General Hospital: Spoilers For November 2021

Published on October 28, 2021.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for General Hospital (GH) fans: November sweeps! What should fans expect to see in the land of Port Charles over the next month? Sonny struggles with his feelings for Nina, while Gladys poses a threat. Also, Peter continues to control Drew’s mind. Learn about these storylines and others in the below GH spoilers for November 2021.

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12. Sonny Tries To Let Go

Starting GH spoilers for November with a bang! According to teasers, Sonny will do all he can to move on from his feelings for Nina. Easier said than done. While he tries to focus on Carly and rebuild their marriage, it’ll be a struggle for him to put his relationship with Reeves in the past. In other related news, mobster Joey Novak will return, and the Corinthos organization will face an attack.

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11. Gladys Poses A Threat

GH spoilers indicate that Gladys will pose a threat to both Maxie and BLQ. Sounds like she’s not letting go of the little secret her phone’s audio picked up recently. The good news is that Brook Lynn and Jones will come up with a plan to deal with Ms. Corbin. The bad news is that there may be a plot twist or two that pokes holes in said plan. Plus, BLQ will also have to fight off another possible enemy. Austin will be determined to get back at his cousin for what she’s done recently. It seems as if he’ll gear up for some major retaliation in November.

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10. Peter Continues To Control Drew

Over in Greece, GH spoilers hint that Robert Scorpio will renew his focus on taking down Peter August. Unfortunately, added teasers imply that Anna’s nephew will continue to control Drew Cain’s mind and movements. Sounds like Peter will use Drew to counteract any possible rescue attempts for both Cain himself and Liesl.

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9. Britt and Jason Grow Closer

GH spoilers reveal that Britt and Jason will continue their mission to bring Obrecht home in early November. Looks like the twosome will get closer, but will also get mixed up in Peter’s web of lies. In added teasers, something unexpected will happen to Drew, as this storyline continues to escalate next month.

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8. Hayden Barnes’s Shooting Investigation

GH spoilers suggest that Nikolas will do all he can to outwit Shawn and Alexis as it relates to Hayden’s shooting. In an interesting turn of events, added teasers note that Spencer will learn about Nik’s hit on Barnes, and he’ll be blasted by his son as a hypocrite. Spence isn’t wrong about his father, but can he learn from his dad’s mistakes?

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7. Victor Cassadine Settles In

GH spoilers for November state that Victor Cassadine will settle down in the little town. Will he move into Wyndemere? Added teasers imply that Nik and Ava will face new marriage issues, due to Victor. Nothing like a family house guest to make things awkward. Is the mansion big enough for the three of them?

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6. Port Charles Teen Scene

Over to the younger GH generation, spoilers indicate that Trina will remain a positive influence in Spencer’s life. Sounds like these two will continue to forge a bond. Meanwhile, Esme and Josslyn are set to gear up for a serious confrontation. Added teasers state that Jossyln will “push” Ms. Prince’s buttons until she can no longer contain her fury. Yikes!

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5. Laura Returns!

GH spoilers reveal that Laura Collins (and Martin) will try to return from their safe house this November. Genie Francis and Michael E. Knight will reprise their roles, and be ready to re-enter the land of Port Charles. Unfortunately, added teasers promise that their brother Cyrus will be adamant to ax his siblings. Sounds like the two will still be on shaky ground, as Renault plots against their happy comeback.

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4. Elizabeth’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Her

Is Jeff Webber returning in November? Nothing has been confirmed yet; however, his name has been brought up a lot in October. GH spoilers for the month ahead hint that Liz’s past will create some conflict in her life, so there’s a good chance this is linked to her dad. Will Finn offer his support?

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3. A Port Charles Mystery

Speaking of Finn, his son no wait, his brother Harrison Chase will be busy. GH spoilers state that he’ll dive back into police work, as he tries to solve a new mystery in Port Charles. Added teasers hint that the case could place him in harm’s way. In other news, Jax will face a difficult decision around what path he should now take in his life. Will this mean he may decide to move out of Port Charles?

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2. Curtis, I Am Your Father!

Meanwhile, GH spoilers indicate that Curtis will take action with “Marshall” to reveal his identity and why he’s stalking his loved ones. Curtis will set a trap, and Marshall will fall right into it. Turns out that the older gentleman is Ashford’s bio dad. Added teasers imply the two will have a tense reunion, as they wonder what comes next.

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1. Couples Get Closer

Finally, some feel-good couples news for November! Sasha and Brando will get closer as they prepare for their baby to arrive! The little one will likely make an appearance next month. Lastly, Sam and Dante will settle back into life in Port Chuckles, off the cusp of their Greece adventure. Added teasers hint they’ll try to figure out what a romance between them will now look like.

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