General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (September 6 – 17, 2021)

Published on September 7, 2021.

Something in the air is making viewers feel as though “Mike” will learn who he really is over the next two weeks! Will Jax persuade Nina into telling her love the truth? Plus, will Drew finally make it home? General Hospital (GH) fans love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for September 6th to September 17th, 2021.

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12. Sonny’s Return

The next two weeks will be all about “Mike”, as well as Jason and Carly’s wedding. Most fans feel as though Sonny will either crash the event before the “I do’s”, or watch it happen from afar. The biggest question is, will “Mike” regain his memories when/if he sees these two at the altar, or will Carly see her thought-to-be deceased husband in horror? How will this all unfold?

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11. Jax Confronts Nina

It’s hard to say exactly how things will unfold, but the drama is heating up! As Carly and Jason prepare for their big day in Port Chuckles, it sounds like Jax will be headed to Nixon Falls this week. He will confront Nina and see “Mike” for himself. There’s a good chance that Jax will try to convince Reeves to bring Sonny back to the little town and expose the truth. But will she comply?

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10. Jax Uses Every Trick In The Book

Sounds like Jax will use every trick in the book to get Nina to tell “Mike” the truth and return to Port Charles. He may even threaten her. But will Reeves give up her “happily ever after” in Nixon Falls that easily? Nina knows she needs to tell Sonny the truth, and Jax will help reinforce that coming clean is what’s best for everyone involved. Nina will try to reason with her ex.

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9. Jax Buckles

The two may come to a compromise. Nina may agree to “help” bring Sonny back to Port Charles, but she might not want to be the one to tell “Mike” the truth. Jax may buckle and agree to be the one to expose Sonny and leave Nina out of things. GH spoilers for the week of September 13th imply that a plot could jeopardize Carly and Jason’s wedding. This could be Jax, exposing that Sonny is alive, or this might also have to do with Cyrus and the Five Families.

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8. A Little Of Both

In typical GH style, Jax might be planning to expose Sonny and stop Carly’s wedding, while Cyrus plots to “stop” the ceremony, too. With both schemes at play, fans could be on the edge of their seats. Could a shooting be planned, or an explosion? If Sonny’s in the mix, could he unknowingly “save” Carly or Jason (or both). This would catch either of them off guard on so many different levels!

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7. Jason and Carly Solidify Their Relationship

What if the wedding is stopped by Sonny? He returns, sees Jason and Carly, and remembers all. He stops them from getting married, as he realizes they did this to save the Corinthos mob business. There’s a good chance he doesn’t get jealous for a moment because he’s secure in his relationship with both Carly and Jason. The true plot twist in all of this is that Jason and Carly might sleep together in the next couple of weeks, leading up to the wedding. This would be a secret they keep between them, which would essentially haunt the two when Sonny returns.

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6. Nikolas’s Delivery

GH spoilers for the week of September 6th imply that Nikolas will get another unexpected delivery. As the days go by, he’ll be given a painful lesson. Will Esme be behind this new and “unexpected” delivery? Could the contents of the package end up causing injury to Nik? Will Spencer run to his father’s side?

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5. The Cassadines Bond

GH spoilers for the week of September 13th note that Nik and Spencer will bond over a common enemy. Could they figure out that Esme was behind the latest “message”? Will they discover a connection between Esme and Ryan? If Nik gets hurt, Spencer might not appreciate Esme crossing the line. Will tragedy bring this father and son together? Maybe Victor is behind it all?

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4. What’s Victor Cassadine Really Up To?

Soap legend Charles Shaughnessy finally debuted on GH as Victor Cassadine last week. It was completely unexpected — especially his link to Liesl! What is Cassadine up to? He likely has storyline ties to Peter, and is the reason Drew is locked up. Will Obrecht escape his clutches? Probably not in the next couple of weeks!

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3. Concern Over Leo

There’s a good chance Leo will take center stage in storylines over the next couple of weeks. GH spoilers for the week of September 6th indicate that Ned will worry over Leo. During the week of September 13th, he’ll try to have a hard conversation with Olivia. Could this be about her son? Does anyone else think that the little boy may have autism?

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2. Maxie Wants Her Baby Back

Maxie will be quite busy with Jason and Carly’s wedding over the next two weeks; however, she’ll still have Baby Louise on the brain. GH spoilers for the week of September 13th state that she and BLQ will clash over the child’s future. Could Maxie want her baby back, while Brook Lynn’s not ready to give the little one up?

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1. BLQ Attached?

It’s no secret that BLQ is attached to the baby; however, does she want to keep the little one because of love, or as a trump card over Valentin? Austin is zeroing in on ELQ and seems to be getting rather chummy with Cassadine. Brook Lynn may not want to lose the advantage she has over her “baby daddy” by exposing the truth about BLQ 2.0.

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