General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (August 24 – September 4, 2020)

Published on August 25, 2020.

As the summer winds down, and fall is on the horizon, things will continue to heat up in the land of Port Charles! With Wiley’s kidnapping, will Julian make the right decision? Will Nelle get away with her plan? Will Brook Lynn survive? It’s hard not to speculate on what will happen next! As such, check out the General Hospital (GH) plotline predictions for August 24 to September 4, 2020.

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12. Julian’s Decision

Most fans want him to simply shoot Nelle, and then return Wiley to Michael and Willow; however, that will unlikely happen. GH spoilers hint that Jerome will feel as if he’s in a no-win situation the week of August 24th. He’ll fight Benson on kidnapping Wiley, but in the end, he’ll pass the child onto her and she’ll go on the run with him. He may even choose to go on the run with them (or be forced into it).

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11. Brook Lynn’s Condition

Brook Lynn is the only one that knows the truth and can bring down Benson and Julian. With that said, she’ll most likely fight for her life this week and the next. There is no hope that Brook will wake up anytime soon, but she will eventually; this character is sure to live, but her being “touch and go” just helps to keep the suspense going.

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10. Willow and Chase

Willow and Michael will be losing their minds this week and next. GH spoilers hint that Willow gets support from an unlikely source, and with Chase probably working on the case, could these two get a little closer during this hard time? Harrison is sure to be in constant contact with the couple regarding updates. He may even lend an ear and helping hand to Willow when she needs it.

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9. Chase’s Regret

Chase has regretted his fake affair with Sasha for a while now. When Michael and Willow gained custody of Wiley, he seemed to feel a bit better about what he did, but GH spoilers for the week indicate that Harrison will feel its time to come clean about something. Could he want to tell Willow (and Michael) the truth? After all, this whole thing would not have spiraled the way it did if Willow and Michael didn’t get hitched. Maybe he feels partly responsible?

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8. Dante’s Return To Port Charles

Dante’s comeback seems to be inching closer and closer. While Olivia and Ned will have their hands full this week stressing over Brook Lynn, next week, Olivia will start to worry about Dante. GH spoilers hint that Robert will make a promise to Olivia, so could that be about her son officially returning to the little town?

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7. Olivia and Robert

Something seems to be going on between these two, but one has to wonder if it is just friendship, mutual interest in Dante, or something more? GH spoilers tease that Ned will put forth an effort that gets rejected. Could this be that he makes a “move” on Olivia for some love, and she turns away? Could this be the beginning of the end for Ned and Olivia?

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6. Sonny and Mike

Sonny and Jason will undeniably get involved in bringing little Wiley home, but Sonny may also be preoccupied with his dad in the coming weeks. According to GH spoilers for the week of August 31, Sonny will plan a special day, so this may have to do with Mike. After all, if he gives Corinthos a sign about something he’d like to see or be a part of during his final days, Sonny will make it happen.

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5. Nina Gets Closer

GH spoilers for the week of August 31st reveal that Nina will get that much closer to the truth. Could it be that she spots the other half of her necklace within Nelle’s belongings at work? Could the jeweler come back to her and place the location of the other necklace to Port Charles, or the area Benson came from?

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4. Spinelli Nabs Peter

Spinelli is fully on to Peter and knows he has to come up with a plan to trap him. He’ll come up with a good idea in the coming days, and fans shouldn’t be surprised if Peter gets nabbed by the following weekend. It may even be the weekend cliffhanger for Friday, September 4th.

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3. Robert’s Warning

While Spinelli places his plan in motion, Robert will be kept in the loop. These two are in it to win it, and before they get the dirt on Peter, GH spoilers reveal that Robert will offer up a chilling remark to Anna that will have her a tad shaken. She’ll also get a phone call that disturbs her. Could she worry that Peter’s time is coming up, too? No one knows Robert better than Devane. Could she do something to jeopardize Spinelli and Scorpio’s plan in the end?

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2. Peter and Maxie

These two will continue to live in (fake) romantic bliss. Maxie will be over-the-moon that Peter is onboard with the new baby, and her reservations around balancing work, love, and kids will finally be put to ease. It’ll be the calm before the storm between these two … before the truth finally comes out.

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1. Neil and Alexis Officially Call It Quits

While GH spoilers tease that Neil and Alexis will reconnect the week of August 31st, seems as if within a day of this, Davis will be left heartbroken. Do the two decide to call it quits for good, and merely spend one last night together? Alexis has been so unlucky in love as of late!

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