General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 10 to August 21, 2020)

Published on August 11, 2020.

The very first week General Hospital (GH) aired new episodes was a success, and many questions were raised, too. Is Dante on his way back to Port Charles? Will Cyrus be stopped? Will Jason be okay after that terrible bike crash? It’s hard not to speculate! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for August 10 to August 21, 2020.

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13. Jason’s Accident

It seems pretty clear that Jason won’t be okay after the bike accident he experienced last week. GH spoilers indicate that both Carly and Sam will try to remain optimistic, but Sam will also be given some awful news in the next couple of days, so his recovery will seem like a rollercoaster ride filled with many ups and downs the week of August 10th.

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12. Could Jason Be Placed On Life Support?

It’s hard not to ignore the fact that Jason just recently placed Carly as someone who can make medical decisions for him if he was ever in the situation. Fast-forward some days, and it seems as if Carly will have some hard choices to make in the next couple of weeks. By the week of August 17th, things might look dire for Jason, and he may be put on life support with doctors giving Carly and Sam the heads up that it is “touch and go.” The ladies are getting along now, but some tension is bound to surface over all of this.

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11. Cyrus Gets Nailed

Cyrus’ name isn’t mentioned all too much in GH spoilers for the week of August 17th. Teasers seem to imply that Brando’s name will be cleared around Jason’s accident; however, could Cyrus get nailed for trying to eliminate Jason? Could Chase dig up some evidence to prove that Cyrus is behind it, thus hauling him back to jail?

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10. Mike Offers A Sign

Sonny is so preoccupied with his dad Mike right now that he may not even be able to fully focus on getting back at Cyrus for what’s happening to Jason. GH spoilers suggest that he’ll struggle with a decision, and he may start to feel guilty about taking Mike off his feeding tube. If Mike could offer up a sign to show Sonny that he did do the right thing, Corinthos could begin to have a peace of mind.

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9. Dante’s Return

It’s great seeing Dante Falconeri back on daytime screens, but how long will it take him to head back to Port Chuckles? It may take a few more weeks. While most fans would love to see him return to the little town sooner than later, his storyline is moving well right now, and the suspense around when he’ll push the button is great.

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8. Chase and Sasha Have Regrets

As Willow and Michael continue to get closer, Chase and Sasha may start to feel blue. GH spoilers indicate that Chase will begin to feel regret over his decision when he sees the happy couple in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, it seems as if Sasha will struggle with the loss of Michael, and could dig deeper into drug addiction.

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7. Thing Will Get Worse Before They Get Better

There will be a lot of drama between Friz, Nik, and Ava the week of August 10th. Franco and Nikolas will get into it, and it seems as if Ava and Liz will have a confrontation early next week. GH spoilers also suggest that Franco and Liz will be at odds in the coming days; however, there is good news on the horizon for these two!

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6. Friz Has A Realization

GH spoilers for the mid-week of August 17th imply that Elizabeth will overhear a conversation that piques her interest. Could it be between Ava and Nikolas? Regardless, by the time the weekend hits, Franco and Liz will realize something, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this has to be about what the Cassadines have been up to as of late. This will only make Liz and Franco that much closer.

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5. Valentin Reveals Himself

GH spoilers state that an emergency meeting will be called by Ned this coming week, and as the days go by, Brook Lynn will disappoint her dad. Could Quartermaine finally find out what Valentin is up to? Why else would he be so disappointed in his daughter? Valentin is sure to reveal his ELQ intentions in the coming days, or they will be revealed by Martin.

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4. Disaster At Wyndemere?

GH spoilers reveal that Nina will be headed to an event at Wyndemere late next week, and some hidden teasers could indicate that something big goes down during the event. Cryptic spoilers for the week of August 17th state that Brook Lynn will place herself in harm’s way; could she be trying to save someone from being hurt? Valentin will also try and impress Nina, could he try and do something heroic to win her back?

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3. Nina & Carly Partner Up 

GH spoilers for the week of August 17th also imply that Carly and Nina will team up. One would naturally think this is about Nelle; however, the ladies could do something to try and save the day. What if Cyrus holds everyone at the Wyndemere party hostage? Or Jerry Jax shows up and does a redo of the Metro Court situation? Could the women partner up and cause some damage?

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2. Maxie Is Expecting

GH spoilers tease that Maxie may be expecting. Sounds as if she’ll find out struggle with the idea of telling Peter, and may even evaluate options as she feels as this wouldn’t be a good time to have a baby. At the end of the day, she’ll most likely accept it all as a blessing and announce her baby news to the world (including Peter).

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1. Anna and Finn Crumbling

There seem to be some cracks on the horizon for Finn and Anna, so fans need to brace themselves. This coming week, Anna will tell Finn to let go of what’s happened in the past. Meanwhile, GH spoilers for the following week hint the two will be at odds. There’s a very good chance their wedding won’t come to be.

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