General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 23 – September 3, 2021)

Published on August 24, 2021.

Will Chase keep up his charade now that he has the proof Austin needs? Will Willow come clean to her “hubby”? Will Maxie run into “Mike” during her Nixon Falls stay? So many questions for General Hospital (GH) fans, so few answers! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for August 23rd to September 3rd, 2021.

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12. Chase Lies To BLQ

GH spoilers for this coming week reveal that BLQ will question Chase’s motives. There’s a good chance he’ll lie to Brook Lynn about why he’s “hiding” his recovery from everyone. He may tell his friend that he wants to “surprise” Willow with one major romantic swoop. He certainly won’t say that he has an alliance with Austin, or what he’s found.

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11. Willow Fails To Come Clean To Chase

Willow will come to a decision this week, and it seems as if she’s ready to tell Chase the truth. But will she end up coming clean? There’s a good chance she tries to tell Harrison, but she’ll fail. He’ll either stop her, or circumstances will. Either way, this storyline will continue as Chase, Willow and Michael rack up those lies between each other.

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10. Ned Strikes A Deal, Austin Declines

GH spoilers indicate that Ned will try to negotiate with Austin over the coming days. Perhaps Ned is looking to strike up some sort of deal. Will the good doctor accept and move on? It seems highly unlikely, especially since Chase has found the evidence he needs to snag Austin’s rightful share of ELQ and the Quartermaine fortune.

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9. Romance In The Air Between Austin and Maxie?

Could Maxie finally move on from Peter? GH spoilers imply that Scotty Baldwin will call out Austin on his “interest” in Maxie Jones. Could a romance develop between these two? Anything is possible in the land of Port Charles. Austin needs a love interest, and Maxie could use some romance in her life. She’s been through way too much lately.

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8. Nina Confides In Maxie

Speaking of Jones, will she run into “Mike” this week? Unlike some others who have come to Nixon Falls, Maxie is Nina’s friend. It’ll be hard for her to lie to Jones, or try to “hide” Sonny. Maxie will likely see Corinthos from afar, and Nina will explain things. Reeves will confide in Maxie, and Jones will keep her secret.

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7. Maxie Gets Wrapped Up In The Jarly Wedding

Maxie will head back to Port Charles, realizing that Sonny is safer in Nixon Falls. Somehow she’ll get wrapped up in planning the Jarly wedding, and Jones might start to feel guilty about keeping this secret especially if Carly confides in her about how much she misses Sonny. Maxie will keep quiet over the next two weeks, but that doesn’t mean she won’t start to feel a bit guilty.

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6. Carly Starts To Catch Feelings For Jason

Could Carly start to catch some feelings for Jason? These two were once a “thing” back in the day, and although they’ve solely been friends over the years since, there’s always been a tease around something more between Jarly. GH spoilers suggest that some “old feelings” will arise in Carly, ones that she won’t be able to dampen. Could this be about Jason?

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5. Jax Heads To Nixon Falls (Again)

Back to Nixon Falls, GH spoilers hint that Nina will get another unwanted visitor this week. Could Jax return to the little town? He’s been all over the place as of late. While it seems as if he’s given up on Nina and their relationship, could he decide to give it one more try? Sounds like Reeves will scramble this week to keep her little “Mike” secret hidden.

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4. Nina Turns To Curtis

GH spoilers for the week of August 23rd also indicate that Nina will reach out for help in the coming days. Does she contact her good old friend, Curtis? He’s someone she can trust and is handy when it comes to investigations. There’s also a small chance she calls Ava, or even Britt.

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3. Anna Gets Involved In Drew Case

Speaking of reaching out for help, Sam will turn to Anna Devane in the coming days. Sounds like she’ll ask her WSB buddy for some assistance when it comes to looking for Drew. McCall will possibly bring Devane up to speed, and Anna will run with it not only to help save Cain but also to get the insight she needs around Peter August.

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2. They Inch Closer To The Truth

Devane, along with Sam, will inch closer and closer to the possibility that Drew Cain is very much alive. Drew may be found in the next couple of weeks, thanks to Anna and her WSB resources, although there’s also a chance he officially returns to Port Charles in September. His search needs to be dragged out a bit.

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1. Sam Begins To Keep Dante At Bay

With the idea that Drew could be alive, Sam may begin to keep Dante at bay. She may even try to avoid him over the weeks ahead. Starting a relationship with someone new, when her ex could be alive and on his way home, will have Sam starting to feel conflicted about what the future may hold. Could she be up for a potential reunion?

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