General Hospital: Spoilers For March 2022

Published on February 28, 2022.

As Port Charles says goodbye to February and hello to March, what should General Hospital (GH) fans expect over the month ahead? A new danger will creep up, while an actress returns to the show. Plus, a new alliance could be forming. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for March 2022.

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12. A Threat On The Horizon

GH spoilers for early March suggest that Anna will get a mysterious call from an unknown person. As the days progress, added teasers indicate that Devane will warn Drew about an impending danger on the horizon. Sounds like as storylines gear away from Peter, a new threat to Port Charles may arise.

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11. Victor’s Plan

Could the threat that Anna is warning Drew about be Victor? There have been many snags in his plan as of late, but more information seems to be unfolding. Cassadine is undeniably a threat, but could someone inform Anna about what he’s up to and how the Ice Princess may be involved? Could Cassadine have plans to take over the world, as he once did with his brothers Mikkos and Tony? It sounds as if this story will further unfold in March.

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10. An Alliance Is Formed?

Despite Laura’s warnings, GH spoilers hint that the Port Charles mayor will see Victor and Ava chatting in early March. Could Nikolas’ uncle recruit Ms. Jerome to help him execute his master plan? Would Ava be willing to be that sinister? Regardless, with Laura in the loop, she may just call these two out.

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9. Sofia Returns

GH fans saw a new face to Sasha Gilmore in February, when actress Sofia Mattsson stepped away from her role and was replaced by her sister Helena Mattsson. According to the show’s spoilers, this recast is a temporary one. The reason for Sofia’s absence was not revealed; however, Helena will only be participating in a few episodes and scenes. This means viewers can expect to see Sofia back in the land of Port Charles, sometime in March.

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8. Nina And Willow

It’s hard not to speculate that Nina may get involved in Willow’s birth certificate storyline. Harmony recently revealed that Willow is not her biological daughter. While she did name a woman called “Joan” as Willow’s mother, many viewers in the past once believed that Nina’s long-lost daughter was the young lady. However, it was noted that Nelle was the baby taken from Ms. Reeves so long ago.

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7. Conflict Causes Red Flags

One of the reasons many fans believed that Willow was Nina’s bio daughter was because of the conflict the two women had when she was Charlotte’s teacher, and Reeves was the girl’s pseudo stepmom. GH spoilers suggest that Nina and Willow will have a heated confrontation in early March. Could this encounter usher in a conflict between the women once the truth is revealed? Will this happen in March? Could Willow not only be Nina’s daughter but Nelle’s twin sister, too?

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6. Curtis And Portia Face A New Obstacle

GH spoilers suggest that Curtis and Portia will face an obstacle in their relationship very soon. Could this be due to Marshall’s past or something else? Since Jordan left town, the couple has gotten quite close. If Curtis’ ex returns to the little town, could her comeback create confusing feelings for Mr. Ashford?

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5. Will Jordan Return?

With TJ hinting to Molly that his mother’s recovery is going very well, many GH fans have wondered if Jordan’s return will happen sooner rather than later. Spoilers for early March state that both Curtis and Portia will be caught off guard by something. If Jordan returns without warning, the couple would be stunned to unexpectedly run into her!

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4. The New Jordan

Actress Tanisha Harper has signed on to play the role of Jordan Ashford. Previously, Briana Nicole Henry was recast in the role when OG Jordan, Vinessa Antoine, left the soap in 2018. While there had been buzz that actress Karla Mosley (ex-Maya Avant from The Bold and the Beautiful) was ready to step into the role, Tanisha Harper’s first scenes will air in March.

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3. Could Jordan’s Return Be Their Obstacle?

Jordan was unconscious when Portia made a confession about not telling Trina the truth about her dad. It’s been known for a while now that Taggert is Trina’s biological father, so what exactly did Portia mean? If Jordan recalls the conversation and returns to talk about it, could she be the “obstacle” that places a wedge in Curtis and Portia’s relationship?

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2. Elizabeth’s Plight

GH spoilers for early March reveal that it’ll be more of the same for Elizabeth and the odd occurrences that are happening in her life. Another strange incident will occur, and this one will rock Liz to her core. The good news is that it does seem as if she’ll get some answers to the many questions she has.

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1. Help Is On The Way!

GH spoilers for early March note that Dante and Sam will swing in to help Liz with her predicament. Sam is an incredible investigator and Dante is an amazing WSB agent and cop. If anyone can get to the bottom of things, it’s them! Added teasers note that an unexpected visitor will shed some light on recent events for both Finn and Elizabeth. Will Betsy Frank return, or will ghost Franco come back to provide some higher insight to the couple? Only time will tell!

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