General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 17 – August 28, 2020)

Published on August 18, 2020.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Wonder what’s going to happen in Port Charles over the next two weeks? Could Friz finally see what Nik and Ava are up to? How will Peter take the news around Maxie expecting? Will Sonny be okay with the decision he’s made for Mike? It’s hard for fans to refrain from speculating! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for August 17 to August 28th.

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12. Friz Will Be Okay

Sounds as if Friz will finally learn about what Ava and Nik have been up to in the coming days. Liz will overhear something, and GH spoilers indicate she and Franco will come to a realization. Seems as if Franco is sure to kick Ava to the curb; however, will Liz be able to say goodbye to Nikolas and their special bond this easily, too?

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11. Spencer Returns?

Spencer’s name has been brought up a lot lately, and as Nikolas hopes to guilt Ava into exiting their marriage so that he can keep his hands on the Cassadine fortune, GH spoilers reveal that Nik will hope Spencer is receptive when he reaches out to him this week. Could fans see Spence return to Port Chuckles in the next two weeks? Seems like Ava would be likelier to crumble if she sees Spence disown Nik in the flesh. That is sure to tug at her heartstrings.

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10. Sasha Spirals

Sasha will continue to spiral with her drug habit in the coming weeks. Seeing Willow and Michael happy and with Wiley would make one think she’d feel better about her decision; however, she and Chase will only feel worse about it. Chase will continue to notice that she seems “off,” but something major is on the horizon that could distract him, leaving Sasha vulnerable.

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9. Wiley Goes Missing

GH spoilers indicate that Michael will make an unexpected discovery this Friday, August 21st, and by Monday’s episode, Willow, too, will come to the realization that something terrible has gone down. Will Wiley go missing? All arrows point to that idea. But who will be behind it all? Nelle for sure, but she’ll need some help.

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8. Nelle’s Plan

Obviously, Nelle will be behind it all, but she’ll need someone else to do her dirty work. GH spoilers indicate that Julian’s hands will be tied around a life-changing decision this Friday. Additionally, the spoilers for Monday, August 24th note that he will be left in a no-win situation. How does Julian play a role in Wiley’s disappearance?

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7. Julian Kidnaps The Child, Hands Him Over To Nelle

Nelle will approach Julian with a plan to kidnap Wiley, and hang his role with Brad’s lie over Jerome’s head. Julian will probably enter the Quartermaine mansion to visit Leo, but hit Wiley’s room instead. He’ll kidnap Wiley, and hand the child over to Nelle so she can skip town with her son.

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6. Chase Reaches Out To Willow

GH spoilers indicate that there is a good chance that Chase is placed on Wiley’s case. He’ll get a lead the week of August 24th, which means he may be in constant contact with both Willow and Michael throughout this storyline. Added teasers relay that Willow will receive support from someone unexpected, so does that mean that Chase will reach out if he sees she’s upset? The bond between these two still exists, and it is strong.

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5. Peter Spirals With The News

GH spoilers indicate that Maxie will announce she’s expecting this week. But how will Peter handle the news? He’ll feel confused, especially with all the lies he’s told and what he’s done as of late. With a new baby on the horizon, he’ll work harder than ever to hide what he’s done, but also to turn over a new leaf.

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4. Sam Catches Feelings For Brando?

Sam will see a softer side to Brando in the coming weeks ahead. While she’s been quick to accuse him of things, as well as being overall rude to the newcomer, does this mean that she could catch some feelings for Brando? The fact that he’s been with Molly, and her relationship with Jason, could complicate things tremendously; however, the two could have some interesting chemistry together.

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3. Saying Goodbye To Mike

GH spoilers for the week of August 24th suggest that Sonny will get a call about Mike. Plus, related teasers add that he’ll also get the confirmation he needed. Before Mike passes, he’s sure to send Sonny a solid sign that he is thankful for all he’s done, and supported his decision around unplugging the life support. The message will be read loud and clear for Sonny, and while he’ll be sad, he’ll also be grateful.

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2. Trina In Trouble?

There are quite a few GH spoilers that seem to relay Trina could be in trouble the week of August 24th. A few major ones include the fact that Portia will try to remain positive, while Curtis will feel responsible for something. Also, Joss will make a confession. Could Trina try and leave town, only telling Joss she’s left? Either way, everyone will work hard to bring the teen back home. Or could Cyrus be behind the teen going missing?

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1. Jax, Nina, & Carly (+ Valentin)

New friends Carly and Nina could be headed into dangerous territory. While GH spoilers reveal that they’ll team up in the coming days, by the time the week of August 24th rolls around, Jax will feel protective over Carly. Could this spark some jealousy from Nina? Plus, Valentin will still be looking to win Nina’s affections back. If he sees a crack between her and Jax, he’ll jump at swooping in!

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