General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 17, 2020)

Published on August 13, 2020.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Doesn’t it feel good to see Port Charles back in the swing of things? Next week, viewers can expect more of the same romance, drama, a little conflict, and jealousy! Check out what will come down the pipeline in Port Chuckles with the GH spoilers for the week of August 17, 2020.

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9. Friz Versus Nava

GH fans should gear up for more drama between these two couples in the coming days. According to spoilers, Ava and Liz will get into it, and Elizabeth will let Ava know she’s her own worst enemy. She’s not wrong to think or say that, and while the two ladies will probably have a heated confrontation, there is a silver lining.

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8. Liz and Franco Have An Epiphany

GH spoilers indicate that Liz will overhear a conversation that is of interest. As the days go by, she and Franco will have an epiphany about something, so it very well could be that Liz hears what Nik and Ava have been up to. Perhaps Friz isn’t headed for a breakup after all.

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7. Finn and Anna

Speaking of breakup, will Finn and Anna be okay? GH spoilers hint the two will be at odds this week. Meanwhile on the other side of town, Maxie will decide to go another route with something, and as the days go by, make a major announcement. Could it be time to let the world know she’s expecting?

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6. Sam’s World

As per GH spoilers, Sam will get to spend some time with Jason this week, which will be a welcomed sight for JaSam fans everywhere. With that said, in the coming days, teasers also suggest that she’ll witness the softer side of Brando. Maybe she’ll lay off him for a bit?

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5. Brook Lynn Gets Carried Away

GH spoilers state that Brook Lynn and Dustin will run into each other early on in the week. As the days go by, teaser reveal that she’ll get carried away with something (or someone?) Added news for Brook Lynn, seems as if she’ll put herself in harm’s way. Does this mean she tries to save someone, or will she purposely try to get hurt for attention?

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4. Nina and Carly

GH spoilers hint that Nina and Carly will team up this week. Do they plot against Nelle? In other related Nina teasers, Valentin will try and do something to win her heart, and boyfriend Jax gets a call that will be quite important. Will it be about business, pleasure, or family?

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3. Michael, Willow, Sasha, and Chase

GH spoilers tell a sad tale for Chase and Sasha this week. While the two will run into each other, it seems as if they’ll also run into happy newlyweds Michael and Willow. Chase will have a hard time seeing his ex with Corinthos, and Sasha will find herself struggling with emotions over the next few days. Speaking of Michael, he’ll make an unexpected discovery.

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2. Jordan Gets Questioned

GH spoilers indicate that Jordan will get questioned by Portia, regarding her behavior. Meanwhile, Curtis will try and bond with Trina, but will she allow herself to open up to him? While things are getting better, she may also still be struggling with her father’s passing this coming week. Here’s hoping she allows him to offer up some support.

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1. More Spoilers!

Sadly, Sonny will continue to doubt his decision in the coming days, and this may have to do with Mike. Meanwhile, Joss and Willow will have a bonding session, while Olivia and Ned have another fight. Rounding out GH spoilers for the week, Julian’s hands will be tied, where he must make a decision that will change his life … forever! What will he be forced to do?

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