General Hospital Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (November 1 – 12, 2021)

Published on November 2, 2021.

It’s great that Valentin is safe and back in Port Charles, but what about Drew? What about Liesl? Will Austin learn the information that Gladys knows? Who’s behind Sonny’s impending mob threat? General Hospital (GH) fans just love to speculate on storylines! As such, below are some GH plotline predictions for November 1st to November 12th, 2021.

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12. Will Liesl and Drew Be Saved?

Drew Cain and Liesl Obrecht will likely be saved; however, GH fans shouldn’t hold their breath for that to happen in the next two weeks. Britt and Jason will be hot on Peter’s tail, but August can be a slippery fella. There’s bound to be a ton of twists and turns from November 1st to the 12th.

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11. Britt and Jason Get Closer…

This week’s GH preview video shows Britt and Jason *almost* kissing. As they reach in, the scene changes. Will the two lock lips in Greece while jumping through hoops to save Westbourne’s mom and Stone Cold’s twin? Something is likely to stop them before they get into it. With that said, there’s a good chance the former couple does kiss in the next two weeks and maybe even more.

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10. BLQ and Maxie Scramble

BLQ and Maxie will scramble this week to keep Gladys quiet. The good news is, all Ms. Corbin really knows is that Bailey isn’t Valentin’s little girl. The bad news is that if Gladys spills the beans to Cassadine, a lot of drama could unfold. Jones and BLQ don’t need to hit this bump in the road. But can they stop this train from rolling on?

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9. Time To Organize A Plan B

Maxie will work with Brook Lynn to keep Gladys quiet. Ms. Corbin loves money, so their Plan B will probably involve a payout of some sort. Maybe they’ll offer added job benefits and perks if Gladys decides to continue working. They’ll lay everything out for Corbin and give her what she wants, in return for her phone. That way, she can’t ask for any more cash when she runs out of the blackmail money she’s given.

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8. Austin Finds Out

Austin will either overhear something from Maxie and BLQ, or Gladys will outright tell him. GH spoilers for the week of November 8th hint that the good doctor is set to approach Valentin with some information. Sounds like Austin will learn that Bailey isn’t a Cassadine and be ready to dish out some revenge on his Quartermaine cousin. He may not realize that Maxie is involved.

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7. Maxie Stops Austin Before He Does The Unthinkable

It’ll all be very quick, but Austin will let BLQ know what he knows. She, in turn, will head to Maxie to keep her in the loop. As the good doctor and Jones have a friendship, Brook Lynn will convince Maxie to stop Austin before he ruins their plan. Will Maxie stop him by telling the truth, or will she concoct another tale? He’ll likely be brought into the loop about the reasoning behind their lie, and the threat of Peter August.

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6. Austin Will Help

Austin hates BLQ but has a special bond with Maxie. Knowing the situation will give him an “a-ha” moment. He’ll then realize why Jones has been buddy-buddy with Brook Lynn — out of sheer necessity to keep her baby safe from Peter August. Hearing Jones’s story might also help Austin see BLQ in a new light. After all, she’s sacrificing a lot to keep a baby safe that is not even hers. Austin will keep Maxie and Brook Lynn’s secret safe, back down on any revenge (for the moment), and help them deal with Gladys.

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5. Sonny’s Impending Enemy

There’s an impending mob threat on the horizon for Sonny, and this storyline should further unfold over the next two weeks. Cyrus gave Corinthos a heads-up last week, but will Sonny go visit Renault to learn more? Probably not, but a meeting with the infamous Mrs. Wu, during the week of November 8th, might add some insight. While spoilers seem to be teasing an “old” threat, this could be someone from Sonny’s history that has yet to be formally introduced to audiences. This threat will be “old”, but new to fans.

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4. Carly Will Poke Around

Carly knows and feels as if “something” is not right when it comes to Nina, Sonny and Nixon Falls. In the next two weeks, she may come to realize that Reeves not only just “knew” about Sonny being alive, but she might also come to the conclusion that the two established a relationship. At first, she won’t want to believe they formed a bond, but someone, likely Nina or Phyllis, will slip up.

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3. Something Olivia Says

GH spoilers for this week hint that Falconeri and Carly will have drinks at the Savoy. The two will likely talk more about Leo than Sonny’s stint in Nixon Falls, but something Olivia says could trigger Carly into realizing that Nina and Sonny had a relationship. Carly will believe it was a mere friendship at first but may have an epiphany that it was something more. This is when she’ll start fishing for more information. It’ll be the “beginning of the end” for Nina and Sonny’s Nixon Falls secret.

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2. Olivia’s Swayed

Olivia seems adamant about Leo not seeing a specialist, but over the next two weeks, her friends might be able to convince her otherwise. Carly may talk some sense into her. With that said, Falconeri is set to have an encounter with Robert Scorpio during the week of November 8th. If anyone can convince Olivia about Leo, it’s him.

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1. Unexpected Visitor

Finally, GH spoilers for the week of November 8th note that Elizabeth will return home and find something (or someone) unexpected in her house. It’s natural to believe that her dad, Jeff Webber, might be the one waiting for her, but her sister Hayden has also been mentioned multiple times over the past few months. Could Barnes come back just in time to nab Nikolas for her shooting?

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