General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (June 21 – July 2, 2021)

Published on June 22, 2021.

Will Chase be saved, or is it too late? Will “Mike” pay Nina a visit in Port Charles? Can Carly push her mob power trip aside to let Jason take the reins? So many questions, so few answers in the land of General Hospital (GH)! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for June 21 to July 2, 2021.

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12. Chase Will Survive

Doctors will be able to revive Chase, and Finn will give him the antidote as soon as they get a heart rate going. Maybe they’ll give him the antidote, which helps to bring him back to life. While it would be tragic for the cop to pass away, there would be so much more drama that would unfold if he lived. The Finn/Gregory “who’s your daddy” storyline would finally be put to rest, and the entire family could now officially move on. Plus, Willow would be a married woman who couldn’t easily get an annulment. This would complicate things for her and Michael.

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11. This Will Get Awkward

Chase will live, and then he’ll have to recover. There’s no way Willow can storm into his hospital room after he’s been given a positive prognosis and say, “well, here’s the thing about our wedding…”. Things will get sticky over the next two weeks, as Millow continue to keep their real relationship under wraps, and Chase gets better.

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10. Chase Will Feel Better, Too

He’s been too weak for canoodling or kissing, so as Chase gets better, he’ll get stronger too. This means he’ll be up for a hug and kiss, here and there. Willow, being the sweet person she is, will try to appease him as much as possible. She may be up for a kiss on the cheek or peck on the mouth, but will she be down for a make-out session? Most likely not. How will she be able to explain “pulling away” from Chase when he reaches in for a “real” kiss?

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9. Nina Struggles

Nina will struggle with keeping “Mike” a secret from those who love him. She’ll run into Michael at the cemetery this week, and will also have a “catch up” session with Ava. Reeves could see Avery too, and the little girl may tell her mom’s friend how much she misses her daddy. Nina will reel with guilt over the next two weeks. She may decide it’s time to head back to Nixon Falls. She could feel as if she’s not strong enough to tell the Corinthos clan the truth, and she might also miss “Mike”.

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8. “Mike” Pays Her A Visit

Before Nina has the opportunity to head back to Nixon Falls, “Mike” will decide to make a bold move. He’ll head down to Port Charles himself to declare his feelings for Reeves. Will anyone notice him? “Mike” will likely head down on a sunny day. He’ll wear sunglasses and a baseball hat, not thinking anything of it. He won’t be noticed; however, Nina will jump out of her body when she realizes that Sonny has returned to town. There will be touch-and-go moments while he’s in Port Chuckles, of “almost” being seen. Nina will take him back to Nixon Falls, and the two will solidify their romance.

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7. Dynamics Between Carly and Jason

Looks like the dynamics between Carly and Jason will change over the weeks ahead. Carly had a taste of mob boss power, and she liked it. With Jason at the helm of things, she’ll feel as if she’s been brushed aside a tad. After all, she stepped up when the organization needed her the most, and now she’s being fluffed off?

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6. Carly Will Dig, Jason Will Remain Silent

Carly will want to know exactly what Jason is up to, as it concerns the Corinthos family business, and he’ll want her to have as little information as possible to keep her safe. The power struggle will be real between these two, but Jason is doing it for all the right reasons, while Carly is (once again) allowing her ego to get in the way.

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5. Jason Wants To Keep Sonny’s Family “Safe”

Jason probably feels that he owes Sonny this. Stone Cold is not power-hungry and has never minded playing second-fiddle to Sonny in the past. Jason merely wants to keep Sonny’s family safe. He knows Sonny wouldn’t want Michael in the business, or for Carly, Joss, Avery and Donna to be caught in the crossfire. The less Carly has to do with the business, the better. His focus will be protecting Sonny’s family.

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4. Things Continue To Heat Up Between Britt and Jason

Both Britt and Jason have made it crystal clear that what happened in Canada doesn’t have to stay in Canada. The two will run into each other at the gym this week. Could sparks fly between these two in the changing room? Perhaps they decide to work out and then spend time together afterward (wink, wink).

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3. Anna and Valentin

Speaking of sparks flying, something along the same lines could go down between Anna and Valentin over the next two weeks. Dante will provide an update on what he found in Pautuck, and when Jordan fills Devane in, it sounds as if she and Cassadine may decide to team up to find Peter and Baby Louise. Little do they know, the infant is right under their noses! Technically, so is August… if they are in the hospital that is!

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2. Stranded In The Best Way

GH spoilers for the week of June 28th note that Anna and Valentin will be stranded. There’s nothing like being in a dire situation to bring the romance out for two people who are on the fence! Valentin adores Anna; he always has. Could this circumstance have these two finally sharing a kiss – or more?

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1. Who Is Dr. Austin?

Fans have yet to hear his last name, so will Dr. Austin’s background finally be revealed in the next couple of weeks. Do any other viewers believe he’s a Quartermaine? He seems mighty obsessed with the family as of late. Could he interrupt the emergency ELQ meeting in the coming days? Could he be announced as the hospital’s new chairperson? The opportunities are endless for this character!

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