General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (August 3 – August 14, 2020)

Published on August 4, 2020.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! The time has finally come! New episodes are rolling down the pipe, and viewers can officially pick up where they left off! What will happen with Wiley’s custody hearing? Will Sonny make a decision about Mike? How will tensions rise between Liz, Nik, Ava, and Franco? Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for August 3 to August 14, 2020.

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14. Wiley’s Custody Hearing

GH spoilers tease that fans will literally pick up where the soap last left off. It seems as if Nina will testify as a character witness on Nelle’s behalf, and Jax will be impressed by her strength; however, Nelle will be very shaken by the entire ordeal. There’s a good chance that Nina’s testimony won’t leave an incredibly positive image of Benson.

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13. Nelle’s Demands

In fact, what Nina says may be the determining factor in who the judge decides to award the child to, and from GH spoilers, it seems as if Michael and Willow get custody of Wiley. Teasers imply that not only will Nelle be confrontational this week, she’ll demand to see her son. Meanwhile, Willow and Michael will bond the week of August 3rd, which might mean they get a little closer while taking care of Wiley. Speaking of, Willow gets an unexpected visitor the week of August 10th. Her mom, perhaps?

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12. Jax Supports Nina

Will Nina find out about Nelle being her bio daughter this week or next? While it should happen soon, there’s no real indication around this when it comes to GH spoilers. The week of August 10th reveals that Nina will get words of encouragement from Jax, so there is a good chance that Nelle shuts her out after her testimony. It’s unclear whether Nina will find out Nelle is her daughter. She may feel bad about simply being shut out by Nelle, without learning she’s her daughter.

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11. Valentin’s ELQ Takeover

Valentin will continue his pursuit of ELQ, this week. GH spoilers hint that he and Martin will come together to strategize, and he’ll even get together with Brook Lynn, so he may fill her in on the fact that he’s the one who’s bought up her shares. By this week’s end, Valentin will also have a proposition of sorts for Sam.

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10. Ned Scrambles

GH spoilers indicate that Ned will be interrupted by Brook Lynn, so perhaps she rushes in from her meeting with Valentin to tell her family what he’s been up to. In fact, by the week of August 10, Ned will call an urgent meeting, and this is probably about the ELQ takeover. When all is said and done, Ned will be disappointed in Brook Lyn that week, while Olivia will hope to act as a peacekeeper.

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9. Dante Whereabouts

Speaking of, could all this ELQ business cause tension between Olivia and Ned, or is it Olivia’s obsession with Dante’s whereabouts? Either way, the couple will clash this coming week. The good news is that GH spoilers are hinting that by the week of August 10th, Dante will surface. He may be more than ready to dive back into his old life in Port Charles!

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8. Sonny’s World

Perhaps Dante resurfacing is exactly what Sonny needs right now, as he’ll have very hard two weeks. GH spoilers suggest that Carly will come home after Wiley’s custody hearing to see Sonny distraught. He’ll also struggle with a moral issue that comes down the pipe urgently. As the week of August 10th rolls around, Sonny will ask Felix for some assistance.

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7. Cyrus Strikes A Deal With Brando?

GH spoilers for the week of August 3 indicate that Brando will meet with Cyrus. Added teasers relay that Sonny will also pay a visit to Brando the following day, so whatever goes down, Corinthos will have his eye on the young man. With that said, Sam will be suspicious of the mechanic during the week of August 10th.

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6. More On Cyrus

It seems as if Cyrus will continue his mind games, as GH spoilers for the week of August 3 indicate that he’ll continue to manipulate Jordan. While Jordan will turn to Jason this week and confide him, she’ll also tell T.J. a lie the week of August 10th. Speaking of Cyrus, he’ll strike some curiosity in Terry at some point over the next two weeks.

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5. Deception Drama

Across town, GH spoilers reveal that Lucy and Maxie will find common ground around a decision that affects Deception. While Maxie will have second thoughts the week of August 3, the following week, Lucy will make an unexpected announcement. In (somewhat) related GH teasers, Anna will have Peter’s back this coming week.

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4. Finn and Portia

GH spoilers indicate that Finn and Portia will have a bonding moment the week of August 3rd, and it has to do with their daughters. Meanwhile, Portia will also experience an uncomfortable encounter with someone … Cyrus, perhaps? In added GH news, Chase and Curtis will run into each other this week. Will Curtis grill Chase over Willow?

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3. Friz Versus Niva

Will Franco and Liz ever figure out what Nik and Ava are up to? Seems like its coming. The week of August 10th has Julian running into Ava at the Metro Court, so they could be sharing their forced marriage woes while, apparently, tensions will rise between Nik and Franco the week of August 10th. Interestingly enough, GH teasers relay that Ava will get comforted by Franco during this time, and Nik will thank his sister Lulu for support. What could go down?

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2. Sam and Carly

GH spoilers have covered a little bit of what Sam and Carly will be up to in the coming weeks, and here’s some more information. The two ladies will bond over common issues the week of August 3rd. Meanwhile, the week of August 10th will have Sam “cautiously optimistic” about something, whereas Carly will see the light and the end of the tunnel in her circumstance. As the weekend approaches (next week), Sam will get some bad news.

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1. More Spoilers!

Monica will remain committed to an issue, while an old friend takes the time to visit Alexis the week of August 3rd. The following week, GH spoilers suggest that Lulu will reach out for a favor from someone. Could this be about Dante or something that is linked to her job? Only time will tell!

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