General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (December 20 – 31, 2021)

Published on December 21, 2021.

What will come out of Nina’s court hearing? Will Reeves suffer any major consequences? Will any truths come out from the trial? What about Peter August? Will he survive the holiday season, or finally meet his demise? General Hospital (GH) fans just love speculating on storylines. As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for December 20th to 31st, 2021.

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13. Nina’s Trial Is Underway

The next two weeks will be all about Nina Reeves and her trial. Sounds like Scotty Baldwin will be anxious about the proceedings, which isn’t a good sign. But even though it is the holiday season, the trial won’t only unfold, it’ll also wrap up by New Year’s Eve 2021. That was fast!

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12. A Witness Hits The Stand

GH spoilers imply that a witness will hit the stand during the week of December 27th. Added teasers note that Sonny will have to explain himself, as the days go by. This could mean a couple of things. Either Corinthos himself will take the stand and reprieve Nina of any implications around keeping his identity a secret, or the truth around their affair could come out!

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11. Could Nina Serve Jail Time?

If Sonny takes the stand and tries to cover up or excuse Nina’s behavior, he’ll have a ton of explaining to do with both Michael and Carly. However, what if someone else takes the stand and reveals information that will not only implicate Reeves, but also cause Corinthos to scramble with his family? Could Nina serve jail time right before 2022 hits? There’s a good chance this could happen.

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10. Willow’s Guilt

As Willow knows what really went on between Nina and Sonny, she’ll likely feel guilty as the next two weeks carry on. It’s not her fault, but she should come clean to Michael. If Sonny says something or tries to “protect” Nina on the stand, this could eat Willow up inside. She’s not to blame, but she’ll hate being “in the know” especially if Michael is sent reeling over his dad’s actions.

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9. Will Peter Live To See Another Day?

Not much was mentioned about Peter last week, and the next two weeks will be all about the holiday season in Port Charles. Could August figure out a way to slip out of the hospital? As he continues to fight for his life, everyone would be far too busy and focused on Christmas and New Year’s to notice him plotting. He may even “fake” being unconscious.

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8. Peter Learns The Truth

Before (or as) he tries to escape the hospital, what if Peter overhears a conversation between BLQ and Maxie? Maybe he’ll hear something between Brook Lynn and Chase? Regardless, August could escape the authorities and learn that Louise is actually Bailey, and Maxie has known all along. This is when BLQ, Chase and Maxie should worry about the baby’s safety, but they won’t, because they will not know that Peter knows.

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7. Feel-Good Holiday Moments

The beauty of this time of year is seeing some feel-good holiday moments between characters that fans love. From Carly and Sonny’s clan to the Quartermaines and Alexis, there will be plenty of families gathering for Christmas. With Jason gone, there will also likely be many within the land of Port Charles missing this important character. Will there be scenes between Jake and Danny missing their dad?
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6. A Moment Between BLQ and Ned

GH spoilers for the week of December 27th promise a special moment between BLQ and Ned, in which he apologizes to his daughter. This will mean the world to Brook Lynn, but considering all the lies she’s currently telling her dad, will this also stir up a little guilt within her? She’s lying to keep Louise safe, but will Ned be understanding of this once the truth comes out?

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5. New Year’s Eve At The Savoy

GH spoilers also note that many will gather at the Savoy to ring in the new year. Will fans be privy to any unexpected hook-ups or lip-locks once midnight hits? Chase and BLQ seem to be teetering in that direction. Could Spencer forget that Esme exists for a moment, and give his New Year’s kiss to Trina? What about Maxie and Drew, or possibly Britt and Austin? Could either of these couples experience some holiday magic together?

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4. Drew’s Love Life

Speaking of Drew, he’ll run into Liz this week, as GH spoilers note that these two exes could see sparks flying. Cain’s return has been an interesting one. While things were well over between him and Liz before his so-called passing, there’s a chance that these exes could feel something again. Then there were some sparks between him and Maxie. Meanwhile, a reunion between him and Sam doesn’t seem at all far-fetched. Will fans get a clear-cut indication of who Drew may enter into a romance with come 2022, now that he’s back in the land of the living?

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3. Joss’s Change Of Heart

Josslyn and Cam will get interrupted once again this week, and as the week of December 27th hits, the young lady will change her mind on some plans that she and Cameron had. Does this have to do with their relationship, or possibly the weekend getaway they were supposed to have with Esme and Spencer?

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2. Laura Tries To Fix Things… But Can She?

GH spoilers hint that Laura and Spencer will reunite this week. With that said, she’ll try to “talk some sense” into him during the week of December 27th. Will she encourage Spence to dump Esme and start a new chapter of his love life in Port Charles? Will she possibly suggest mending fences with his dad before 2022 hits? Her family is in shambles, but can Laura fix things between her son and grandson during the holiday season?

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1. Romance At The Hospital?

Marshall will start volunteering at the hospital during the week of December 20th. Sounds like he and Epiphany will cross paths, as GH spoilers for the week of December 27th reveal that he’ll make her an offer. Is this about volunteering, or possibly a date? Are these two headed for a romance, or will he offer to head up a volunteering initiative at the hospital?

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