, but they will bond more and more this month. No one can “replace” Jason, but as her relationship with Sonny crumbles, she could use someone to talk to. Drew was a major part of Carly and Sonny’s life when he thought he was Jason, so he may step in as a support system for Carly during this hard time.

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2. Sasha Pushes Brando Away

GH spoilers reveal that Brando and Sasha will have a “defining” moment in their relationship this month. Could they break up? Brando is facing his loss and admitting he needs help with it, while Sasha seems to be in denial. Will she push her boyfriend away in light of baby Liam’s passing this February?

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1. A Relationship Is Tested

Lastly, GH spoilers imply that Elizabeth and Finn’s romance will be tested in February. They’ll try to figure out why and how Franco’s art studio was burned down, as well as what’s going on with her wedding ring. Added teasers state they’ll face a new challenge. Is Franco’s ghost communicating from the great beyond? Will he make an appearance in February?

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