General Hospital: Spoilers For August 2022

Published on July 28, 2022.

August is the last month of summer in Port Charles, so what should General Hospital (GH) fans expect to see unfold during the next four weeks? Carly’s world may be turned upside down, while a fan-favorite is set to return. Plus, Maxie will find out something interesting about Austin. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for August 2022.

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12. Will Carly Go Out Of Town?

Actress Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) recently tested positive and is resting at home, in compliance with the network’s health protocols. So, does this mean that Port Charles’s favorite blonde will head out of town for a little bit, as Ms. Wright recuperates? Then again, the soap could recast the role temporarily, as they did for the character of Michael when actor Chad Duell was diagnosed with the illness.

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11. This May Not Affect Things…

Ms. Wright provided updates via Twitter, letting fans know that while she felt bad at one point, she’s starting to feel better. She also revealed that GH was on a “break” during her diagnosis, and she should be okay when filming resumes. Given the fortuitous timing, it’s unlikely that Carly will be off-screen or recast.

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10. Kristina’s Comeback

Actress Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina Corinthos) posted a return to GH on her social media in late June. With the way filming schedules work well ahead of broadcasting, her comeback to Port Charles could very well land sometime in August. What will bring Ms. Corinthos back to the canvas? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

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9. Austin’s Past…

GH spoilers for early August reveal that Maxie will get information about Austin’s past. This couple’s storyline is currently heating up, so will we learn more information about the mystery woman who wants the good doctor to “return” to the fold? Is this Austin’s mother? Is it possible that he was once part of a cult?

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8. Trina’s Trial

GH spoilers for August seem to hint that Trina’s trial will continue to drag on, with plenty of ups and downs. While Curtis and Jordan will be working overtime to help clear the young lady’s name (or at the very least, cast a shadow of doubt in her case), the trial will likely wrap up at some point this month.


7. Innocent Or Guilty?

It’s hard to believe that Trina will be found guilty of these charges. Especially with so many Port Charles heroes and heroines (plus, some suspicious folks) working to help the young lady. She will likely be found innocent, but does that mean Esme could face her downfall in the process? Ms. Prince’s storyline is too intriguing to end with prison, so she’ll probably find a way to get off scot-free after Trina is found to be innocent.

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Carolyn Hennesy

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6. The One-Night Stand Secret

There’s a load of GH spoilers suggesting that the one-night stand between Esme and Nikolas will explode in August. The only silver-lining around any of this is that Spencer lost feelings for his girlfriend a while ago. Still, there’s no telling what the truth might do to Nik’s relationship with Ava!

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5. Willow’s Condition

GH spoilers for early August imply that Willow will soon learn there’s more going on in her body than just growing a baby. TJ will have some results from testing, and Ms. Tate will also pay Britt and Terry a visit to find out more about her condition. Could her health issues affect the baby? Maybe, but it will likelier result in Willow needing a transplant, bone marrow, or blood from a parent (cough, cough… her mother).

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4. Carly’s Moral Dilemma

Carly “promised” Harmony she’d keep Willow’s bio mom secret, but if Willow or her grandchild’s life is at stake, will the former Mrs. Corinthos spill the beans? Carly will likely have a major moral dilemma to face in August: either tell everyone the truth about Nina and Willow (and look like the bad guy for keeping this a secret), or watch Willow’s health deteriorate, which could place her grandchild in dire circumstances. What will Carly decide to do?

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3. Cody and Britt

Cody and Britt are currently like oil and water — the two aren’t mixing at all. But often, this is what makes the best daytime drama super couples! GH spoilers for August hint at more of the same banter between these two, so when will the good doctor warm up to Cody’s antics? Probably by the end of the month!

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2. Brad Taking A Break?

Speaking of Britt, her BFF Brad may not be onscreen much during the month of August. Actor Parry Shen (Brad) recently recovered from surgery for an oral issue that could affect his speech and diction. Talking properly is vital for any actor or actress, so it’s a no-brainer why he needed to do this. Regardless, here’s hoping he feels better soon!

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1. Elizabeth Remembers Something

GH spoilers for early August state that something will occur which triggers a memory for Elizabeth. Added teasers hint this may provide insight into Ms. Webber’s recent behavior. Will this have to do with her parents? Their names have been mentioned quite a bit as of late! Will fans see Carolyn and Jeff Webber return to Port Chuckles in August?

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