General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (September 28 – October 9, 2020)

Published on September 28, 2020.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Things are about to heat up in the land of Port Charles! Will there be drama during homecoming this week? What do Jason and Sonny have in store for Cyrus? Will Ned and Alexis cross a line in the coming days? It’s hard not to speculate! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for September 28 to October 9, 2020.

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12. Jason and Sonny’s Plan

Jason and Sonny will concoct a plan to get rid of Cyrus in the coming weeks. Could they decide that Jason should simply shoot Renault? After all, planting an explosion always seems to end up hurting the wrong people. Stone Cold is the best at what he does, so with that said, the next couple of weeks will be dedicated to finding a “right place, right time” scenario for Jason to finally get rid of Cyrus.

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11. Lulu Gets Caught Up In It

GH spoilers hint that Lulu will be focused on exposing Cyrus for the slimeball he is in the coming weeks. She’ll start working on her story; however, is she in over her head? Could she (accidentally) get caught up in the plan that Sonny and Jason for Renault? Could she get hurt? Another big one is that she gets kidnapped by one of his goons.

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10. Homecoming Drama

The four teens in Port Charles are sure to be excited about what’s to come for homecoming, so you know there will be plenty of drama. With Dev liking Joss, who likes her BFF’s crush Cameron, and Cam liking both ladies, there’s going to be massive tension between the four. Still, some sparks may fly between Joss and Cam.

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9. Joss Has A Plan

GH spoilers suggest that Joss will come up with a plan that gets derailed the week of October 5th. Plus, Cameron will feel conflicted about something. Could Josslyn feel some chemistry between her and Cam at homecoming, and scheme up a plot to get some alone time with him? Could it be “derailed” when Dev or Trina (or both) show up?

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8. Alexis and Ned

These two exes are set to share some drinks this week and reminisce about their past. They are sure to cross a line! Especially with how vulnerable Alexis is, and how bitter Ned feels right now. With that said, the truth will come out about what Olivia was up to and she’ll return to Port Charles the week of October 5th. There will be some awkwardness that Olivia won’t be able to catch on to.

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7. Brook Lynn Tries To Find Another Way

GH spoilers tease that Brook Lynn will confess to Olivia about what she did. Olivia won’t be too pleased, but she’s sure to forgive her. In other BLQ spoilers, Brook Lynn will see a new opportunity. With her vocal career in limbo, could she decide to pursue a career on the other side of things? Maybe get into production or become an agent? This is what her mom dabbled in, so maybe this could give her a new lease on life.

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6. Wiley’s Adoption

With Nelle seemingly gone from the Port Charles picture, this opens up a huge door for Willow to adopt Wiley. She may teeter back and forth, but the week of October 5th, she’ll jump into the entire thing, and tell Michael to have papers drawn up. They’ll make their family official.

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5. Dante’s Returning

There have been hints around whether Dante would return to Port Charles, and he is sure to make his way to the little town by next week. Lulu is set to ask Dustin to move in, and her boyfriend will have his boxes in the house just as her ex decides to come back. It’s always the way in soap opera land.

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4. New Couple Alert?

Could Sasha and Valentin become a thing? They have gotten “friendlier” as of late. GH spoilers hint that Sasha will turn to Cassadine for help. Does reach out about her problem? Could this budding friendship become a little more? There’s no way that she’ll go back to Michael; there’s also no way that she and Chase could be more than “just friends” at this point.

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3. Nik and Ava

Seems as if Ava and Nik will continue to be duped around the photo scandal. Will they pay up? Ava may; however, Nikolas may be in denial. He’s got an ego on him, and he might be hesitant on parting with his money. He could fight it every step of the way, which will leave Franco and Liz scrambling.

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2. Carly and Jax

Carly has told Sonny and Jason the truth about Nelle, but will Jax get around to informing Nina? Carly may feel guilty about not keeping her friend in the loop when nearly everyone is. Nina and Carly will be getting a little closer this week, so fans should expect Carly to (quietly) agonize over not telling her friend the truth.

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1. Molly Tries To Break Up A Bromance

GH spoilers tease that Molly will advise TJ to focus on their future. This isn’t like Molly, and she could be trying to slowly, but surely, break up the budding bromance between Brando and her partner. She’s reeling from guilt; plus, she doesn’t want the truth to come out. Molly will certainly do all she can to split these two up. It’s just too awkward for her.

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