General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (September 28 – October 9, 2020)

Published on September 28, 2020.

What’s on tap in the land of General Hospital (GH) in the next couple of weeks? There will be a little homecoming fun, and one couple will decide on a major step. Also, Sonny will plot with Jason! Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for September 28 to October 9, 2020.

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12. Homecoming Fun!

The teen drama in the land of Port Chuckles is about to go up a notch (or two) as Dev, Joss, Cam, and Trina gear up for homecoming. Joss will get ready in the next couple of days, and her dad Jax will host a gathering at his house for the foursome. Whatever happens at homecoming may set up another storyline for the following week.

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11. Joss Has A Plan

GH spoilers suggest that Cameron will feel conflicted the week of October 5th. Meanwhile, Joss will come up with a plan that will eventually be derailed. In other related teasers for next week, Elizabeth will reminisce about the past while Nik will be in denial. Could Nik and Ava find out what Franco and Liz have been up to?

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10. Ava’s World

Speaking of, the week of October 5th will offer up some unexpected things for Ava. First off, she’ll receive a phone call that will shake her up. As the days go by, she’ll be cornered, so this could have to do with the pictures that Scotty has. Lastly, Ava will take Carly aback when she offers up some kind words to her nemesis.

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9. Jason and Sonny

It seems as if Jason and Sonny will be focused on getting rid of Cyrus in the coming weeks. First off, Sonny will receive a call about Renault the week of September 28th. Meanwhile, the week of October 5th, GH spoilers suggest that Jason will have a plan for Corinthos. As the days go by, Jason will give Epiphany the heads up to lay low.

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8. Cyrus Plays Dirty

But will Cyrus give up without a fight? GH spoilers for the week of October 5th imply that Cyrus will ask Jordan for a file. Sounds like he wants the goods on someone, and is asking Jordan for a police file. He’ll be playing dirty. Meanwhile, Corinthos will see a familiar face that week. Could it be someone from his mob world past?

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7. Lulu’s Determined

Speaking of Cyrus, GH spoilers for the week of October 5th relay that Lulu will be determined to expose Cyrus. So much so, that she’ll start working on her story about him. In other Lulu news, she’ll ask Dustin to take a major step in their relationship by moving in with her.

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6. Willow’s Decision

Across town, GH spoilers reveal that Willow will make a major life-decision next week. As the days go by, she’ll realize that she needs to resolve some issues. Meanwhile, Michael will offer up his ideas around how important family is. Sounds like this all has to do with Willey’s adoption.

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5. Ned and Alexis

Alexis and Ned will take a stroll down memory lane the week of September 28th; however, does that lead them down a dangerous path? The week of October 5th offers up some hints that these two may cross the line. Next week, GH spoilers suggest that Alexis will have some regrets, while Ned will be nervous.

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4. Brook Lynn Fesses Up

Why will Ned be so nervous? Seems as if Olivia will be back in Port Charles! GH spoilers for the week of October 5th indicate that Brook Lynn will tell Olivia the truth, and it seems as if she’ll fess up to her stepmom around deleting those messages that were intended for Ned. In other Brook Lynn news, she’ll get a surprise from Monica next week, and also see an opportunity in something.

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3. Valentin’s World

Valentin will be up to a lot these next couple of weeks. In the coming days, he’ll be part of an altercation … could this have to do with what happened last week with Ned? In other Cassadine news, Sasha will reach out to him and confide in him. Could she talk to him about the drug issue she’s had as of late?

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2. Julian Gets A Tempting Offer

GH spoilers for the coming days reveal that Julian will be given an offer that’s tempting this week. Meanwhile, he’ll also get confronted by Sam, so he better watch his step. Now that Nelle’s gone, the world could be Julian’s oyster. But will he be up to no good, or stay on the straight and narrow?

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1. More Spoilers!

The week of September 28th will bring Portia some concerns and she’ll have no issue expressing them while, across town, Nina and Carly will bond. Heading into the week of October 5th, Curtis and Stella will meet for dinner. Meanwhile, Molly will encourage TJ to simply focus on their future, and Brando will reflect on what he’s learned. Brothers Finn and Chase will meet up at the Metro Court to catch up, too! Lastly, GH will be pre-empted due to MLB coverage from Tuesday, September 29th to Thursday, October 1st, and possibly Friday, October 2nd.

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