General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (April 29, 2019)

Published on April 25, 2019.

This week, General Hospital (GH) fans say ‘goodbye’ to April, and ‘hello’ to May Sweeps! What craziness lies in store for audiences? A character makes a confession, Sam keeps her eye on the prize, and Port Charles could be gearing up for a funeral soon. Learn more about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of April 29, 2019.

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9. Sam Keeps Going

GH spoilers indicate that Sam will keep her eye on the prize this week, more determined then ever to bring Shiloh down. But, will she be successful? He seems to be playing huge mind games with her, cracking her here and there, but fans know that Sam is far stronger than anything Shiloh can pull.

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8. DoD Plot Thickens

Shiloh will want answers from someone this week, so he may fully be on to something. He’s a suspicious individual as it is, and it is hard to get anything past him. Regardless, as the week rolls on, Sam will be giving Jason an update of sorts, so they may be closer to bringing him down.

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7. Shiloh Visits Willow

Speaking of, GH spoilers indicate that Shiloh will visit Willow this week, which should make her feel more than a little uncomfortable. She has an insurmountable fear when it comes to him, so this should make for an interesting scene. Meanwhile, Michael will be confronted by Chase.

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6. Kristina’s Situation

GH spoilers suggest that Kristina will have a conversation with an old friend this week, so, here’s hoping it is no one from the DoD. In all seriousness, it most likely isn’t, as May spoilers suggest that Neil and the crew will finally be able to get through to her. Speaking of Neil, Alexis will meet with him this week. These two keep getting closer and closer.

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5. Oscar Worsens

GH spoilers suggest that Wednesday, May the 1st will be a show that centers on Oscar’s imminent passing, so fans should gear up for his death to come and soon. Whether it will be later this week or early next, sadly, it seems like time is running out for the young man.

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4. Wednesday, May 1st

So, what will happen on this day? Well, Cameron will get some help from Trina, while Liz will ensure to check up on Terry to make sure she’s doing alright. Can’t be easy treating a terminally ill patient. GH spoilers also hint that Julian will reach out to Kim, and she’ll be happy he did so.

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3. Sonny Alarmed

GH spoilers suggest that Sonny will be shocked about something this week. He has plenty of balls he’s juggling, but one major one is getting Kristina out of the DoD cult, and having Shiloh eliminated for good. Not much can surprise the mob boss these days, so here’s hoping it’s a good shocker and not a bad one.

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2. Margaux Has A Confession To Make

GH spoilers indicate that Margaux will come clean on something, making a confession of sorts this week. This really could be about anything, as Port Charles D.A. has been known to keep a secret or two while living in the little town. Should be interesting to see what she reveals.

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1. Ava’s Weird Phone Call

GH spoilers indicate that Ava will get a phone call this week that’ll raise an eyebrow or two. She’s desperately trying to lure out Ryan from hiding, and it won’t be surprising if this weird caller is him reaching out. Ryan is on his way back to Port Charles, there’s no doubt about that, and this phone call could be a teaser of sorts around his return.

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