General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (January 3 – 14, 2022)

Published on January 4, 2022.

What devastating news will strike this week and how will it affect the residents of Port Charles? What will Carly confide to Drew? How will Finn and Elizabeth fare on their first date? General Hospital (GH) fans just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for January 3rd to 14th, 2022.

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12. Brace Yourselves, Port Charles!

GH spoilers for the week of January 3rd state that some disastrous news is set to hit the little town. Could this be about Peter August? Has he escaped? Gone missing? The teasers compare this to the passings of Jason and Liam. So is there a character who is set to meet their maker soon? And if so, who could it be?

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11. Felicia’s Return Could Offer Some Hints

Could Mac get shot during some police business? Perhaps he’ll suffer from a medical emergency of sorts? Regardless, Felicia has returned to storylines and is in the GH spoilers for the next two weeks. Mr. Scorpio will make a promise to someone in the days ahead, and then “bad news” will strike the little town. Mac isn’t in any of the teasers moving forward, which may mean this disastrous news has to do with him. Mac having an illness or potentially passing away would affect many Port Charles residents.

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10. Ryan Escapes

Then again, Felicia’s return to GH’s canvas could have to do with Ryan Chamberlain. They have quite the history. Sure, he’s “out of it” right now, but most fans know that he’s not entirely “out of it”. Perhaps he’ll get help from Esme? Maybe he’s the one who possibly attacks Mac, landing Scorpio in the hospital?

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9. Cabin Getaway Time!

The teens of Port Charles will head out to the cabin for their getaway during the week of January 10th. In the land of soaps, this spells out danger. If Peter (or Ryan) does escape, could he head towards that area? Josslyn would certainly be a target, as well as Spencer and Cameron. Trina should be concerned, too, especially if it’s Ryan. Esme might want to hide somewhere, if Peter is the culprit.

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8. Carly Confides In Drew

Meanwhile, GH spoilers for this week suggest that Carly will confess something to Drew. It’s likely that she’ll state that Jason’s passing was her fault. She may even tell Cain that she truly loved his twin as more than just BFFs. Regardless, this “confession” could help strengthen the once-strong bond between Carly and Drew. Maybe it’ll lead to more?

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7. Who Will Drew Navigate Towards?

Carly and Drew sharing a scene together must make some GH fans wonder if the show could be gearing up for a possible romance between them. This is especially the case now that Mrs. Corinthos just found out about Sonny’s secret Nixon Falls relationship with Nina. It seems as if GH is testing the waters with many different romantic options for Drew. From Sam to Maxie and now Carly, it’ll be interesting to see who Cain fits with best over the weeks ahead.

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6. Carly and Sonny Talk About The Future

By the time the weekend hits, Carly and Sonny will talk about their future. Will these two decide to go on a break, or break it off completely? Mrs. Corinthos feels quite betrayed about what her husband has been hiding. Adding in the fact that he recently admitted to Dante that he still has feelings for Nina, it may be very difficult for “CarSon” to come back together. Will he move out of the house for a little while? Surely there’s a home on the compound where he can stay if they simply need some time apart.

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5. More Friction Between Nina and Sonny

This week’s GH preview video hints that there will be more friction between Sonny and Nina in the weeks ahead. A scene shows him drinking when he announces, “Hi honey, I’m home,” to a worried and teary-eyed Reeves. Could “CarSon” officially break up? If so, would Sonny turn to Nina, or is she simply a “punching bag” to vent and let out his frustrations on?

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4. Liz And Finn’s First Date

Elizabeth and Finn will decide to officially head out on a first date this week, so how will it go? It’ll likely be one disaster after another, although nothing major — probably burnt food at the restaurant, a broken high heel as they try to walk through the park, and a snowstorm that may leave their car stuck. Stuff like that. Liz may likely think that each bad incident is an “omen” that they shouldn’t have gone out; however, as they face each obstacle head-on, Finn will remind her that “stuff happens” in life, and that they make a great pair.

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3. The Real Question…

The real storyline speculation on Finn and Liz’s first date is whether they’ll take that “next step” after their date. They’ve been dancing around a romance for a while now, so will they decide to end the night on a high note? While it’s likely that “most fans” want to see them get intimate, Liz and Finn will probably share a passionate kiss and a promise that they’ll do this again sometime.

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2. Britt And Austin

Britt and Austin are once again in GH spoilers over the next two weeks. Will Austin gear away from Maxie Jones and navigate towards Britt Westbourne? As they are both doctors, they have way more in common, and there seems to be more of a spark between Austin and Britt, versus Austin and Jones.

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1. Curtis’ World

Curtis will decide to hear Marshall out during the week of January 10th. His bio dad doesn’t seem all that bad, so could this mean these two are inching closer to a relationship in 2022? Marshall is seemingly setting down roots in Port Charles, so growing a bond with Curtis would certainly help solidify this.

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